The 5 golden rules for choosing the right bedding – zoom in on the mattress!

One-third of our life, or 26 years – that’s the average amount of time a man spends sleeping. And it’s not just this striking statistic that makes sleep so important. In reality, the latter plays a beneficial repair role for the human body. But still, it is recognized for its ability to improve concentration and memory, reduce stress, regulate metabolism, strengthen the immune system, reduce the risk of heart problems and road accidents … So many good reasons to start. pay more attention to the environment and sleep hygiene. Today we give you all the tips to choose the right bedding and more particularly your mattress – the first ally of quality sleep.

How to choose your mattress – to each his own mattress ?

Before rushing into the store, however, we advise you to start from a study of your needs and preferences in order to avoid any missteps. The number of users, and hence the size of the box spring, would of course be an essential first consideration to take into account. But still, there is what is called mattress density – a criterion that is largely dependent on the morphology of your body. This defines the more or less firm character of the mattress. Usually, what specialists advise is to strike the right balance between firm and soft to ensure optimal comfort and proper alignment of the spine. Finally, back pain is quite often the result of an improperly chosen bed base !

Choosing the right bedding – take into account the body’s morphology !

how to choose your mattress, importance of choosing the right mattress density

Choose your mattress according to the size ?

Regarding the size of the mattress, the latter will vary depending on the size of the box spring. That is to say, the dimensions of the mattress will obviously not be the same for a single bed and a double bed, an adult, teenager and child bed. Besides, the size of the user and the particularities of the design of the bed are all the more reason to take the necessary measures in order to find a suitable solution. As for the thickness of the mattress, on the other hand, this is directly related to the filling. That is, the larger this one, the thicker your mattress would be. Not always though! The nature of spring mattresses being generally more dense, you will have to choose a mattress with a greater thickness (from 23 cm). On the other hand, a thickness of 18 cm would be quite sufficient for a latex or foam mattress..

The importance of choosing a mattress with the right dimensions

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What technology / suspension ?

  • Spring mattresses – one of the most popular and popular solutions in the mattress market, thanks to its better ventilation but still its firmness and durability; Another great asset is the greater sleeping independence which guarantees you a fair sleep regardless of your partner’s movements;
  • Foam mattress – its main advantage is the affordability which has long been a reason to consider foam as a low end solution; the diversification of the offer has, however, resulted in the creation of superior quality foams; among them, shape memory foams which better match the shapes of the human body;
  • Latex mattress – very elastic, latex is particularly prized for the comfort it guarantees and for its better ventilation; however, if you are looking for a sustainable solution in terms of environmental impact, prefer a natural latex instead.

Various suspension solutions according to the budget and the particular needs of each one

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The role of upholstery in all of this ?

The filling is a criterion which is linked to the peculiarities of the reception, that is to say to the sensation caused by the first contact of the body with the surface of the mattress. Similar to density, again it could be a rather soft or rather tonic welcome, depending on the material chosen and the number of layers constituting the filling. In general, a thick filling is considered to guarantee a comfortable reception. And yet, we must not forget that the material is another essential element of comfort. Natural materials are not only pleasant to the touch but have even better thermoregulatory properties, which makes them a better solution compared to synthetic materials. However, be sure to choose a welcome that is neither too harsh nor too enveloping.

The upholstery as an element carrying the cocooning feeling

which filling to choose for your mattress, idea which mattress to choose according to the reception

The unwavering link between mattress and box spring ?

Finally, who says mattress, says box spring! Because changing your mattress alone is never enough to guarantee optimal comfort. Furthermore, installing a new mattress on an old box spring will certainly decrease the life of your mattress. Let’s not forget that finding the right mattress for your box spring can sometimes be quite a difficult task. So change everything, because like the body that needs a soft welcome, the mattress itself also requires a suitable and solid support in order to minimize the effect of pressure exerted by the human body. So do not hesitate to buy a complete pack – box spring + mattress which will spare you any possible headache afterwards.

New mattress + new box spring = optimal comfort !

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