How to build a house – the key steps for a successful construction project

Having your own shelter, your own cozy nest, is one of those ideas that inevitably haunts the human mind at some point in life. Better yet, if you’ve decided on a construction project from scratch. The investment is totally worth it. We invite you to take a look at our little guide to building a house in 5 steps – proof that having a house like you has never been easier. !

Building this house – the question of financing

The first essential question, which you must answer before even daring to imagine your construction project, is of course the one related to financing. If you have some equity that you could benefit from, so much the better. However, this is not often the case as the cost of investing in real estate is usually quite high. Apart from the acquisition of land and the construction itself, there is a whole list of associated costs, including for example the connection to electricity, gas, etc. networks. In most cases, the application for a home loan is inevitable. Hence the need to properly calculate your borrowing capacity, as well as the need to use the services of a broker to better locate you in the offer of banking proposals and choose the most advantageous. Finally, we must not neglect the financial aid which could also enter into the calculation to reduce the financial burden..

Consider the various sources of funding

how to build your house house construction project find financing for your project

Choose the right location and construction site

Once you have estimated the feasibility of your construction project financially, it is worth considering its location. The choice of location in the first place is an essential factor which depends on your needs, your situation but also on how you see yourself in the future. And while proximity to schools, your workplace, public transport, local climate and tranquility are essential, it is more important to consider the constructability of the land. Otherwise, there is a real risk that your project will fail. Thus, we recommend that you first get help from a geotechnician to ensure the quality of the soil, in particular its capacity to support a construction. Secondly, it is still essential to consult the local urban plan to find out what the rules to follow in terms of construction.

Choosing the right terrain

choosing the right building plot idea how to build your house from scratch

Create a construction plan that suits you

Without doubt, the most interesting part of setting up your project is the design of it. And it all starts, know it, in your head. How many bedrooms would you need? Would there be several floors? A garage ? What exhibition? What architectural style? So many questions that you will have to answer in order to make sure that the project meets all your desires and needs. Finally, this is the greatest asset of building from scratch. And if the intervention of an architect is mandatory for areas exceeding 170 m2, consulting a professional is strongly recommended when you are not familiar with it.

Imagine a construction plan – the most creative task in your project

drawing a plan of your house idea how to build your house professional architect help

Obtain a building permit before rolling up the sleeves

Then, of course, it is impossible to get started in the project without the building permit! So, now that you have the construction plans and all the required documents to justify your project, go to the town hall of the municipality where the construction will be carried out. This is where you will need to drop off your papers. Wait for the return of the town hall in the following two months and know that if it is unfavorable, there is the possibility of dispute and review.

Have your building permit before embarking on it

obtain a building permit for your dream house construction project

Build your house – take action

We have finally arrived at the final stage of staging your dream, including the choice of professionals in the trade. Architect, builder or project manager, whichever person is chosen to assist you in the project, select them carefully. And since it is often quite difficult to make the best decision, know that there are platforms that would take care of finding a solution that works for you. This is for example the service offered on the website who would suggest tailor-made local professionals, perfectly suited to your expectations. Great, no! You have no more excuses then – having a house built today is as easy as pie. And if you also need an extra helping hand with work and furnishings, do not hesitate to consult This site or other source of inspiration, as there are plenty on the web.

The construction itself – you are at the final stage

the steps to build your house last step construction on site