The hand tattoo – not for everyone

Part of the body that could not be more visible, the hands are at the forefront of social contacts. Whether used for greeting, for working, or for touching, they convey much more information than one might imagine and provide a first glimpse of the person to whom they are connected. If the tattoo on the forearm has a meaning of claim and strength, which can hardly be hidden in the summer, the hand tattoo is all the more demonstrative, directly reflecting a certain independence of mind that only a pair of gloves can camouflage. A completely marginal practice in the past, tattooed hands are becoming less and less rare, although this is still a risky choice in terms of its consequences. Indeed, to have your hands tattooed is to make an almost definitive cross on certain future paths, especially professional ones. That said, the hands are generally not the preferred locations for a tattoo novice and are often placed at the end of the chain, when the arms run out of space. This is an additional step in the journey of the experienced tattooed person, who will have the hindsight and maturity to make the decision whether or not to expand their usable body space. At the same time, the tattoo on the finger knows him a faster success. Much more discreet because of its size, it can appear like a jewel or a simple touch of fantasy. Namely, the finger remains one of the most sensitive areas of the body, due to its concentration of nerve endings and therefore one of the most painful when applying the tattoo. Another factor, the thinness of the skin and the vital day-to-day use of the hands undermine the longevity of the finger tattoo, which will lose sharpness, before almost disappearing if it is not touched up regularly..

Hand tattoo: black and red mandalas

hand tattoo black and red mandala symbol idea

Hand tattoo: colors on the hands and letters on the fingers

colorful hand tattoo and finger writing pyramid tattoo

Hand tattoos of female heads in colors

las vegas red rose gypsy head hand tattoos

Symmetrical butterfly tattoo on the hands

tattoo hands spangles colors symmetrical tattoos fingers

Collection of small hand tattoos

tattoos hand symbol small designs idea tattoo fingers

Polynesian tattoo on the entire hand

Maori polynesian tribal hand tattoo on hand

Small finger tattoo

Tattoo finger lines symbol thumb tattoo fingers hand

Female hand and finger tattoos

anchor marine hand tattoo steady and true tattoo fingers diamond

Woman hand tattoos: the sun and the moon

tattoo on the hand

Man hand and finger tattoo

hand tattoo idea black hearts finger tattoos

Small tattoos on the fingers on the themes of nature and travel

Finger tattoo idea small symbol designs fingers man

Palm tattoo

tattoo on the hand man inside arrows palm

Small tattoos on the thumbs

tattoo on hand man tattoos fingers anchor shark

The skull on the hand, for a mask effect

seth gueko skull tattoo on the hand

Hand tattoo of an insect flying in symmetry

tattoo on the hand man symmetrical slice butterfly

Rose tattoos on hands

rose tattoo on hand

Scissors as a palm tattoo

scissors woman hand palm tattoo

Two part shark tattoo on hands

tattoo on the hand man inside shark two hands

Small tattoos on the hand and fingers

small tattoos on the hand man rose mandala symbol

Colorful flower tattoo on hand

tattoo rose on hand red colors mandala

Lotus flower hand tattoo

Lotus flower hand tattoo on wrist

Mandala hand and wrist tattoo

Tattoo man hand mandala rosette black wrist

Panther and mandala tattoos on hands

panther hand tattoo man mandala colors tattoo hands

Tattoos on woman’s fingers

First name tattoo finger tattoo hand woman

Hand tattoo of a portrait of a woman for the day of the dead in Mexico

Tattoo man hand latino dia muertos mexico colors

Small arrow finger tattoo

tattoo on the fingers arrow tatto hand man

Small butterfly tattooed in symmetry as the thumbs

tattoo on the fingers symmetrical butterfly tattoo hand

King and Queen hand tattoos

First name tattoo finger writing inside hands

Tattoos of a color portrait on the hand and words on the fingers

Tattoo fingers woman writing phrase tattoo portrait hand

Man hand tattoo

tattoo hands tatoo finger man hipster tattoo hands

Paper boat and marine anchor tattoo on finger

Tattoo finger hand woman boat paper anchor

Series of small tattoos on woman’s fingers

Tattoo fingers woman drawings symbol writing

Diamond tattoo on finger

diamond tattoo woman hands tattoo

Destiny finger tattoo

Tattoo fingers woman writing phrase destiny

Tattooed woman fingers

tattoo woman fingers tattoo on hand symbols

Arrow tattoos on the hand

tattoo on hand black arrow woman idea symbol

Asian dragon mask tattoo on hand

tattoo on the hand mask colors asia dragon

Rose tattoo on hand

rose tattoo on hand full arm wrist man

Octopus hand tattoo

octopus tattoo on the hand in man colors

Tattoo hand of a cat’s head

tattoo on the hand of an imaginary cat head tattoo man

Let’s go higher, with the forearm tattoo.