Choose a cabin bed for a child to create a room in the Montessori spirit

Central location of all nursery, the sleeping area must be taken care of down to the last detail. Because apart from sleeping comfort, it must still contribute to the awakening of the child. In order to create a beautiful bedroom that reconciles well-being and imagination, the cabin bed is a solution that is not only ideal but also very trendy. Find out how to set up a sleeping area that is as sleepy as it is fulfilling, thanks to one of the Montessori amenities most in demand in the bedroom. To your attention, the cabin bed for children in all its splendor !

What is a cabin bed ?

You don’t need a very detailed and explicit description to present it to you. a cabin bed, as the name suggests, is simply a bed whose shape is inspired by those charming little cottages, nestled in the trees. So, apart from the essential box spring and mattress, there is a structure that rises in height to form a kind of framework. Most often made of wood, this type of bedding is not only ecological but also very sober and discreet. It comes in a variety of models, designed for any type of space and taste. From the traditional cabin bed, to the mezzanine bed and the bunk models, to finish with the tipi. The cabin beds from Ma Chambreamoi are, moreover, among our favorites due to their robustness, creative design, ecological character but above all, because of the irreproachable quality..

However, what really distinguishes the bed in question from its cousin with bars is above all its open, accessible and extraordinary character. Child of pedagogy Montessori, the cabin bed is also designed to promote the child’s progress and development on all levels.

The cabin bed in Montessori pedagogy ?

Advocating independent learning and respect for the child, the method Montessori puts the childish environment on a pedestal. This should incite curiosity and imagination in the toddler. For this reason in particular, the furniture in the Montessori room must be at its height. That is to say, the little one should not be banned from accessing his environment. He must have all his freedom to discover the world at his ease. the cabin bed responds perfectly to this logic of development at its own pace. Deprived of bars and other barriers, the bed has a 5-star view of the children’s room. Access to the floor is always easy, so that the child can get out to explore his room. The idea behind it is that he can move around and learn by feeling objects. This would have a beneficial effect on his cognitive and sensory capacities and the development of fine motor skills..

Bed and furniture at child’s height for a successful Montessori bedroom

original white cabin bed model with integrated drawers garland of luminous balls white bed linen

Cabin bed but from what age ?

But could we accommodate his baby in such a bed and in general is there a recommended age to be observed. In fact, it all depends on the correlation age – size / height of the bed. For a little baby, a low bed would be the best option from a safety standpoint. If you fear falls, however, consider using removable bars. Then, the more your child grows and gains in autonomy, the more the height of the bed would also increase. To save yourself the hassle of changing your bed every two or three years, choose a convertible cabin bed. Thus, the standard 70 × 140 cm baby bed could quickly become a child bed 90 × 190 cm at an older age (6 years). Note that meeting these standards is super important to make it easier to find a mattress later on. In short, do not fear the cabin bed because it can adapt to any age.

A bed for adults and children alike

simple montessori bed with soft cushions white carpet wood roof example scandinavian lily children's room

What cabin bed for girls and boys ?

When it comes to choosing a cabin bed for girls and boys, avoid the mistake of limiting yourself to powder pink for the ladies and pastel blue for the men. There are plenty of great solutions that play on creative design to spark kids’ imaginations. So your little princess would be delighted to be able to sleep in Cinderella’s carriage bed. For a boy, there are equally creative and fascinating box springs in the shape of a car, wagon, etc..

If you have more than one child, the cabin bed could take on the character of a true tree house on two levels to accommodate bunk beds. This would allow you to kill two birds with one stone because apart from the sleeping role, the bed would have a very playful character. Children would have fun climbing the structure and have an intimate space that would become a favorite place for games of hide and seek. Even better if you opt for a bed with a slide. You will have a real indoor playground. The children would then have the opportunity to have a good time even in the height of the winter season.

Otherwise, to get out of the traditional boy / girl scheme, mixed cabin beds are an elegant and not very restrictive solution. So, rather thanfit out a bedroom all pink or all blue, you can register the decoration in a specific theme that appeals to the little one. Magical forest, starry night, jungle, mountain, Disney, cosmos – let your imagination work !

Girl’s cabin bed layout idea

how to arrange a girl's room in pink and gray with a cabin bed decorated with ball garland triangular shelf

How to decorate a cabin bed ?

Side decoration finally, you are spoiled for choice. If at a young age, we would prefer something more sober and less aggressive, a bigger child would love a cabin decorated according to his tastes and interests. The decoration of the sleeping area plays a key role in the awakening of the child. His imagination would be called upon by the surrounding colors, shapes and patterns. As the bed is often placed along a wall, it is therefore advisable to captivate the childish gaze with tapestry, children’s stickers, photos, drawings and other playful decorations.

Take advantage of the “roof” of the child bed to hang some decorations on it that would help the child sleep and keep him occupied when he wakes up. Ball, pennants or light garlands, a bed canopy or sheer curtain, crepe paper flowers, dreamcatcher and the list goes on. For optimal comfort, store a few soft cushions and the little one’s favorite toy would be essential. Finally, plan a small, fairly soft carpet when you get out of bed, always for the sake of safety..

Canopy, mobile and original cushions for a top child cabin bed decoration

montessori cabin bed decoration with baby mobile canopy and soft cushions