Ideas for a man & woman shoulder blade tattoo

The shoulder blade is a regularly chosen location for a first tattoo. Because of its discretion, it allows people who cannot afford a tattoo in full view of everyone to try their first experience in the tattoo world without much risk of regret. Not being within sight of the tattooed person, weariness will not operate over the years either. Another advantage of the scapula when it comes to tattooing is its limited sensitivity, making it less painful than other parts of the body. The vast surface represented by the back also allows an evolution over time, for greater artistic freedom. the shoulder blade tattoo or woman is therefore one of the most recurring requests in tattoo parlors. The only logical drawback is the care required by each tattoo, during and after healing. Indeed, applying healing cream first, then sunscreen, will not be easy and will require the help of a third party. Among the patterns most applied to the shoulder blades are Polynesian and Maori style designs, usually spilling over to the shoulder and arm..

A compass as a man’s shoulder blade tattoo

Shoulder blade tattoo man shoulder compass back

Africa as a man’s shoulder blade tattoo

shoulder blade tattoo man africa shoulder design

Original tattoo on the left shoulder blade

shoulder blade tattoo man hand shoulder back

Herbal tattoo on the shoulder blade

Scapula tattoo man leaf nature back left shoulder

Polynesian tattoo on the shoulder and scapula

Maori shoulder blade tattoo for men shoulder tattoo on back polynesian

Maori turtle tattoo on the right shoulder blade

Maori turtle shoulder blade tattoo on back

Musical back tattoo

tattoo man note music left shoulder scapula

Japanese writing tattoo on the shoulder blade

Japanese writing man tattoo japan left shoulder

Arabic script tattoo on back of man

Arabic script tattoo on back man right shoulder

A bear swimming on the shoulder blade

Back shoulder shoulder blade tattoo idea bear

Maori hammerhead shark tattoo

Maori hammerhead mandala tattoo

Polynesian tattoo on the shoulder and scapula

Maori mandala polynesian tattoo on the back

Polynesian arm and shoulder tattoo

Polynesian tattoo on shoulder arm back

Maori tattoo on arm and shoulder

Maori polynesian tribal tattoo shoulder back

Polynesian tribal tattoo

Maori man shoulder tribal shell tattoo idea

Important Asian-inspired man’s back tattoo

dragon man shoulder tattoo asia japan yakusa

W tattoo on the shoulder blade

Small clavicle shoulder tattoo for men w chicago

A heart as a back tattoo

Heart tattoo idea shoulder woman red back

A wave as a woman tattoo idea

small discreet wave back tattoo

An owl tattooed on a female left shoulder blade

Tattoo nape of the neck woman shoulder collarbone owl

Black bird tattoo on back of woman

Black back bird tattoo designs for women

Small Feminine Mountain Tattoo

small discreet woman tattoo mountain back idea

Female dolphin tattoo

Female collarbone tattoo tattoos women dolphin back

Sexy bird tattoo on the shoulder

Feminine tattoo tatoo woman birds back

A horse as a woman tattoo idea

Tattoo ideas for women horse back original shoulder

A flight of birds on the back

Birds Tattoo Women Back Flight Tattoo Feminine

An elephant holding a clover in its trunk

Tattoos women tattoo woman back elephant shoulders

Mandala bulldog head tattoo on the back

Dog Mandala Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Women

A bird in flight on the shoulder

bird tattoos female feminine idea tatoo back

Swallow tattoos on the shoulders

idea woman tattoo birds swallow shoulders back colors

A palm tree tattooed on the left side

discreet palm clavicle tattoo idea for women

A triplet of butterflies as a tattoo on the back of a woman

Small tattoo sexy woman butterflies back idea

Colorful flowers from the shoulder blade to the back of the neck

Tattoo woman back flowers colors neck collarbone

Sun tattoo with golden eagle

Eagle back sun tattoo ideas on back

The face of a Slavic woman on the shoulder

Tattoo model woman face woman vintage russian

A pair of wings on the back, topped with a knot at the back of the neck

tattoo idea woman wings back shoulder blades angel

Two small discreet stars on the back

Star tattoo woman discreet back star tattoo

A bird tattooed on the left side

Bird tattoo on left back woman model tatoo

Original tattoo of a geometric and colorful bear

Small tattoo ideas for women on back bear mandala colors

Series of musical notes accompanied by a heart surrounding a piano

tattoo shoulder woman notes music key sheet music back

A colorful bird spreading its wings

Hummingbird bird tattoo colors back woman original

Get inspired with these Polynesian tattoos ideas.