The designer bathroom of 2021 – a haven of elegance and optimal comfort

The bathrooms are not what they used to be. Today, the wet space takes on a great importance in the modern home by mixing functionality and aesthetics. Each year the best contemporary designers dictate the interior trends that will mark the months to come. And, this year is no different. Are you curious about the top trends of 2018? Let’s discover together the colors, materials and must-have elements to have a designer bathroom ultra modern !

Dark colors invite themselves into the sublime decor of the 2021 designer bathroom

bathroom furniture idea in black and copper, oval design bathtub model in black and gold balls with copper tap, wall paint in dark blue color for the bathroom

1. The flagship colors

The chosen shades play a key role in the transformation of the interior. They largely determine the effect space will have on us upon entry. This is why, to obtain the desired atmosphere, it is necessary not only to follow current color trends but also to know their symbolism and know how to associate them correctly. This year, the shades that are rising on the interior design podium to enhance the bathroom are the darker shades. Black, gray and blue are the tones par excellence.

Luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere with white and black marble wall and floor covering

modern and luxurious bathroom furniture, bathroom equipment with modern suspended toilet bowl and jacuzzi in marble design, white and black marble interior

At first glance, it seems a bit risky to us to opt for a decoration in dark colors (so as not to create a negative atmosphere). However, if one doesn’t go overboard with dark shades, the latter create an elegant, refined and most importantly truly relaxing ambience. The trick? Find the right combinations.

Thus, we combine black with white in order to obtain a stylish contrast. White marble, for example, goes perfectly with decorative accessories in matt black. The result – a luxurious and sophisticated ambience.

You can also opt for a monochrome look with different shades of the same color. Gray and blue (the flagship shades of 2021) go well with the copper finishes which are also very popular..

We focus on contrasts to create a relaxing and balanced atmosphere

modern lighting for the bathroom with gray walls and light wood floor, white bathroom furniture and fittings

2. Open space with a rain shower

Inspired by the design of Italian showers, we are more and more passionate about this open design. If you are looking for a way to completely transform the mood in the wet space, opting for a rain shower head (without doors) would be a superb idea this year. A solution that allows us to save space especially in limited space and which at the same time ensures us complete relaxation and relaxation.

The bathroom is a complete relaxation room where the rain shower models bring a serene note

high-tech fixture and accessories for the bathroom with a rain shower, romantic atmosphere with aromatic candles in the wooden bathroom

3. Metallic finishes

Metal accessories and taps – copper, gold, silver, iron… will also be a real hit. In addition, the metallic finishes work very well with dark colors such as gray, blue and black. So you can play with nuances and materials to create a modern atmosphere. However, we advise you to use elements of the same material to avoid an overly chaotic visual result. Take for example the design below. The concrete-look tile in light gray goes perfectly with the faucet and pendant lamp in gold and matte black. Thus, we look forward to a stylish and up-to-date piece.

Perfect marriage of neutral colors with copper and matte black design accessories

bathroom decor in neutral colors and metallic finishes, wall covering in light gray and brown tiles, decorative accessories in black and copper

4. Industrial style elements

The industrial style is also invited in the modern design of the bathroom. On the other hand, it suffices to adopt a single distinctive element of the raw spirit to give the space a unique air. An excellent alternative is industrial lighting. The following image shows a balanced mix of the raw materials: wood and iron. The pendant lamps with luminous wire and matt black design are a real eye-catcher. If you like the thematic design, you can also opt for an exposed pipe decoration.

Furnish in the attic with natural materials and industrial style elements

attic layout with a bathroom with wooden ceiling and floor, white freestanding bathtub model

5. Plants

As if the wet room is lacking in life? One can easily fill this gap thanks to the craze for vegetation. To bring this note of freshness, you have several variations to consider. Of course, the first option that comes to mind is to add one, two original flowerpots. But, to go even further, we can think of the installation of a green wall which will create a positive feeling in the Zen spirit. Decorating a wall section with water-resistant wallpaper with a floral design is also a suitable alternative.

Green plants refresh the humid space by bringing it more cheerfulness and life

modern bathroom decor with dark blue and white wall paint, white marble design tiles, iron shelf and triangular shape

6. Optimal solutions to save space

Trends aren’t just for spacious rooms. Therefore, we thought of optimal solutions to visually enlarge the limited space. One such idea is the installation of vertical storage or the construction of integrated niches that allow us to arrange our bathroom accessories without wasting space. In addition, this design pairs excellently with the minimalist design (also ultra popular).

Design in tones and clean lines with elegant and modern accessories

stylish bathroom idea in neutral colors, design tile model in brown and beige, bathroom accessories with matte black metallic finishes

7. Freestanding bathtub

As a relaxation room, it’s hardly surprising that the perfect bathroom is one that has room for the freestanding tub. And since we have already promised to emphasize the elegance of dark colors, among the most fascinating models are black bathtubs. A magnificent example is the model in black and copper from Maison Valentina. Incredible, eh?

Freestanding bathtub model with ultra impressive and refined design

Luxurious and elegant bathroom model in dark colors with wall covering in black marble and copper sconces

8. High tech innovations

With technological advancement, it is impossible not to mention the many functional solutions for the wet space. High-tech accessories are full of force in the modern decor of the bathroom. An auto-sensing sink faucet, an infrared flush, a musical mirror, a light-up tub, a hand dryer and many other smart devices that make our lives easier.

High-tech devices completely modernize the interior with these functions of automatic detection, musical effects or light

bathroom decor idea with smart and automatic devices, rain shower model with blue neon lighting

A high-tech designer bathroom fitted from ceiling to floor with smart accessories

which bathroom color to choose for a high tech and modern atmosphere, smart devices with remote control and infrared

Nice combination between white accessories and purple wall paint that creates a romantic atmosphere

white bathroom transformation with decoration in trendy purple color 2018, pendant light model in gold and silver metallic design

The original tile variants are countless

gray and white tile pattern for a modern bathroom decor with copper finishes and black and white marble furniture

A good example of how to mix styles in a harmonic and natural way

country and modern spirit with white brick imitation tiled wall covering and copper bathtub, double white bathroom sink

Elegance and luxury with marble and copper patterns

modern bathroom layout with taupe wall paint and partial white and black marble cladding, bathtub and white and gold light fixture

Monochrome look in shades of beige

concrete imitation bathroom wall covering, model of wall sconces in metal and crystals, functional and modern furniture for the bathroom

Lighting also plays an important role in interior design

Vanity unit in dark blue color without handles, mirror model with smart lighting, vertical and modern white storage

Creative and innovative design with a design inspired by nature

decorative bathroom column in gray rock imitation, bathroom decoration in natural gray and beige colors

Industrial style with glass and wood furniture and an eternal white and black duo decor

industrial style wood and glass bathroom decoration with white and black exposed pipes, glass and black dividing wall

Gold is the perfect ally of white

modern bathroom with traditional features with white and gold brick effect tile wall covering, freestanding white bathtub on gray floor

bathroom decor in beige and white shades, beige tile wall covering, oval mirror model and copper bathroom accessories

Elegant contrast in white and charcoal gray with a hint of green freshness

modern bathroom ideas with gray walls with white marble design walls and matte black round mirror, white and gray interior design template

bathroom cabinet in white and black with white marble design tiles and black geometric patterns, gold bathtub curtains

Pink marble and matte black accessories for a flagship decoration of 2021

monochrome decoration in pink marble shade with modern furniture and accessories in matte black metallic finishes

wooden bathroom cabinet with dividing wall and wooden chair covered with white faux fur cover, oval mirror with silver metallic design

Pastel shades are a real trend

how to integrate pastel colors in the modern bathroom with round wood mirror and cabinets in pink black and blue

dark wood bathroom cabinet with metal handles, modern large mirror model on dark wood wall

luxury bathroom decor with white marble design tiled wall covering and light wood wall section

The long curtains of natural color create a warmer atmosphere and welcoming

modern bathroom with white floor tiles with brown round geometric patterns and light wood ceiling with black chandelier

stylish bathroom ideas with white marble design walls and matte black wall panel with white floor and ceiling

Ultra original design with imitation leaf mirror model

idea for a zen and luxury bathroom with wall covering in imitation brick tiles and leaf-shaped mirror

led lighting and glass shower cubicle, bathroom decor ideas beige walls and white ceiling with light wood floor

Designer bathroom in different shades of blue

what color bathroom 2018, wall paint in dark blue and bathroom tiles in light blue tone

white bathroom with geometric design tiles with a wall niche in led lighting, black marble design floor tiles

original urban and industrial style vanity unit in white and matt black, removable partition in light wood

Minimalist spirit with free space and large bathtub model

modern bathroom layout with white marble tiled walls and charcoal gray tiled floor

the dark blue color in the trendy design bathroom decor of 2018, modern sink model with neon lighting

Zen decor with a splendid view of green nature

water resistant wallpaper bathroom wall covering in white and black design with floor tiles in anthracite gray

bathroom decor in dark colors with black wall tiles and wall covering in dark wood, pendant lamps in copper design

White and wood – a harmonic mix for a simple and aesthetic decoration

example of a modern bathroom in white and wood with furniture without handles in a minimalist spirit, bathroom cabinet in light wood

wall paint in dark blue shade with partial covering in wood painted in light blue, decoration with copper furniture and accessories

Dark elements bring character to the light room

water resistant wallpaper wall covering in beige and powder pink floral design, vanity unit in matt black and charcoal gray

decoration in dark colors with white bathroom furniture and wood, small bathroom under the eaves

Relaxing designer bathroom in natural materials and colors

Zen bathroom atmosphere with tree-patterned ceiling decoration, wall with wooden columns and matte black fireplace

bathroom layout in neutral colors with wall covering in light wood imitation and beige colored furniture

bathroom decor with brown walls with modern white and black furniture, copper metallic finish bathroom accessories

Rustic style with solid wood and stones softened by the white decor

rustic style white and wood bathroom decor with stone wall covering and decorative solid wood columns

bathroom sink model in white with gray vanity units and copper tap, open bathroom layout with wall

Aquatic atmosphere on the ceiling with marine design

aquatic design bathroom model with navy blue and white ceiling and wall, white and gray marble design tiled floor

white bathroom decoration with modern light wood furniture, vertical wood and glass storage

white and dark blue tiles in a modern bathroom with led lighting and white furniture, white tub and navy blue tiles

Compact decoration with vertical storage

small bathroom cabinet with limited space with red brick walls with metallic design and matte black furniture

beige bathroom decoration with wall covering and light wood floor, white suspended ceiling model with yellow led lighting

Raw spirit with concrete walls and rain shower

trendy modern bathroom with concrete design walls and white ceiling, rain shower model with gray walls

spacious bathroom layout with large window, white bathtub embedded in the light wood floor

Vertical wood storage ideal for limited space

vertical light wood bathroom storage cabinet, small bathroom decor with compact white and wood cabinets

model of shower cubicle with glass wall and gray tiling, decoration of small bathroom in gray with white cabinet

Exotic spirit with water resistant wallpaper and pastel green shade wall paint

water-resistant wallpaper model for a Zen bathroom decor, bathtub embedded in the floor with white and gray marble design

exotic decor with water-resistant wallpaper in green and blue design, green and white bathtub model with copper tap

elegance and style in the interior in beige colors, stone bathroom and beige tiles with matte black finishes

Neutral and pastel shades with matte finish accessories

light wood bathroom cabinet, decor with matte black and white accessories, bathroom decor in neutral colors

elegance and comfort in a bathroom in dark colors with glass shower cubicle, dark wood vanity unit

luxury tiling pattern in beige and black marble design, freestanding bathtub in white and black in a bathroom fitted in length

Tropical and super relaxing atmosphere with green plants

Zen atmosphere in the bathroom with green plants, vertical storage of white painted wood, white freestanding bathtub model

bohemian chic decor with dark blue geometric design tiles and green plants, white brick imitation tiles

bathroom cabinet fitted in white and wood with a pastel blue wall paint and large window

Classic and luxurious design marble bathroom

luxurious and sophisticated design in a bathroom with gray white marble design walls with free-standing bathtub and led lighting on the floor

decor in matte black and copper with taupe wall paint, modern toilet arrangement with accessories in matte black finishes

Red wall for a strong accent in the toilet area

original wall pattern in red tiles, modern bathroom in beige and red with glass wall and white furniture

how to arrange a small bathroom with a compact bathtub with a copper tap, decor in white and beige

The traditional white and black duo in a modern decor

stylish bathroom decor in matte white and black, matte black wall tile pattern, black and white under sink cabinet

small bathroom layout with toilet, vertical storage model and matte black wall paint

Ultra violet shades are featured in the 2021 designer bathroom to give it a more sensual and romantic note

decoration in ultra violet and beige tiles for a modern bathroom with white furniture, round ceiling window

bohemian chic and Scandinavian style decor with white and black tiles in geometric design and matt white and black bathtub

small bathroom with compact bathtub and washbasin in wrought iron and white marble design, white and matt black wall light model

The niches and storage inlaid in the walls are a solution that is both aesthetic and functional

interior decoration in white and wood with white wood floor and original ceiling model with led lighting

beige tiled bathroom model with pastel-colored design sink corner and oval mirror, white freestanding bathtub

Marine decor bathroom with blue wall paint

small bathroom decor with bathtub and curtains, what color for a bathroom in white and navy blue

bathroom wall covering in beige tiles and white ceiling with glass shower cubicle, bathroom cabinet model in white painted wood

Accents in matte black add character to the white and gray room

bathroom model in white and black with wall tiles and gray and white marble design floor, vanity units in white and matte black

decoration in dark colors in a bathroom open to the bedroom, decoration in white and charcoal gray for a luxurious and modern interior

modern bathroom design with accessories and smart devices with neon lighting, anthracite gray tiles in brick design

Natural materials and dark colors for a relaxing atmosphere

rustic and modern decor in a bathroom with gray wood floor and stone wall and white paint

bathroom decor in the industrial loft spirit with red brick wall cladding and large matt black frame window

Dark hued room with romantic lighting

how to decorate a windowless bathroom for a relaxing vibe, gray stone wall and dark solid wood furniture

monochrome look in pastel pink in a small bathroom with modern design furniture and neon lighting

Blue is one of the key colors in the bathroom decor of 2021

dark wood vanity units, wall tiles in dark blue color with dark brown wood furniture

dark bathroom decor with oversized window and luxurious designer matt black and gold furniture

Practical and stylish bathroom for two

relaxing room furnished in natural colors with imitation light wood cladding and white ceiling with led lighting

stylish decoration in white and matt anthracite gray with partial wall covering in light wood, white and wood vanity unit

bathroom cabinet under slopes with black walls and ceiling with light wood flooring and ethnic patterned carpet

To counterbalance the black walls, we opt for white furniture

modern bathroom color with charcoal gray walls, white freestanding bathtub decorated with aromatic candles

dark bathroom decor without window for a relaxing atmosphere, matte black accessories on light wood shelf

modern bathroom design plan with large window and stone wall, brown wood vanity units

white bathroom with white marble design tiling and glass and matte black shower enclosure

Dark shades for a serene and more intimate atmosphere

bathroom decor ideas in white and charcoal gray with imitation light wood flooring and glass shower cubicle

matte black bathroom model with large windows and mirrors, brown wood freestanding bathtub model

Luxurious decor in the bathroom with white marble coating and yellow neon lighting, golden freestanding bathtub model

Glass partition with black frame in the white bathroom with matte black vanity unit trend flagship

white bathroom decor with white brick imitation tiled walls with white and matte black vanity units

spacious bathroom layout with white walls and beige floor with matte white furniture without handles

Wall with geometric design in gray and white relief in the design bathroom

minimalist white and wood bathroom layout, gray and white geometric design wall covering pattern

bathroom decoration in neutral colors with beige and white geometric design tiles, gray wood vanity unit

Natural light and visual enlargement of the space with light beige tiling

what colors to choose for a modern bathroom decor, beige tiles to combine with light wood furniture

dark wood bathroom cabinet, beige tile wall covering with brown wooden panel, green plants for a relaxing atmosphere