Balcony layout – optimization as a key word

At the end of winter and the promise of beautiful days ahead, thoughts are directed towards tomorrow and its sun, quickly making you forget the dark and cold months just passed. The lucky ones equipped with an outdoor space, balcony or terrace are now preparing to give them a facelift. As the arrival of spring is traditionally accompanied by its brushing, it can be the occasion for a redevelopment, the same one envisaged in previous good summer resolutions. We invest in a new table, sofa or small practical furniture and accessories, with a view to balcony layout ideal, promising such good times when summer comes.

Regardless of the size of this space, it should be used to the best possible advantage, making the most of every square inch of the exterior. There are now many practical and removable objects, specially designed for Rikiki balconies, such as tables or other barbecues that hang from the railing, as you wish. For DIY enthusiasts or tight budgets, furniture made from recycled materials is of course ideal for decorating your balcony for almost nothing and in a personalized way..

A minimalist balcony layout to contemplate

cozy minimalist balcony layout idea with rocking chair and skin for winter

Balcony layout with unstoppable view of the city

rooftop balcony deco idea on wooden floor with designer lounge chair

Balcony furnished in a practical and design way

photo of small minimalist Scandinavian style balcony with designer wooden furniture

Balcony with rustic accents with wooden furniture and hanging chair

cozy apartment balcony decor idea with rustic wooden furniture and hanging egg chair

Mini apartment balcony on parquet floor

a small balcony decoration idea on wooden floor with mini table and chair

A nature balcony mixing wood and vegetation

decorate your balcony with teak wood furniture cozy atmosphere and outdoor planter

Small balcony on the ground floor in cozy colors

small balcony apartment cozy style with rustic wooden box

Colorful decoration for this terrace at the foot of the mountain

how to arrange a cozy style balcony with rustic wooden furniture and colored cushions

Modern layout of a small balcony with optimized space thanks to the elements suspended from the railings

small balcony apartment design with modern black and white style hanging barbecue

Balcony decorated with a light garland, plants and a pair of Ikea chairs

balcony design ideas and landscaping a south facing terrace with ikea sofa and planters for barrier

landscaping idea for apartment terrace, parquet for balcony and wall planter

Hanging sofa and wall mixing wood and vegetation

photo of the house exterior balcony with hanging sofa, wooden terrace decoration and swing chair

Wicker at the center of the layout of this balcony

small deco wicker deckchair model, rustic wooden furniture for balcony

Terrace golden by the Spanish sun

Spanish terrace under the cordoba sun, photo view of spain bell tower, planter for olive tree

Flowered terrace in summer colors

photo of flowered terrace with flower pots and orange planters, wooden fence for balcony against opposite

Apartment balcony with retro Berlin accents

vintage balcony idea with metal wall, berlin style terrace decor, retro orange metal garden furniture

Airs of nature and relaxation thanks to the hammock on this closed balcony

to arrange a small interior balcony, deco veranda closed apartment, model pink hammock for living room

Balcony with designer furnishings with wooden benches running along the railing

deco idea long balcony with integrated wooden bench, apartment terrace with parquet

Rustic terrace with vintage wooden furniture

furnish your balcony with rustic antique furniture, vintage terrace deco with recuperated wooden objects

Art deco type balcony, with duo of rocking chairs and small design table

develop a small balcony in town on parquet, small design rocking chair for terrace

Rustic garden furniture, for summer relaxation

decoration for cozy balcony, furnish your terrace with vintage wooden furniture, blue and white parasol for balcony

Light lighting with light garlands and lantern, for a romantic and peaceful atmosphere

balcony patio design photo ideas, wooden furniture for balconies, lantern garland for outdoor

wooden balcony lounge, candle lantern for terrace, design jardiniere for balconies

idea to arrange a long balcony, apartment terrace on floor, hanging birdhouse, outdoor balcony lantern

Balcony furniture practical than this small removable table, which hangs from the railing

how to arrange a small balcony in town, removable balcony table for barrier

Nature terrace between rustic wood and green plants

phot balcony layout with rustic wooden bench, vintage apartment garden with plants

find flowered balcony ideas, patio lounge with sofa, outdoor patio planter

Generously flowered terrace

flower balcony model, terrace decorated with plants and flowers, decorate provencal type balcony

Romantic atmosphere on the balcony with subdued light from the paper lanterns, lanterns and candles

romantic decoration for balcony, lantern garland for terrace light

Furnished balcony with canal view

modern decoration for balcony, light garland for terrace

how to optimize the space of an apartment balcony, small armchair with whiskey wooden crate, table for balcony railing

removable balcony shelf, small table ideas for patio railing

The dream terrace, no more no less

terrace with sea view, house with dining table on the balcony and ocean view

Relaxation thanks to the hammock installed in the patio

interior balcony layout, install a hammock indoors, apartment terrace decor

Home-made garden furniture made from pallets, placed on an improvised terrace

make a balcony bench with pallets, DIY patio furniture, decorate the garden with recuperative furniture

narrow balcony decoration ideas, small apartment terrace, outdoor living room and light lanterns

idea for a small balcony in town, patio chair cushion, balcony wall planter

find terrace apartment decor ideas, orange balcony living room with sofa

Sunny atmosphere on this Provencal-style balcony

decorate a provencal balcony, provence style terrace decoration, vintage metal furniture deco

how to arrange a 4m2 balcony with a small sofa and plants

Bright semi-closed balcony with elegant wood furniture

decorate a closed interior balcony, apartment terrace lounge

Balcony under the sign of green plants, with stepladder serving as a planter

find ideas for outdoor balconies, cozy white scandinavian terrace

Wooden chairs and wall planter for this welcoming terrace

wooden deckchair for balcony, patio wall planter, vegetal wall with flowerpots

Two stacked pallets are enough to easily create a small balcony sofa

pallet sofa model, pallet armchair idea, diy furniture for balconies and terraces

wooden furniture for terraces and balconies, wall planter for ivy

rustic floral balcony decor, patio planter for apartment

Large balcony converted into a Japanese garden

apartment terrace decor ideas on wooden floor, vintage balcony planter

Roof terrace, with improvised sofa on the windowsill and city view

idea for a small maid's room balcony, arrange a small roof terrace

wall planter for balcony, colorful flowerpots for terrace

A rocking chair and its cushions to enjoy the balcony

wooden balcony wall, wicker terrace rocking chair, cozy decoration for balconies

Balcony layout with designer wooden furniture

rustic design balcony deco, modern wooden furniture for terrace, balcony sofa

white and black sofa model for balcony, to arrange a small terrace

outdoor patio decoration idea flower house, country balcony decoration with flower pots

model closed apartment balcony, interior house veranda, terrace with synthetic lawn

Bar table affixed along the railing, for tastings with friends

practical balcony furniture idea, bar cabinet for balcony barrier, narrow table for terrace

find cozy balcony decor ideas, winter bacon decoration for christmas, decorate small veranda with garland and plants

scandinavian style balcony sofa model, white sofa for outdoor, photo of wooden terrace

furnish a mini outdoor balcony house, small table for terrace, blue bedside table

photo of balcony decorated with plants and planter, white rocking chair for terrace, colored carpet for balconies

furnish small modern balcony of city apartment, scandinavian deco for terrace, outdoor armchair, light garland for balconies

minimalist decoration for Scandinavian type apartment balcony, terrace sofas, outdoor lounge and bamboo planter

recup garden furniture, pallet balcony sofa, DIY pallet patio furniture

how to arrange a circular balcony in c, rectangular planter for terrace

Removable wooden table, affixed to the railing, for ingenious space saving

removable table model for balcony railing, support bar for wooden terrace barrier

cozy decoration for balcony, romantic terrace with flowers, decorate your apartment terrace

A small park specially designed for Franklin on the balcony

patio model for dog balcony, arrange space for dog on terrace, barrier for balcony dog ​​enclosure

decoration small apartment balcony, terrace with parquet floor, small vintage wooden sofa for outdoor decoration

teak wood balcony lounge, furnished balcony with sofa and green plants

Balcony furnished to prepare for autumn in the best possible way

development of a cozy balcony, Scandinavian terrace decor with wood and plants

idea to create a south-facing terrace, balcony with wooden floor and green plants

DIY balcony furniture, make an outdoor living room with recuperating material, make a table with a turret, sofa in a decorative wooden box

A mini wooden balcony table, how to arrange a Parisian window sill

example for a small balcony in length, colorful terrace with pink wicker sofa and ivy branches

vintage furniture for small town center balcony, planter for flowerpots for railing

rustic deco idea for cozy balcony, wooden deco crate for terrace wall decoration

A two-tone balcony layout

inspiration for a well-decorated balcony, wooden sofa trunk, armchair box for small spaces, apple green cushions holder wall bar

Small apartment terrace located at the height of the heavens

small high balcony with sea view, mini apartment terrace with black and white sofa and ottoman

Landscaping flowered balcony like a park

terrace with vegetal decoration, teak floor for balcony, flower-filled balconies and terraces

Small folding wall table to save space

DIY deco wooden crate for balcony, wall folding table for small terrace, make a shelf with wine crate

ideas decorative objects for balcony, birdhouse for wall decoration, rustic planter in wooden crate

small balcony furnished as a living room, sofa and colorful cushions for the terrace

balcony with synthetic lawn, pallet coffee table on wheels, set of colorful chairs for terrace

decoration for balcony with turquoise chairs, furnish small apartment terrace

Vintage wooden bench hanging for flowered balcony

wooden swing bench for balcony, hanging chair for terrace

Small window sill lined with lawn and cushions for days of relaxation in the open air

idea to create a mini balcony of an apartment in paris, fake grass for window sill, armchair cushion on terrace

Individual hanging rocking chair

hanging rocking chair model, wicker swing chair on balcony, indoor wall planter

How to arrange a small balcony, sofa for terrace with turquoise blue and gray cushions

Discover many other solutions for fitting out your balcony or terrace.