Bathroom tiles

The best solutions for an aesthetic and functional bathroom splashback

We already know the decorative power of the kitchen splashback. This element, both functional and aesthetic, which protects the walls against splashing water and dirt can also be found in the bathroom to give it a certain visual interest. Available in a wide variety of materials, the bathroom splashback easily matches any decor style. In tiles, glass or mosaic, it brings a real decorative touch. Discover our best solutions for transforming the space around the sink, bathtub or shower.

As a general rule, the height of the credenza should be at least 10 cm for it to perform its protective function. And yet its pose is not at all compulsory. The splashback is very often chosen for its purely aesthetic interest, which makes it spread over a larger area or even cover the entire wall. The choice of configuration therefore depends on the desired aesthetic effect.

Herringbone bathroom splashback with clean lines

natural and soothing atmosphere in a Scandinavian bathroom, bathroom splashback in pale mint green chevron tiles topped with a trendy round mirror

Configuration types

Most often the splashback is in the form of one or more rows of tiles at the level of the basin or washbasin. But it’s not uncommon to see the credenza spanning the entire wall as well. Easier to maintain than paint, integral wallcovering has the advantage of playing the role of a real accent wall. In addition, this type of configuration has the power to visually enlarge the space. For a splashback that blends in with its surroundings, go for a washstand with an integrated splashback or simply made from the same material. In laminated wood, solid surface, quartz or natural stone, the splashback or backsplash matches the vanity top for a harmonious effect.

An elegant bathroom with horizontal subway tiled splashback

bathroom splashback with a row of subway tiles laid horizontally, elegant matt black bathroom cabinet with marble vanity top

What material for my bathroom splashback ?

  • Natural stone bathroom splashback. Natural stone, and more particularly travertine, brings a note of warmth to the bathroom. Installed as a splashback, this noble material guarantees you an atmosphere that is both authentic and elegant. However, natural stone is expensive to buy and difficult to maintain. For those who want the aesthetics of stone in their bathroom but at a lower price, imitation stone tiles are a great alternative.
  • Mosaic credenza. The small fragments, called tesserae that make up the mosaic come in a multitude of materials. Ceramic, molten glass, stone … They play on finishes and colors to bring a touch of originality to the bathroom. Thus, a mosaic of small hexagonal tiles will add a nice modern graphic touch..
  • The glass splashback. Economical and easy to clean. Its shiny appearance brings a resolutely contemporary touch to the bathroom. It is most often a decorative wall panel that is placed on the walls around the bathtub, in the shower.
  • The tiled splashback is an unbeatable classic thanks to its wide range of colors and styles. This is the type of splashback that allows the greatest freedom in decorative styles.
  • Finally, for those who want to revamp the bathroom splashback without doing major work, there are economical and easy-to-install alternatives. Adhesive tiles with chevron or mosaic patterns, imitation cement tiles stickers, all of them give a new lease of life to the damp room.

Natural stone wall covering for an atmosphere that is both authentic and elegant

natural stone bathroom wall tiles for an atmosphere that is both authentic and elegant

Pink tiles bring a retro touch to the bathroom

pink mosaic wall tile that dresses the wall halfway up, suspended double washbasin cabinet with rounded lines with marble washbasin top

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The little detail that makes a big difference – adhesive hexagonal mosaic splashback

Self-adhesive backsplash imitation hexagonal mosaic with black joints highlighted by the solid wood vanity top and black tap

Combination of white and wood for a bright Scandinavian bathroom

Scandinavian bathroom layout, shiny white bathroom tiles that illuminate the wet room

Bathtub splashback with a nice unfinished look

wall tile on the wall behind the bathtub with an unfinished look, wall hung vanity unit with countertop brass washbasin

A white zellige splashback that seems to blend into the decor

Moroccan-inspired bathroom tiled splashback that blends into the decor of the bathroom with white brick walls

Room wall covering with two types of juxtaposed tiles

bathroom wall covering composed of two types of juxtaposed tiles, backsplash in enamelled metro tiles

Marble vanity top that extends onto the wall

elegant and contemporary bathroom fitted with a wood-finished vanity unit with marble vanity top and splashback in the same material

Bring a touch of freshness to the bathroom by opting for a sea green mosaic splashback 

mosaic wall tile of small sea green tiles placed in backsplash in contrast with the

Charcoal gray adhesive wall tile that rises to the ceiling

adhesive anthracite gray splashback that covers the entire wall behind the ceramic countertop washbasin

Vintage bathroom with mosaic splashback 

layout of a vintage bathroom equipped with a large wall-mounted wood-finish vanity unit, mosaic splashback in shades of green

Japanese wave pattern wall tiles

trendy bathroom wall covering with turquoise blue Japanese wave patterns, in contrast with the wooden furniture

Cement tile imitation backsplash with monochrome patchwork pattern 

imitation cement tile backsplash with monochrome patchwork patterns that adorn part of the wall behind the vanity top

vintage bathroom furnishings in black and white, splashback imitation graphic cement tiles that covers the entire wall and takes up the patterns of the floor covering

Patchwork-effect cement tiles in natural tones that fits perfectly into the soothing atmosphere of the bathroom

imitation bathroom wall panel patchwork effect cement tiles in natural tones that extends over a large part of the wall covered with white subway tiles, bathroom with natural wood accents

Trendy wallcovering in wallpaper and mosaic tiles 

a wall-hung vanity unit with a red finish in contrast with the wallpaper covering and white and white mosaic wall tiles

Matte black hexagonal mosaic

a hexagonal mosaic imitation adhesive splashback with a matte black finish that brings a touch of elegance to the white bathroom

Mosaic tiles are one of the big trends in the bathroom in 2018

idea of ​​trendy bathroom wall covering in gray mosaic tiles placed behind the washbasin

Pink and wood

pink tile floor and wall covering for a vintage-looking bathroom, vanity unit in natural wood finish associated with a functional mirror shelf

Scandinavian style high splashback in cement tiles with graphic patterns 

bathroom splashback in wall tiles with graphic stylized flower patterns in nice contrast with the subway tile covering

Bring light and color into the bathroom with a glass splashback

a modern bathroom in blue and white with a graphic section of wall and a blue glass splashback that brings color and light into the room

Hexagonal mosaic imitation adhesive tile

trendy splashback in hexagonal mosaic tile in the same tone as the front of the vanity unit

Hexagonal mini-terracotta tiles successfully dress the splashback of a sleek bathroom

a hexagonal mosaic imitation adhesive splashback for a graphic touch in the all-white bathroom

Hexagonal mosaic wall tile in shades of brown that matches the marble vanity top

Cement tile backsplash in contrast with the raw appearance of the concrete washbasin

a vintagz graphic splashback in tiled bathroom tiles with cement tiles patterns

the cement tiles with large blue patterns dress the wall behind the basin and play the role of an original high splashback

A green splashback that breaks the monotony of white and black

an original bathroom splashback composed of two rows of green tiles laid horizontally, a bathroom where three wall coverings are mixed

turquoise blue bathroom tiles enhanced by a black frame mirror which gives character to the space dominated by white

white metro tiled bathroom splashback for an urban chic atmosphere

Stone effect wall panel

an imitation stone mosaic bathroom wall panel placed behind the washbasin behind the washbasin which gives all the interest to this modern bathroom equipped with independent bathtub

Mosaic splashback that rises to the ceiling

a mosaic splashback in shades of gray and green that rises to the ceiling

splashback in gray metro tiles with a glossy finish that nicely frames the sink, enhanced by a black frame mirror

vintage graphic patterned cement tile base with black border that plays the role of a bathtub splashback

Black zellige tiles for a trendy wall covering

an accent wall in black zellige tiles matched with the black vanity top for an elegant and authentic atmosphere

the chevron pattern of the glazed wall tiles in navy blue creates a nice graphic accent in the bathroom

Subway tile with a matte black finish that is both aesthetic and functional

bathroom splashback in black subway tiling with a matte finish that rises to the ceiling enhanced by the gold wall faucet and the glass ball sconce

floor and wall covering in imitation stone tiles combined with a splashback of three rows of small tiles in beige tone

bathroom wall tiles in light gray earthenware and cement tiles with patchwork patterns

Japanese Wave Pattern Ceramic Tiles 

blue tile bathroom wall covering with stylized wave patterns placed in the base

Strip of cement tiles to delimit the washbasin

a strip of cement tiles with gray patterns which delimits the basin and plays the role of original splashback

imitation cement tile splashback installed behind a round countertop washbasin with porcelain patterns

Vintage-look reclaimed vanity unit with white ceramic countertop washbasin and self-adhesive backsplash imitation hexagonal mosaic

imitation cement tile splashback with graphic patterns bordered by a small black shelf paneling panels to renovate the bathroom

Marble light backsplash that fits perfectly into the cozy atmosphere 

luminous marble splashback that illuminates the brown bathroom saddle and adds a touch of elegance

marble-look bathroom wall covering, matt black floating vanity top with double cement sink

Wooden splashback of the same material as the furniture

wooden bathroom splashback made from the same material as the vanity unit

a modern bathroom in gray with subtle patterned cement tile bathroom in teal blue that defines the space behind the sink

adhesive backsplash imitation cement tiles with graphic patterns, covering panels to renovate your bathroom

Self-adhesive silver-finish mini-terracotta splashback

a self-adhesive hexagonal mosaic imitation backsplash with a silver finish placed behind a wooden vanity unit

Subway tiled base which acts as a splashback

a metro wall tile with marble effect border placed in the base and in the bathroom splashback

white metro wall tiles that dress the shower and the walls around the sink, vintage vanity unit with wood finish

Herringbone pattern ceramic bathroom splashback 

elegant splashback enhanced by the wall tap and the golden shelf, placed above a navy blue vanity unit

anthracite gray marble wall tile with contrasting veins that dresses the walls around the stone basin

adhesive backsplash with a silver finish Japanese wave motif placed behind a white ceramic countertop washbasin

enamelled wall tiles in gray green which dress the walls around the bathtub while delimiting the shower space

tiled bath splashback in anthracite gray bathroom in contrast with the individual bathtub

Rustic vanity unit with integrated splashback

washbasin placed on a metal jamb with integrated splashback, black and white cement tile flooring

gray and black hexagonal mosaic flooring, marble vanity top with splashback

a bathroom fitted out in length with a floor covering in cement tiles and a light gray mosaic splashback