Polynesian tattoo – the ancestral art that marks body and mind

The peoples of the Pacific are among the greatest followers and connoisseurs of bodyart. The practice of polynesian tattoo is an ancestral custom for Tahitians, Samoans, Marquesans. For Polynesians, this is a ritual and getting a tattoo means more than visual and artistic work. In Maori culture, a man’s power could be measured by the size and number of his tattoos. Even if it is not obvious for an untrained eye to recognize them at first glance, the patterns of the Polynesian tattoo are a subtle combination of symbols linked to nature and particularly to the sea. Thus turtle, lizard, sun, seashell and other living things discreetly hide in the Maori designs. The choice of these patterns is certainly not trivial and must be personalized to each person, according to their character and their various compatibilities. Even though it is now widespread throughout the West, the art of tattooing, or “tatau” in Polynesian, remains closely linked to the centuries-old culture of the Maori. Beyond the pattern, its application to the skin is also a traditional method. Indeed, the Polynesian tattoo artist uses a particular ancestral instrument, made from turtle scales, which he will strike in order to make the ink penetrate the skin.

Detailed Polynesian tattoo, covering shoulder and biceps

Polynesian symbol drawing tattoo Polynesian Tahitian Polynesian shoulder arm

Double symmetrical Polynesian tattoo on the calves

Tahitian tattoo polynesian tattoos man calves tribal mask

Polynesian tattoo, from ankle to mid thigh

polynesian calf maori tattoo meaning maori tattoo dictionary of symbols maori drawing

Maori arm tattoo

Tahitian Polynesian Tattoo Indonesian Polynesian Tattoo Maori Tattoo

Polynesian with traditional tattooed face

drawing maori face man tribal polynesia tattoo warrior

Maori turtle tattoo on the shoulder

Polynesian Maori turtle tattoo Maori tattoo shoulder Polynesian tattoo symbol dictionary

Maori tattooed left arm

polynesian maori flower tattoo shoulder dictionary of symbols forearm bracelet

Bust fully covered with a Maori design

Hawaiian tattoo on the shoulder

hawaiian tattoo hawaiian polynesian polynesia tattoo tahiti tattoo artist shoulder

Polynesian calf and shin tattoo

dictionary of polynesian calf tattoo symbols Maori tattoo forearm

Maori tattoos for men

Polynesian shoulder tattoo

Maori tattoo meaning maori shark polynesian forearm bracelet

Polynesian tattoo covering the entire arm

Maori tattoo forearm man drawing maori polynesian symbol

Maori tattoo on left arm

Maori tattoo forearm men meaning tattoo polynesian samoan

Symmetrical Maori tattoo on the chest

Maori tattoo man chest black polynesian tribal symbol

Cheap polynesian drawing with felt on the calf

Maori tattoo calf arm Maori meaning Polynesian Tahitian Polynesian Samoa

Marquesan tattoo on calf

maori tattoo calf tahitian tattoo polynesian tattoos samoa leg maori symbol

Polynesian tattoo on the arm

Tahitian Polynesian Tattoo Polynesian Samoa Marquesan Maori Symbol

Samoa tattoo

Polynesian tattoo maori maori tattoo samoan woman shoulder meaning arm

Tahitian tattoo

Tahitian tattoo polynesian samoa indonesian maori woman

Tribal calf snake tattoo

Polynesian Tahitian Maori tattoo snakes on the calf man tribal tattoo

Tahitian Tattoos For Women

Polynesian tattoo forearm woman tahiti polynesia

Maori woman with a traditional tattoo on the shoulder

Tattoo polynesia vahiné maori patterns shoulder woman

Woman with Arms Tattooed in Maori Patterns

Maori woman arm tattoo polynesian girl sleeve tattoos

Tahitian flower motif tattoo on the shoulder

tattoo side woman side hip thigh tahiti tribal tahitian tattoo

Samoa tattoo

Maori forearm tattoo woman tattoo tahiti polynesienne

Maori symbol of a manta ray tattooed on the back

tribal tattoo woman stingray fish back maori symbol

Tahitian woman with tattoo on her back

Polynesian design maori arm tattoo maori tattoo back shoulder girl tahiti polynesia

Maori tattoo on the arm

Maori tattoos for women Polynesian style girl shoulder tattoo

Maori woman shoulder tattoo


Woman’s back tattooed with a tribal pattern

maori tattoo meaning maori tattoo polysian woman tattooed tattoo artist

Woman tattooed from ear to shoulder

Polynesian Maori woman neck tattoo

Woman’s left leg tattooed with a Polynesian motif

Maori tattoo woman polynesian girl tattoo maori tahitian legs

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