How to hide batteries

All people sooner or later think about the issue of repairing their home. For some, this is an everyday annual ritual, for others, a need caused by the time and dilapidation of the previous renovation. Someone is not limited in funds and ideas, but someone needs economical solutions to painful problems. Some are ready for global changes in the interior, others are happy with everything, and they just want to refresh the room..

Fortunately, today on the building materials market there is a wide range of goods for repairs of various categories of complexity and cost. Another question: is the person who started the renovation ready for something global, or does he want the humorous phrase about renovation not to come true: they started in hi-tech style, finished in hi style like this.

Each person who is able to sensibly assess the possibilities in advance plans the repair and all its nuances. And it so happens that batteries, pipes of the heating, water supply and gas supply systems do not fit into these plans in any way. And they do not fit into the plans, not because they forget about them, but because sometimes they look so unaesthetic that, probably, if you could just take an eraser and erase them from the picture of your home, many would do just that..

Various options for the decoration of communications

Hiding the batteries Hiding the batteries photo Battery photo decoration

With the current major repairs, all communications are laid in such a way that they are hidden in the walls or floor. But what if there is not too much time and effort for major repairs? After all, if cosmetic repairs can be done on their own and in a short time, then in order to hide the pipes, you will need to groove the walls, make bends on the pipes that will allow you to change their location, and then you simply cannot do without the help of qualified specialists.

This issue could become a global problem, if it were not for modern materials with the help of which it is possible to change the situation without resorting to a large expenditure of time and effort..

First you need to decide:

  • with the area of ​​work;
  • with a room in which it is necessary to hide unnecessary elements;
  • with the material that is best suited for these purposes.

It is not difficult to determine the area of ​​work, you just need to ask the question: is it necessary for these pipes to be visible here, or do they need to be hidden? If you don’t need to hide anything, then the issue is settled and you can safely proceed to cosmetic repairs without bothering with pipes. If the apartment has problem areas that need to be hidden, then move on to the next item.

A room with pipes and radiators that needs to be hidden can be a bath, a kitchen and living rooms..

The material should be selected depending on the room in which the repair will be carried out. So, for example, ordinary drywall is suitable for living rooms, but it is not recommended to use it in the bathroom and kitchen, since this material is sensitive to moisture and can deform over time. For rooms with high humidity, it is better to choose moisture-resistant drywall, PVC plastic panels or luxalon.

How to hide pipes and batteries

In order to hide pipes and batteries, you need to build a structure from the above materials, a kind of box.

Battery box

When it comes to vertical pipes, you can build a column-like structure that will successfully hide problem areas. This, of course, will not be a column in its classical sense, but just a structure that resembles it in appearance..

Hiding the heating pipes

In the case of horizontal pipes, the same structure can be built if the pipe occupies one side of the room. Depending on the height at which such a structure will be located from the floor, it can also be endowed with a functional load. For example, a horizontal structure under the ceiling or closer to it can become a place for additional point light sources, if necessary. A structure located closer to the center of the wall or at floor level can be used as an additional shelf on which you can put frames with photos, not very heavy pots with indoor flowers and other decor items that do not have much weight.

Hiding heating pipes photo

Batteries can be decorated under a fireplace or cabinet. In order that the hidden battery does not lose its main function – heating the room, the front wall can be made of openwork plywood, through the holes of which heat will flow into the room.

How to hide pipes for heatingWireframing a structure

The frame for the structure should be made of a material on which it will be easier to attach the selected material. So for a drywall structure, you can make a frame from a galvanized metal profile specially designed for this purpose. For Luxalon or PVC panels, you can prepare a rack frame.

Before constructing the frame, it is necessary to mark the wall. To make the design even and proportional. This is quite easy to do with a tape measure and a level. After the marking is done, you need to prepare the material by dividing it into segments of the required length. In the case of a drywall profile, you can use metal scissors. A hacksaw is required for a wooden frame.

When all parts of the frame are ready, you can start fastening. This is quite simple to do with a puncher and dowels. It is important that the distance between the dowels is at least 60 cm, this will make the fastening of the structure strong.

Fastening of PVC panels is made with a bracket to a wooden crate. They are connected to each other using special grooves. For the design of the corners of the structure, additional internal or external corners will be required. The drywall is fastened directly to the frame using self-tapping screws. Luxalon is mounted on special guides – combs pre-installed on the rack frame.

The type and size of the structure will depend on the imagination of the owners of the premises. The main thing is that this method will allow you to decorate communications, in such a way that a person who does not know about the existence of pipes and batteries behind the structure can take the structure for some kind of design chip that will successfully fit into the interior.