Learn pencil drawing – create art yourself

Want to get started in a fun and creative activity? Learning to draw with a pencil is therefore an excellent idea for young and old. To help you succeed in this mission, in the following gallery we offer you many pencil drawings that anyone can do with a little practice. And, in order to make your job easier, we also provide you with some easy-to-make drawings..

How to learn to draw with a pencil ?

  1. First, we start with the choice of pencil type. HB are for example a suitable alternative for beginners. Plus, we use it in the tutorials below. So you will have a clearer idea what are the differences between hard and soft pencils..
  2. Find a model that will help you better orient yourself in the steps and obtain a good result. If you are advanced, you can of course skip this step.
  3. Learn the different lines. Among the most popular are hatching (parallel, cross, etc.).
  4. To make your designs even more interesting, don’t hesitate to try a shading technique.

Even if talent plays an important role in the result, you should not deprive yourself of this fun hobby if you do not have the gift of drawing like a professional artist. You just have to stay excited and rejoice in the process. On the other hand, if you are beginners but very passionate about pencil drawings, you can also find specialized books on this theme..

Learn pencil drawing – an abstract shape

how to make a pencil drawing in white and black, abstract drawing model with curves and swirls in pencil

Learn pencil drawing? It should be a creative activity!

easy pencil drawing idea, fairy drawing template with pencil in shape of tree with branches and little bird

Draw your own pet

how to draw a little cat in pencil on white paper, drawing model to reproduce with shading technique

Simple pencil drawing with flowery patterns

what patterns easy to draw in pencil on paper, beginner drawing idea with flowers in scrolling lines

Ultra cute pencil drawing

example of a drawing very easy to reproduce, idea of ​​drawing a cute animal in penguin version with headphones on the head

A realistic drawing of a dog

white pencil drawing idea with animal patterns, pro drawing model of a small dog with shading technique

Stylish drawing of sweet flower!

floral design easy pencil drawing example, white flower template with black outlines with shading effect

A drawing from fairy tales

easy drawing of a small file under the snow in the company of snowmen and a little flying fairy

Draw a girl with long curly hair

idea how to draw a girl in pencil, white and black drawing model in girl design and long hair hairstyle

Trying to reproduce a fairy drawing

learn to reproduce a picture from a book or film on white paper, easy drawing on a night landscape theme

Pink is a great idea for beginners

rose pattern easy to draw in pencil, white and black drawing of a pretty rose with leaves, creative hobby for young and old

To make a complicated drawing, we use an example

easy stylish drawing idea, white and black pencil drawing template of a long haired fairy horse

example of an easy drawing, white and black drawing of a cup of hot drink and a teapot with floral design

drawing animals in white and black for beginner, how to draw a hare in black or gray pencil on white paper

complicated drawing idea to make in pencil using shading technique, cartoon character drawing

Learn to draw a portrait

learn to draw portrait beginner, realistic pencil drawing of a male face, detailed pencil drawing

Learn to draw a retro car in detail

creative hobby to try with little material, easy beginner drawing idea in gray and black pencil of a car

Try to draw a pretty fairytale landscape

example of landscape drawing easy to reproduce using shading technique, pencil drawing on paper

Drawing of roses in details: thorns, leaves and petals

floral design easy beginner drawing example, black pencil drawing template on white pink patterned paper

easy landscape drawing example, how to draw well in pencil, drawing in details to nature and house design

Learn to use all your imagination and creativity

complicated drawing idea to make with pencil on paper, learn to draw a complicated robot with pencil

Nice pro drawing with a natural landscape and a castle

white and black drawing on fairy tale landscape theme, learn how to easily draw a natural landscape with pencil

Realistic pencil drawing: a cute fox

easy pencil drawing example using pencil art techniques, fox themed animal drawing template

Draw your favorite character from a popular book or movie

learn to draw your favorite movie character, Harry Potter themed pencil drawing idea

Little girl and frog in the rain

easy drawing idea for children, learn to draw a little girl and animals, drawing of a girl and a frog

Easy drawing idea for Naruto fans

learn how to draw a character Eats easy, easy drawing idea for beginners, drawing Naruto in pencil

Impressive drawing of actress Nina Dobrev

how to draw a female face in pencil using shading technique, white and black woman drawing idea

Shading technique for a magnificent result !

idea how to draw a house in pencil, easy drawing in white and black on white paper with nature design

What if we reproduce a scene from a Disney movie ?

easy manual activity for young and old, disney pencil drawing idea to reproduce, lion king movie drawings

how to draw female eye, original drawing idea with female eye and pencil shading effect sheet

Perspective leaf drawing

beginner drawing template easy to reproduce, how to draw realistic effect sheet in black and gray crayon

learn how to draw a girl with long hair, example of easy pencil drawing with realistic effect using shading technique

easy drawing model for children, white and black drawing of a woman dressed in traditional clothes

How to draw a natural landscape ?

landscape drawing idea easy to achieve in pencil, natural landscape with different types of pencil on white paper

example of a drawing very easy to reproduce yourself, idea of ​​creative leisure on a low budget in the form of pencil drawing

how to draw a child in pencil on white paper, easy pencil face drawing idea of ​​a little girl

easy pencil drawing idea for kids, learn to draw long haired fairy girl with magician snail in hands, learn pencil drawing

learn to draw a male face in pencil, pencil drawing technique, pencil drawing idea

learn to draw a hare in pencil, animal drawing idea in pencil on white sheet of paper

creative hobby for young and old with little equipment, pencil drawing with water design and female and male hands