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The new will have luxury accessories

We regularly bring up the subject here, the links between popular culture and the luxury industry have never been so developed. While the two worlds faced each other a few years ago, the trend has thus been reversed, each prestigious brand now approaching a big name in sportswear fashion, ready-to-wear, or even of a successful character, generally from the urban movement. It was then that certain fashion houses or luxury accessories no longer hesitate to collaborate with those from whom they recently sought to stand out, realizing that the growing influence of some was not innocent at the time. growth in their turnover. This sudden change in strategy is obviously no stranger to generational passes of arms, now handing the keys to major luxury brands into the hands of creators themselves from the pop decades..

A breath of fresh air is blowing over luxury accessory brands

luxury accessories benefit from the revival of high-end brands

The emergence of new Art Directors therefore contributes to the reorientation and reconsideration of the closed space in which houses had been locked in order to protect themselves from a potential loss of credibility in the eyes of a conservative caste. While many of the founders of major high-end brands also emerged after the war thanks to their avant-garde and alternative artistic flair, the elitism into which they subsequently plunged was only questioned very recently. The new generation of stylists, led by Virgil Abloh, Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Olivier Rousteing, Alessandro Michele, Demna Gvasalia and many others, has today taken the reins of an industry long frozen, bringing a new breath filled with modern influences and risk taking.

Luxury accessories par excellence, the haute-couture sneakers that can now be found in the windows of famous avenues in Paris, New York, or online at specialist distributors such as, no longer content themselves with a place in the background in the catalog of brands, instead occupying a prominent place in the collections.

The new generation takes up the torch

vintage saint laurent glasses, a luxury accessory prized by style fans

Showcase of this sudden rapprochement of generations and statuses, the sneaker is undoubtedly the most striking illustration of the new strategies of high-end brands. Once relayed as an affront to elegance by a section of the population, sneakers have established themselves over the years as leaders in this transition. With its own marketing campaign and business plan, luxury sneakers now play the role of business card for luxury labels, serving as the holy grail for a fringe of confirmed followers. Behind the creative desire, the luxury sneaker plays the role of a leading product for brands seeking a rejuvenated clientele and more than ever in search of uniqueness, once shunned but today coveted as the engine of the economy. fashion, whatever its range.

Luxury sneakers, a new engine for brands

Luxury sneakers have become centerpieces in the collections of high-end brands

Seasonal, casual or daily, the fashion accessory has always been of crucial importance in an outfit, allowing everyone to stand out among a crowd that often looks the same. Whether worn on the head, on the wrist or over the shoulder, the element will complete a cleverly orchestrated ensemble, bringing its delicate contrasting or supporting note. While it is sometimes noticed more than the garment itself that it is supposed to accompany, its often reduced size gives it a place of choice, while playing the card of discretion.

In a context hitherto dominated by a fast fashion industry however in decline, the accessory has in fact inherited an image of a disposable product, often bought on impulse for short-term use. Base metals, poor assembly or aesthetics limited to a single season often place the accessory at the bottom of the investment scale. However, with the seemingly inevitable end of an era of mass consumption, the choice of sustainable products seems to be gaining in importance again, tinged with nostalgia. Thus, weary of constantly having to equip themselves with new pieces, the public leans more towards articles signed by reputable brands, ensuring a continuity that was lost until then. Luxury accessories, driven by the emergence of their ambassadors, sneakers, therefore appeal to a wider clientele, determined to invest in a sustainable product. Burberry scarf, Gucci sunglasses or Versace scarf are therefore favored at the expense of their lower range counterparts, enjoying an almost immortal aura..

The high-end, big winner of the announced end of fast-fashion

With the decline of fast fashion, luxury brands are enjoying greater public interest