The attic bathroom – little tips for decorating and decorating it

Today, many of us see the potential hidden behind outdated eaves. Gone are the days when all unnecessary objects were relegated there because the attic is already far from being the one and only solution for the development of this space. A romantic bedroom, walk-in closet, study or even a bathroom – today we don’t hesitate to adapt the space in question in a way that creates a room in its own right. An added value to your home, but above all a very charming character, and yet it is important to know a few decorating tips because the space under the slope presents a lot of challenges. Today we will go through the main aspects of the development of a attic bathroom.

Dark gray and white attic bathroom in vintage style

bathroom with anthracite gray walls, gray freestanding bathtub, white tiled base, whitewashed parquet floor, black and white designer toilet

Plumbing, waterproofing and soil resistance

The attic is not a space intended to accommodate a bathroom, there are a few important aspects to consider before arranging such a room. We therefore recommend the help of a professional in the trade who will be able to verify the feasibility of the project. Plumbing work and more specifically the extension of existing pipes will undoubtedly be necessary to carry the water to the attic. In addition, special thought must also be reserved for the water drainage system. It is also very necessary to ensure that the soil will be able to support the renovation, especially the weight of any new installations planned. Sealing is another important aspect in order to avoid possible problems of extreme humidity and mold..

Any project begins with the question of how to adapt the space to its new use

midnight blue bathtub in the middle of an attic bathroom with blue floral accent wall, lighted lanterns, storage basket

Insulation and ventilation

This same risk of mold growth will be run if you neglect the insulation of the newly fitted bathroom. However, good insulation will significantly reduce your electricity bill during the winter. In addition, efficient ventilation guarantees you an even healthier atmosphere, so this is another factor of capital importance.

Well insulated and ventilated attic to accommodate a bathroom

slope in blue paneling, old freestanding bathtub, white console washbasin, whitewashed wooden floor, stone wall, bathroom under the slope

The right actions to develop an optimized space

After having thought about all these aspects that we have just enumerated, you can already ask yourself the question of the appropriate arrangement. It must be said that arranging an atypical space, such as the bathroom in the attic, is not easy. And yet, this is not always the case because spacious attics pose far fewer constraints than a space of 4m2, for example. Otherwise, the most frequently asked question concerns the use and optimization of the space under the slope. Several solutions come to your aid !

  • Low storage

Generally, we will avoid overloading the room with furniture that is too heavy and cumbersome. And yet one of the most common solutions for optimizing the space under the slope is to install low furniture. An effective space-saving trick against the lost attic phenomenon.

Low slope storage idea to use every centimeter

attic bathroom model with white washbasin, whitewashed exposed beams, white walls and skylights

  • Bathtub under the roof

We won’t hesitate to install a sloped bathtub yet. This is the perfect location for this one, considering the fact that you don’t need too much height in this case. It will be the perfect resting place where you can spend hours relaxing. And if it is also overlooked by a skylight, you can forget to contemplate the spectacle of the starry sky. Very romantic, no ?

Idea of ​​an attic bathroom with an old white bathtub under the slope

brick wall, white bathtub, green plant in flowerpot, slope with whitewashed wooden beams, console sink, gray floor

  • Shower under combe

The installation of a shower under a slope is an interesting development solution, but here it is mandatory to provide a greater height. Finally, it is important to be able to stand upright without being hampered by the slope, at the risk of constantly hitting your head against it. It is with this in mind that we will think about installing the shower against the wall where the ceiling height is greater. The walk-in glass shower is very suitable for installation under a slope and will also provide a remarkable design side, as well as an airy appearance.

Small bathroom with sloping shower and green decor for a zen touch

bathroom with a gray tiled shower and glass shower screen, oriental mosaic tiling, white vanity unit, light wood base unit, roof windows

The decorative side

Minimalism and lightness are the key words, especially when the space to be fitted out is rather cramped. Hanging furniture is an original idea and too stylish to further ventilate the room. The same will be the effect of using shades of light colors which are known for their property to visually enlarge the space. In the same logic, we will play the card of transparency by choosing, for example, a glass wall for the shower and a large mirror. Finally, if your attic is naturally equipped with beautiful exposed beams, do not try to hide it, they will give a lot of character to the space.

Exposed beams for a rustic touch in this modern and minimalist attic bathroom

example of a bathroom with sloping ceilings with exposed beams, large horizontal mirror, light gray tiling, suspended toilet, plants in white pots, shower with glass wall

Optimal brightness

Light is another important aspect, the bathroom being an important place of action in the house. Finally, this is where we take care of our look in the morning by preparing our toilet. The roof window is of course the most obvious solution for such a type of room and will bring maximum natural light into a space that tends to darken. However, there will undoubtedly be areas of darkness that could be illuminated with functional lighting..

Roof window so that the bathroom can take a bath of light

attic bathroom model with gray tiles, glass wall, white bathtub, pink carpet, roof windows, wooden bathroom cabinet with countertop sinks

Gray and night blue bathroom under the roof 

white bathtub and wc, small bathroom layout with gray bathtub and dark blue accent wall, gray tiled base, white wc

Whitewashed wood roof, white subway tiles and old bathtub to create a white attic bathroom

white bathroom with big big windows with black shutters, white subway tiling on the walls, sloping white paneling, single vintage shower

Brass elements to add interest to an all-white bathroom

bathroom layout under sloping length, gray tiling, white sink with brass fittings, white subway wall tiles

white bathtub in a bathroom under white and gray slope with wooden base painted in gray, vintage mirror, gray carpet on whitewashed parquet floor

exposed beams and several windows in an attic bathroom with a designer bathtub in the center

Shelter the bathtub under the roof to save space in this bathroom dressed in natural materials

bathtub under roof with wood coating, idea of ​​stone countertop basin on wooden bathroom cabinet, stone effect accent wall, rectangular mirror

bathtub with wood cladding for a rustic touch, suspended toilet, gray carpet on gray tiles, zen bathroom, spa atmosphere

Large bathroom in pink and white under the slope for a romantic and feminine atmosphere

pink bathtub in a pink and white bathroom with a glassed-in shower cabin and colored carpet, original under-sloping layout

midnight blue tiles in a white and blue bathroom, white bathtub and toilet, imitation parquet tiles, shower with glass wall

attic bathroom with whitewashed wooden ceiling, whitewashed wooden floor, midnight blue bathtub, white washbasin in rustic bathroom cabinet

Mezzanine bathroom under the slope fitted out in a vintage aesthetic

small mezzanine bathroom with white bathtub on wooden floor, china blue bathroom cabinet, console sink against white tiled wall

stone wall, white bathtub, washbasin on console old bathroom cabinet, vintage mirror, rustic country chic bathroom ideas

idea of ​​sloping shower in gray color in a small bathroom with white toilet, round mirror and glass wall

under-slope bathroom furniture storage for towels, wood and tiled bathroom floor covering, bathtub and shower with black tiling

WC and bathtub under a white slope – this is how to arrange a small bathroom in a sober, minimalist style

bathroom under a simple slope with a white bathtub on a parquet floor, large windows, separate toilet

designer black bathroom with original black and white tiles, pink bathtub and green bathroom plants, shower with glass wall and marble wall, brass accents

bathroom in white subway tiling, white bathtub with bathtub and a green plant hanging macrame pot, bedroom with vintage dressing table

green tiled shower with a glass wall, gray and white tiled floor, light wood vanity unit, white wc

country chic style bathroom ideas with midnight blue bathroom cabinet and antique bathtub on brown parquet, stone wall, white paneling

white bathroom with exposed beams, wenge bathroom furniture, white walls and floor

Combine neutrals and the finesse of marble to create an overly stylish attic bathroom decor

gray and white sloped bathroom with a marble Italian shower, gray storage basket, white walls, sink

mini bathroom 2m2 with built-in bathtub, wooden marble vanity unit, white bathroom tiles

wenge bathroom furniture, dark gray wall tiles, gray marble floor tiles, white washbasin, bathroom plants and mirror with silver frame

traditional white bathroom with oriental rug, small brown wooden table, white bathtub, vintage mirrors, elegant chandelier

under the slope, gray bathtub in a white bathroom, beige carpet, Scandinavian rocking chair, white washbasin cabinet with granite worktop

Multitude of exposed beams to give a rustic character to a designer bathroom 

exposed beams in a wooden and white bathroom with white bathtub, wooden furniture and parquet, countertop washbasin

sloping toilet with blue walls and a black tiled shower, blond wood bathroom storage unit

White countertop washbasin on wooden bathroom cabinet with storage shelves, wooden floor, shower with white tiles

white bathroom with glass shower and bathroom plant, idea how to arrange a sloping shower

gray and white bathroom with gray and white walls, designer bathroom cabinet with white countertop sinks, bathroom ladder to store flower pots

A favorite for this bathroom in white and brass fitted out under a slope !

brass elements in a white bathroom with a designer bathtub in the center, whitewashed parquet, chair on soft carpet

exposed skeleton in a white bathroom with geometric tiling, white bathtub and wooden stool, black metal door and windows

Mini bathroom 2m2 closed with a partition door

mini bathroom 2m2 under the slope, black brick partition door, white walls and light gray tiling, roof window

bathroom with gray base effect paint, bathroom with shower and bathtub, green plants on light wood parquet, white sloping walls

design a small bathroom with brown parquet floor, white chair, light green bathtub, white walls and white wooden base

interesting bathroom layout with a sloping shower and white tiling, washbasin cabinet with wooden legs and eton worktop, woody accents and wall section bathroom wallpaper

A section of wall covered with bricks as an original accent in this all-white bathroom

original attic bathroom with brick wall accent, white washbasin and wc on black and white tiled floor

rustic partition door in a bathroom, antique console sink, vintage mirrors, light gray parquet, glass shower

white bathtub in a white bathroom with light beige tiles, white walls, black framed windows

attic bathroom with brass shower, black tiling and decorative tiling, black bathroom cabinet with white countertop washbasin, white metro tiled walls

bathroom in light gray tiles, white walls, washbasin on floating wooden plank, suspended toilet, modern bathroom

Example of nice storage under the slope – wall niches are an excellent space saving idea

bathroom with white tiling and storage under the slope, shelves in wall niche, single shower

sloping bathtub model with original golden fish wallpaper walls, washbasin in gray bathroom cabinet, white bathtub, brass elements

decoration in gray and white with decorative elements in gray, bathroom with shower and bathtub, suspended toilet, white sinks, Italian shower

4m2 bathroom in white with white tiles on the floor, miniature shower under the slope, designer sink and large skylight

bathroom with white subway tiled shower, industrial pendant lights, light brown wood parquet, recycled bathroom cabinet with marble worktop

Patterned beige accent wall in a white bathroom and marble under the eaves

large dark bathroom, white bathtub on marble floor, glass wall shower, original pendant light, paneled ceiling

gray and white bathroom with white tub and silver accents, orange leafy branches in a vase, small windows with white veil

bathroom with shower and tub with spa room, skylight, light beige tiled floor, succulent bathroom plant

gray concrete effect bathroom paint, white bathtub, pink and red stool, gray tiled floor, elegant chandeliers, bathroom cabinet with glass worktop

bathroom with gray floor and white walls, white toilet and white corner sink, plant on a window sill, gray towel holder

pistachio green bathroom paint with white tiled base, white console sink, white toilet, built-in bathroom cabinet, wall slope

Exposed beams and paneling repainted in blue in a small bathroom, white bathtub, slope repainted in white

Open bathroom and walk-in closet – a space with multiple functions under the roof

bedroom with bathroom and wooden frame, fireplace in the center of a room, white bathtub on gray tiled floor, large walk-in closet under the slope

wooden and white bathroom model with built-in bathtub in wood, blond wood parquet, built-in washbasin in wood, storage under the slope

simple style light gray and white bathroom with bathtub and gray bathroom cabinet with white countertop washbasin

bedroom with bathroom built-in bathtub dark gray walls with wall niche, attic bedroom with exposed framework

bathroom with shower and bathtub with white tiles, light wood floor, dark gray bin room cabinet with marble worktop, horizontal mirror, gray walls

white metro tiles in a retro cic style attic bathroom, white bathtub, macrame hanging flower pot, elegant chandelier

white sloped bathtub in a gray and white bathroom, gray tiled floor, sloped mirror, white walls

wood and gray bathroom with white exposed beams, beige floor tiles, light wood bathroom cabinet, white countertop washbasin, horizontal mirror, corner bathtub

bathroom ideas with blue gray tiles, white bathtub, brown wood bathroom furniture with countertop washbasin

white walls with art picture on white wall, white bathtub on dark gray floor, bathroom mirror, white cabinet with sink, oriental rug

bathroom with dark blue bathtub, white tiled floor, old wooden cabinet with wooden worktop, green plant branch in vase, light gray paneling

black and white bathroom with wenge cabinet, suspended toilet, Italian shower and white walls

bathroom parquet floor bathroom layout next to a bedroom, shower, bathtub and suspended wc, bathroom corner cabinet, mauve decorative elements

black shower and tub in a white bathroom with yellow bathroom cabinet and white walls

mosaic tiling with floral patterns in bathroom with white vanity unit with wooden worktop, white wc, white paneled walls, round mirror, glass-walled shower

charcoal gray accent wall in a bathroom with white tub and floral patterned tiles

small bathroom layout model with yellow tile accent wall and white walls, white tiles on the floor, white bathtub