Interior designer: all you need to know about this interesting profession

For those whose architecture is a vocation, the sector offers a wide range of interesting trades. However, one could easily be mistaken exactly which job to go for. Especially, if these are occupations that appear relatively similar. This is the case with the profession of an interior designer and a decorator. Need to clear up the confusion on this subject? Today, we will explain everything you need to know to get a clearer idea of ​​the profession of a interior designer. On the program: zoom in on its main functions and skills. We also take stock of the training necessary to become a successful specialist in his field..

Focus on the specificities of the work of an interior designer

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What characterizes the profession of interior architect ?

In general, the interior designer is the specialist who works on the design and layout of private or commercial buildings. It could be a renovation or building from scratch. Either way, the specialist designs interiors in a way that is both aesthetic and practical. Its mission is therefore not limited to the simple fact of making a space more pleasant and attractive. Indeed, it takes into account the security, functionality, specific needs and budget of its customers. To successfully complete a project, the work process of an interior designer goes through a few essential steps, including:

  • listen and fully understand the desires of its customers
  • draw up plans (ground plan, mass plan, sectional view) and prepare the necessary documents for the project
  • create a 3d visualization to give a clearer idea to its customers
  • revise and modify the layout of a space
  • help and advise its customers in the choice of materials, colors and finishes
  • collaborate with other specialists (architect, craftsmen) to ensure the best results
  • select the companies to be responsible for the project and coordinate the work

A renovation or new construction specialist who designs the interior in a way that is both functional and aesthetic

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How the job of an interior designer differs from that of an interior designer ?

In short, the interior architect designs and draws up interior layout plans, seeking the balance between aesthetics and ergonomics. He can also organize and intervene in additional work.

The interior designer, on the other hand, is concerned only with the aesthetic aspect of the space. He can advise his clients on decorative trends and possible cosmetic changes without being in the capacity to modify the structure of the building..

The field of architecture offers many prospects for professional achievement

What studies and training are necessary to practice the profession of interior architect ?

At the moment, the profession of interior architect is not yet officially regulated. This therefore excludes the need for a specific diploma to be able to exercise it. However, in order to become a successful and successful specialist and gain the trust of clients, it may be necessary to acquire certain skills. So, for example, we can simply orient ourselves towards the profession of a collaborator of interior architect. The latter only requires a level of bac + 2. For the greatest enthusiasts who really want to improve in this field, the bac +4 or +5 are to be considered.

Learn and enrich your knowledge to become the best in your profession

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