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The phalanx ring in 90 photos – stack your rings to create a unique piece of jewelry

Jewelry trends have always oscillated between bold, imposing pieces and those with delicate and feminine details. In recent years, however, we have focused more on accumulation. Necklaces, bracelets and rings are multiplying to turn into real accessories. Indeed, it is this new trend that has put the phalanx ring or the half-finger ring in the spotlight. Worn on the fingertips, this ultra feminine piece reminds us of the delicacy and grace of women of ancient times. In its modernized version, the knuckle ring is above all a pretty way to showcase your manicure. But it is also an element that confers great finesse.

From geometric and fanciful patterns to jewels worked to perfection, phalanx rings have conquered the whole world. They made a real boom in Brazil. First of all, women exploited the accumulation of rings to create an ethnic and bohemian chic style. They favored silver and its association with natural stones as well as massive rings. Then fashion spread and underwent transformations. The time for minimalist style has come. Stacked or worn alone, the phalanx ring has become thinner. Therefore, she has gained in femininity and she knows multiple variations in chic design. There is something for all tastes and for all occasions. here you can choose from a thousand and one affordable fancy models. If you are not lacking in skill, check out this DIY project to make a unique phalanx ring.

But how to wear this fashion given the richness of the patterns and styles with which it is associated? In truth, we wear it as we want, the goal being to create a personal style. However, there are winning combinations depending on the style you are looking for. As for elegance, it is better to accentuate a couple ring set with zircons and a beaded ring. The thin, accumulating rings also enhance a classic manicure. Another chic way to wear the half-finger ring is to play with the layering. Very often, the rings are arranged to have a triangle configuration. That is, you put normal rings on the yearbook and index finger while the middle finger is adorned with a phalanx ring. For an inverted triangle, wear a normal ring on the middle finger and half-finger rings on the index, middle, and yearbook. Whatever you choose, make sure that you combine harmonious jewelry preferably of similar metals.

Zig zag phalanx ring.

a golden phalanx ring worn in a simple and elegant style, combine a thin ring with a large ring

Combine the imposing rings with a nude manicure.

big golden ring matching with a large knuckle ring, nude makeup and manicure

An elegant ring worn with style.

elegance and simplicity of form, a double phalanx ring in pink gold

 A ring on each finger to be chic.

golden rings on each finger, a very elegant thin golden ring

We opt for thin overlapping rings.

minimalist style jewelry, a phalanx ring adorned with a fine chain

Ethnic rings in fine silver.

a thin silver ring, elegant phalanx ring associated with large ethnic rings

Minimalist style jewelry.

geometric trend, geometric knuckle rings, how to wear a thin layered ring

A pretty floral arrangement in pink gold set with zircons.

a floral phalanx ring combined with fine hoops and delicate bracelet

 Combine identical rings for a harmonious effect.

phalanx ring trend, an accumulation of thin rings, silver manicure

The winning formula – we play on simplicity and accumulation.

a thin ring that plays on simplicity, accumulation of rings for a rock side

  Gold plated monocle ring.

a thin ring on the fingertip combined with an identical ring, an elegant nude-colored manicure

Nude varnish and elegant jewel to give you elegance.

a large double ring in rose gold worn alone, elegant phalanx ring a thin pink gold ring, adjustable phalanx ring associated with an elegant bracelet

Highlight the white or nude varnish using the gold-plated knuckle rings.

a phalanx ring to highlight a white manicure

 Thin phalanx rings to reduce the ring effect on each finger.

pastel-colored manicure and an accumulation of rings, thin ring trend

Combination of delicate silver rings. 

a thin silver triangle ring, trendy ring on each finger, delicate silver rings of various shapes

an imposing gold-plated bracelet associated with elegant rings, a thin ring set with zircons

 Complete the nail art with golden circles rings.

a graphic manicure enhanced by an accumulation of rings, a circle ring worn on the phalanx

An accumulation of disparate rings that looks very chic.

trendy layering of jewelry, a thin ring worn on the phalanx

 An elegant duo as a nice accent in a sober outfit.

an elegant ring decorated with combined with a thin identical ring a large pink gold ring worn on the phalanx, elegant rings to highlight the nude varnish

Simplicity and elegance.

a thin double gold and nude varnish ring

Mirror effect manicure and ethnic inspired hand jewelry.

a mirror-effect manicure, ethnic style hand jewelry, a thin ring-bracelet, a phalanx circle ring

 Delicate rings set with zircons associated with thin phalanx rings.

elegant rings to play on accumulation, trendy thin golden ring

a thin elegant ring worn on the fingertip, ring adorned with green crystals

Fancy rings for a rock side.

a fancy plastic ring, triangle ring and ribbon ring associated with a black varnish a fancy plastic ring, triangle ring and ribbon ring associated with a black varnish

 Large ring and thin chain.

a large ring adorned with a thin chain that connects it to another ring

Wear the leather trend better with a solid silver ring.

a massive phalanx ring ideal to combine with a leather jacket

A thin chain connects the two rings in an imperceptible way.

two imposing crown rings connected with a fine chain, punk style jewelry

Half-finger ring elegant and glamorous version.

pretty jewelry set with crystals, large phalanx ring combined with an identical ring red varnish associated with an accumulation of fancy rings, a fancy ring worn on the phalanx

Phalanx ring for those who prefer simplicity.  

a pretty, very cute fancy ring in the shape of a ribbon, coral varnish

Who says you can’t mix gold and silver. 

purple manicure, how to mix silver jewelry with gold, pretty phalanx ring  accumulation trend of thin rings, fancy heart ring worn on the fingertip

Whimsical bohemian-style rings.    

the boho chic style, black manicure and accumulation of large bohemian-style silver rings, phalanx ring trend  a simple braided phalanx ring in silver  phalanx ring trend, a wide variety of shapes and styles

   Pretty ethnic-inspired hand jewelry.

an ethnic-style phalanx ring, two geometric rings connected with a chain

Lace-effect ring set with zircons.

a massive lace-effect phalanx ring combined with an identical ring

   Hippie jewelry.

a double phalanx ring set with stones, how to wear a bohemian style ring

Vintage rings combined with a layering of necklaces.

pretty fine necklace associated with a leather choker, a fine ring adorned with stone

Hippie inspiration. 

hippie inspiration, accumulation of disparate silver rings, bohemian ring

Pearls, crystals and gold. 

beaded rings combined with crystals, a thin ring worn on the phalanx

Elegant dress in lace and accumulation of rings for an edgy style.  

an accumulation of rings to create an edgy style a large ethnic ring on the fingertip, triple interlacing

Ultra feminine and elegant rings.

trendy fine golden ring, white varnish, delicate and elegant jewelry

a large ring with a floral motif set with stones, rings connected by a fine chain, ethnic hand jewelry

In summer, we adopt the boho chic style.  

ethnic jewelry for a bohemian chic style, a bracelet-ring adorned with a chain original silver effect varnish and an accumulation of silver rings, a thin ring on the fingertip

 Costume jewelry plays on unusual patterns.

trendy phalanx jewelry, very girly fancy ring

a thin golden ring worn on the fingertip, trendy ring on each finger

 Create personal style by collecting rings.

a rich collection of phalanx rings, how to wear half finger rings  a fancy triangle shaped ring, punk style phalanx ring

fine ring trend, an elegant way to wear your rings

 The big trend – finger tattoo and phalanx ring. 

bohemian chic jewelry, a finger tattoo and a thin half-finger ring

 Rock chic effect jewelry.

massive rock-style rings paired with imposing bracelets, a big silver half-finger ring

 Triangle phalanx ring.

a triangle phalanx ring combined with ethnic jewelry in a bohemian style

minimalist style jewelry, very feminine thin golden ring

trendy phalanx ring, solid silver half finger ring    half-finger rings to personalize your style, a phalanx ring to play on accumulation

A phalanx ring to play with accumulation.  

how to wear a phalanx ring for a chic effect a wide variety of half-finger rings to personalize your style, a phalanx ring to play on accumulation a silver phalanx ring adorned with turquoise, bohemian style moon ring ethnic silver jewelry, how to accumulate jewelry to create a bohemian style, a thin half finger ring

 A chic glitter-effect phalanx ring.

an elegant ring set with zircons, a spiral phalanx ring elegant nude varnish, an elegant ring set with zircons, a spiral phalanx ring

 Refined design ring.

a fine rosette ring with an elegant and feminine design the geometric trend in jewelry, a thin arrow ring in minimalist style

a large half-finger ring and bracelet-ring adorned with a thin chain

massive rings for a rock side, a double phalanx ring in solid silver how to adopt the phalanx ring trend, half finger ring and different styles

Whimsical and girly rings.

owl motif, a fancy ring associated with a red varnish

thin rings adorned with stones, a thin ring worn in a triangle

a big rock style plastic ring and silver varnish

white varnish enhanced by pretty elegant rings set with zircons, trendy phalanx ring and white varnish  how to wear a golden phalanx ring, jewelry that is both punk and glamorous

 Graphic nail art and golden rings.

a thin double ring worn on the fingertip, pastel-colored graphic nail art  ultra thin ring, a thin half finger ring combined with a heart and mustache ring

Ancient Phalanx Ring.    

a large vintage ring, antique phalanx ring with glitter effect  nude varnish and thin double ring, how to create a minimalist style with phalanx rings bohemian style phalanx ring, accumulation of silver jewelry  pink and gold manicure, a pretty golden phalanx ring with a chic and elegant design

how to wear the phalanx ring trend in accumulation, jeans with holes and a rolled up white shirt

 Ring with different pattern on each finger.

fancy ring with current patterns, rings on each finger    how to stack gold and silver rings, a thin arrow ring

diamond tattoo on the finger and a big half finger ring  vintage finger and ring tattoos, how to stack rings for ethnic style

 Emphasis on delicate and elegant details.

fine ring trend, how to wear phalanx rings different pattern on each finger, a phalanx ring on each finger  how to stack half finger rings, thin ring trend and burgundy varnish