Tips for getting started with kawaii drawing and several easy to reproduce drawings

The art of cuteness is how you might describe this Japanese fashion phenomenon known around the world today as “kawaii”. And while in Japan we can attest to the omnipresence of this current, from the objects we surround ourselves with to the style of dress, the West on the other hand, has embarked on another path of discovery of this fascinating culture. Kawaii drawing has turned into a favorite art of drawing beginners because of its ease and originality. So, it’s no wonder that many people today try to reproduce these very charming chubby characters. So now, how do you make an animal, food or kawaii girl drawing? To help you and accompany you in your first kawaii sketches, here are some great tips to know before you start, followed by several drawing ideas that are easy to reproduce..

Kawaii style nutella jar because any object can be represented in kawaii mode

easy kawaii drawing of brown nutella jar with huge eyes label

An easy and cute drawing to eat

And since this is an art of cuteness, the characters will be naturally cute to chew on. The childishness of the drawings goes hand in hand with an innocence and a kind of naivety that emanates from all these adorable creatures that the kawaii universe is populated. Yes, the link with Manga is very strong and evident in the way the characters are presented! And yet, any object or creature, no matter what nature, could become kawaii. Animals of course in the first place, because these have always been synonymous with something cute. But other than that, food, wonderful beings like the unicorn, or even simple everyday objects. Without forgetting the emblematic characters of Japanese culture and comics such as Hello Kitty, Totoro, Pikachu and others.

Pikachu – a popular and very cute character to reproduce in a drawing

pikachu drawing easy to make, kawaii graphic style drawing ideas in black and white in costume

Easy to reproduce and simplified design

Yes, the characters are undoubtedly adorable, but on the drawing side, what we appreciate more is the simplicity in the realization of the sketches. In most cases, it suffices to start with a very simple shape such as a circle or a square and gradually add small details, resulting in a Japanese comic-style design. That is, a design that is not only easy to reproduce but also simplistic, without overly intricate details and without concern for realism. So we don’t try to make a drawing too elaborate – sometimes a curved line for the mouth, eyes in small black dots and symmetrical pink spots to mark the cheeks are quite sufficient to start. Know, however, that everything will depend on the emotion you would like to instill in your characters. Depending on this, the combination of shapes and details will change and therefore the expression of the face as well. And here we must admit that like emoticons, there are really very varied facial expressions..

Simple but expressive faces to make a successful kawaii drawing

how to draw various kawaii face expressions yourself, ideas how to express emotion in kawaii drawings

Simple kawaii drawing to make from a simple circle and line

how to draw a kawaii panda, example of cute drawing to do yourself step by step

Easy-to-do drawing with rounded shapes

And just as baby faces are rounded, kawaii designs also follow this trend of roundness in the designs. Exit then too angular shapes, as well as straight lines. Curvatures are actually an important part of creating that air of softness and friendliness so characteristic of kawaii characters. The kawaii creature, it must make you want to pamper!

Rounded contours to make it softer and more cute – a must-have for any kawaii drawing

rounded figures, food, stars and other cute little creatures on blank sheet of paper

How to draw a kawaii girl – bet on atypical proportions

Forget everything you have learned about the proportions of the human body in drawing. The kawaii universe is ruled by excess. You’ve probably noticed the same trend in Manga comics featuring characters with giant heads and even quite huge eyes. Yes, the lack of too much detail on the face naturally resulted in an enlargement of the head and eyes in order to reintroduce that expressiveness that is inherent in any figure. The crops, as large as the head, also leaves no room for too much detail, which is another contribution to the simplistic character of the kawaii drawing..

Cute kawaii girl with huge head and eyes

easy kawaii girl drawing idea, huge head and eyes girl, manga drawing, panda costume and heart colored in purple

How to draw kawaii – use cheerful colors to draw kawaii animals and food 

You might just ditch your kawaii drawing during the sketching stage, but know that a little color could change everything. Because, apart from the proportions, the colors also play a key role in adding extra cuteness to these adorable creatures. And of course, this will be a color scheme with a jovial and very lively character, including pastels, bright and vibrant colors and of course rainbow colors..

Rainbow colors to create a cheerful design

kawaii drawing of a cloud and rainbow, what colors in kawaii drawing, learn to draw yourself

More facial expressions to add character and charge your drawings with emotions

easy and cute drawing, how to draw various face expressions yourself

A cute and easy teddy bear to draw in stages

easy drawing to draw, koala to draw yourself by step, rounded outlines, easy pencil drawing

Very nice little creatures from the kawaii universe that are too easy to reproduce in drawings

how to draw kawaii, various ideas of kawaii characters easy to draw in various colors

Super simple drawing tutorial to make a donut or a potted cactus

step by step drawing a donut, easy drawing step by step from a circle with dots for eyes and line

easy drawing for beginners, draw a cactus in a flower pot colored in green by step

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kawaii weather, draw clouds, sun, raindrops, stars, learn to draw easily

Very simple tutorial to draw the famous character of “My neighbor Totoro”

Totoro step by step drawing, easy drawing for beginners, kawaii pencil sketch

easy and cute drawing of watermelon colored in red with huge black eyes, small ouche and cheeks

how to draw kawaii food, red apple, easy pencil drawing of huge black eyes, green leaf

Hello Kitty easy drawing for beginners

hello kitty easy to draw, easy kawaii drawing idea to do in pencil, cat head with red bow tie

cute drawing of two cats, kawaii animal drawing idea, white cat and brown and yellow cat playing, little red heart

Kawaii drawing of animals – cute chewable elephant

easy and cute drawing black and white graphics, how to draw a dumbo elephant with pencil, how to draw animal

how to draw eyes, black and white manga eyes of various size drawn in pencil

Some simple and easy to draw pencil drawings

cute kawaii animal drawings, mouse, fish, cat, dog, parrot, turtles and other cute animals

ideas for drawing kawaii animals, turtle, cat, unicorn, rabbit, dog, duck, how to learn to draw

easy drawing kawaii style, fantasy creature with huge eyes and milkshake cup, manga characters

kawaii cactus plant in brown flower pot, big eyed cactus on white background

Easy to reproduce kid’s drawing – cute puppy with cute big eyes

kawaii animal drawing, colorful cute little puppy dog ​​in brown color with big black and white eyes

dumbo and rabbit drawing, easy drawing idea to draw, circus drawing of gray elephant and white rabbit on a platform

easy envelope drawing with pink hearts on a piece of blank sheet of paper, big black and white eyes

kawaii food from a glass full of water and donut with huge eyes and bow tie, cute graphic design

Black and white drawing of an adorable teddy bear

cute drawing of a graphic bear cub in black and white, huge eyes, black ears and paws, drawing to reproduce

easy and cute drawing to reproduce of a cute kitten laughing, original kawaii japanese style drawing

black and white panda drawing, panda bear cub with bamboo in hands, learn to draw by simple drawings

how to draw a whale step by step from a simple circle, kawaii animal

easy drawing ideas of a cow, piece of cake, green apple and waffle, drawing ideas to reproduce

Kawaii food is so sweet …

draw a kawaii pineapple easily by step from a half circle, with facial features

draw a cupcake with eyes in pos and single line for the mouth, cupcake with icing on top

how to draw a cute dog, hairy japanese puppy, cute and easy drawing kawaii

cute drawing of baby dragon colored in green with yellow belly and dark green wings, black eyes and pink cheeks

how to draw kawaii simply, little creature kawaii character manga to draw step by step

And this is how to draw a kawaii bunny

draw a rabbit easily by step from geometric shapes, drawing too cute, simple and fast

easy drawing kawaii, how to draw a crab from a simple circle colored in red, bullet journal drawing

easy to draw drawing of a dumbo elephant with blue heart shaped balloon, gray animal

easy drawing example for beginners, cute teddy bear to draw from a rectangle and simple facial features

kawaii food, avocado drawing green color with brown core and simple facial features on beige background

how to draw kawaii, cute bunny with very long eyes in white and brown color, blue flower

Caticorn or kawaii unicorn cat drawing

drawing kawaii unicorn and cat with a cone on the head of yellow color surrounded by flowers, easy animal drawing

idea how to draw a red fruit, red strawberry idea with big black eyes and green stem

orange tea cup drawing with simple lines for facial features, marshmallow with faces in the cup

drawing idea easy to reproduce, Japanese animal in blue color and orange flower crown

Easy to draw kawaii drawing featuring another character as appetizing as it is cute

kawaii drawing of colorful white and pink cupcake with strawberry in top and black and blue eyes, on orange and pink background

too cute drawing of cute cupcake in yellow, brown pink, blue green colors, kawaii food

cute bat drawing easy to reproduce graphic with big black eyes and big head with miniature body

cute kawaii drawing of two animals in yellow and white with flowers, brush on white background

how to draw a girl silhouette with big head, easy manga drawing

kawaii drawing of watermelon in red and green colored with felt-tip pens with big eyes black and white

black and white dragon drawing, how to draw graphic dragon yourself with huge and expressive eyes

emoji drawing, laughing out loud, tongue sticking out and poo, easy drawing idea for beginners

Kawaii girl – how to draw her ?

drawing akwaii girl with a big pencil in the hands dressed in a dress, big eyes, huge hat and long hair

make a drawing kawaii girl oneself, girl with big expressive eyes and huge hair, small body dressed in pretty dress

how to draw filel in japanese kawaii style panda hat, smiling girl eating cookie

mianiature and cute drawing of black and white rabbit with head adorned with a flower on white background with pink polka dots

sad cloud crying rain, original and simple drawing idea to reproduce yourself

original pikachu drawing idea, cute animal to draw yourself, colored yellow, with red cheeks and big black eyes

drawing original manga creatures, two cute animals pink and blue to draw yourself

The kawaii unicorn – one of the most represented characters in kawaii drawings

kawaii unicorn drawing in black and white

several macaroons with facial features with eyes and various colors, red, purple, blue and yellow macaroon

cup of coffee with kawaii eyes and hearts that evaporate drawing idea too easy to reproduce

drawing of unicorn panda with colorful horn, big eyes and purple heart in hands with black stars around

how to draw a panda step by step, how to draw a panda body from two circles, easy bullet journal drawing ideas

how to draw a ghost yourself, ghost drawing woman and ghost man, halloween drawing ideas kawaii style

Kawaii ice cream or cute donut to draw with colored pencils

kawaii ice cream in pink and purple color on brown cone, ideas how to draw food

draw black eyed donut with pink frosting and pink bow tie on pink white background

cute little drawings on scrap of notebook paper, ideas for drawing original manga creatures