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Warm up the interior with a decorative faux fireplace – over 80 wonderful suggestions

If you like the warmth of a wood-burning fireplace but cannot afford a real log fire in your home, perhaps the decorative faux fireplace is your solution to creating a romantic and welcoming atmosphere. Remember that it has almost the same decorative qualities as a real fireplace and can create a wonderful atmosphere even if it does not perform the same practical functions. In addition, the decoration you put on your faux fireplace is easily changeable and you can use the fireplace as a display that changes, and of course as a place for seasonal decoration. You can make your own fake fireplace or buy one, including an electric fireplace that reproduces flames by drawing energy from electricity. If you’ve ever seen an electric fireplace, you know how realistic they are.

A decorative faux fireplace in gray and green decorated with touches of yellow

light gray wall fireplace, green bricks, small round mirror, vases with flowers, decorative baskets

Several decorative objects can be placed on or in your decorative fireplace and draw attention to one of your walls. The false fireplace can also perform practical functions, such as becoming a place for storing books or accessories or sheltering your flower pots. It is even possible to install a TV in the fireplace or on it. And here are some original ideas for decorating your decorative faux fireplace.

  • Use books and vintage objects such as old candle holders and utensils, antiques, vintage suitcases and art objects that evoke the spirit of a bygone era
  • Display your children’s drawings or family photos to have an intimate corner full of your memories in one of your rooms
  • Arrange a small garden with fake plants or real flowerpots
  • Make a garland of cones painted in golden or silver color, or if you want, paint them in different hues and fill a few large jars with them

The decorative false fireplace in its white variant

pretty decorative fireplace, wreath of pink flowers and green leaves, lighted candles, flower pots

  • Decorate the mantle with pumpkins and dry leaves during the fall
  • You can take one or a few of these lamps which imitate the dance of the flames and install them at the bottom of the mantle to create the illusion of a real fire.
  • Arrange logs and tree trunks within the mantle. They will bring a touch of rusticity and warmth to your space. Spray paints will help you personalize the decor even more. Turn logs into real works of art with sparkling or bright colors
  • Put a mirror at the back or on the mantle which will capture the light and make the decor even more magical

Decorative faux fireplace with electric flames

fake flames electric fireplace, landscape painting frame, two decorative vases

How to style your fireplace in unison with the different seasons and how to make an easy faux fireplace?

As Christmas approaches, the design of your fake decorative fireplace involves the use of all the known arsenal associated with winter festivals – snowflakes, pine twigs, characters and scenes from the Bible, deer, Santa Claus and Snow White, socks with gifts, festive candles, fairy lights etc. But who said you can’t create a springtime or seaside-style decoration with sea anchors, ropes and shells and themed lanterns! You are free to create your romantic corner with the theme you want. And even if you don’t have a faux fireplace, there’s nothing stopping you from creating one with simple materials like a console table or a decently shaped shelf. Placed in the exact place and decorated, these elements can easily play the role of a fireplace mantel. Paint the console, shelf or TV cabinet in your chosen color, create a patina or an aged effect and rejoice in what you have made. If you like to get into creative projects, try making a fake fireplace from cardboard, plasterboard, styrofoam, plywood. See also how to make a fake cardboard fireplace.

Seaside style lanterns and white painted fireplace

decorative white painted lanterns, wooden table with vintage books, white wood wall paneling, round wall decoration

There is also the possibility of offering you an electric fireplace which is easier to maintain, eco-friendly and has different designs and there is something for everyone – rustic, modern, traditional. Such a fireplace can be integrated or hung on the wall. It can also be integrated into a piece of furniture. What you need to know is that the electric fireplace costs a lot more than any other decorative fake fireplace and despite the pretty spectacle it offers, its flames do not heat up. However, an electric fireplace is to be preferred to the traditional gas fireplace in terms of maintenance. It is true that the running costs of the electric fireplace can make us hesitate, but by comparing the monthly expenses and directories, we quickly see that the gas fireplace will cost us more. The installation and maintenance of a wood or gas fireplace requires ventilation, regular cleaning and these chimneys emit harmful gases. Their installation is not allowed everywhere, while the electric fireplace is an ideal solution for those looking only for the decorative side.

Traditional style fireplace with electric fire to create a cozy and warm corner

large antique design candle holder, white wall fireplace, orange wall, decorative faux fireplace

To create an original atmosphere, assemble different objects and make compositions with them

decorative fireplace, old candlesticks, logs, black lanterns, old decorative frame

The contrast between white and black, especially when the shapes combine well, always creates an aesthetic effect

white fireplace, old black candlesticks, decorative mirror, picture frames

A decoration creating the allusion of an abandoned castle

fireplace decoration for the summer, rustic candlestick, candle holders and lanterns, an original wall decoration

Gray and silver gray paired with these pretty white candles make a wonderful wall decoration

decorative false fireplace, gray fireplace mantel, several candlesticks, silver painted cones

The decorative fireplace can become an attractive corner with a small fairyland created with candles and lanterns

oriental lantern hanging above a white wall fireplace decorated with white candles

An electric fireplace integrated naturally into the contemporary interior

wall decoration false electric fireplace, white living room, large bay window, white corner sofa

white flowers in rustic baskets, white candles, rocking chair by the fireplace

round coffee table in a gray living room, modern wall fireplace, white ceiling light, wooden beams

white coffee table, white fireplace, large black lanterns, white wall clock, flower and candle decoration

The effect of flames in a contemporary interior

fake electric fireplace, modern house interior, large black framed windows

living room in gray and white, painted frames, refined sofas, long wooden table, cream-colored carpet, fake fireplace

faux flames fireplace, light gray stools, painting above the fireplace

white flowerpot, white wall fireplace, metallic statuette, monochrome photography

decorative white fireplace, armchair with golden frame, black decorative cages

Beautiful imitation of real fire that contrasts with the white coat

fake electric fireplace, white wall fireplace, contemporary living room

Scandinavian decor, plank flooring, white paint, wall fireplace decor, decorative logs

living room decoration electric fireplace, fake electric fireplace, cage lamp, blue landscape

fireplace decoration in Scandinavian style, authentic basket with green decoration

the spectacle created by an electric wall fireplace, false flame fireplace

The dance of electric flames becomes the focal point of a living room

living room in gray and yellow, coffee table in wood and iron, cream carpet, electric wall fireplace

ergonomic armchair, faux fur plaid, electric fireplace with flame effect

gray living room, gray armchair bassen table, large stool, anthracite gray fireplace mantel, metallic wall sconce model

wall-mounted electric fireplace, woven stool, wooden floor, white sofa, contemporary living room

decoration with false fireplace, decorative birch logs, sconces

Luminous pentacle, garland of small lights, candles and logs – special decoration that immerses us in the softness of the interior

papazan chair, decorative fireplace, luminous star, wooden photo frames, decorative logs

decorative logs with led lamps candles, fake fireplace decoration

white fireplace, candlesticks by the fireplace, green paint, upholstered chair, bed

bedroom, white fireplace, red chair, gray walls, black dresser, brick fireplace mantel

Paint the wall with the whitest paint you have and add some bright colors

electric fireplace white mantle, Christmas socks, white fireplace mantel

wall fireplace decoration, blue bottles, various decorative objects, blue carpet

white decorative fireplace, decorative logs, laurel wreaths, lantern

decorative fireplace in traditional style, Christmas decoration with greenery, two wooden consoles

Whether a fireplace works or not, it always keeps its aesthetic appearance

white wall fireplace, lacquered wood shelf on the white fireplace mantel

fireplace with white candles, black tiles, cones and lighted candles

traditional decoration with white wall fireplace, electric fireplace with flame effects

wood shelf above the fireplace, white birch logs, geographical map

Play the symmetry card

artistic wall decoration, hexagonal mirror, white lamps, candles of different size

white fireplace decor, leather armchair, small round seat chair, mirror, painting frames

Metro tiles are a favorite design that you can draw even on a cardboard fireplace

rustic decor created with garden boots, a decorative faux fireplace, pine branch and logs

white brick fireplace mantel, decor with wooden trunks to install yourself

antique mirror, white candles and metal candle holders, silver vase with white roses,

Decorative fireplace that has found its place in a Scandinavian interior

white carpet, coffee table, silver lamp, dark chevron floor, wood-framed mirror, fireplace decoration

white wood wall cladding, decorative wall fireplace, framed mirror, sumptuous sconces

decorative round mirror, wooden wall fireplace, white armchairs, vase with green plant

When autumn is approaching, you want decoration in warm colors

white fireplace with cheerful decor, medallion chair, rustic basket with plaid and cushion

exhibition of wooden trunks, white brick fireplace, sun mirror, candlesticks

several lighted candles, white brick fireplace mantel, white fur

Glossy finishes next to a white wall – a Scandinavian classic 

round decorative mirror, Scandinavian style fireplace decor, white atmosphere, black chairs

create a soft and soothing atmosphere, decorative mirrors, wall fireplaces, furniture with Victorian curves

blue lantern, white fireplace with artificial flames, white fireplace mantel

beautifully decorated simple design wall fireplace, greenery, candles, sophisticated white frame mirror

Antique effect fireplaces to bring a touch of shabby chic

blue pieces, Moroccan pouf, orange coffee table, books stored in a fireplace and large old globe

white fireplace, dark wood shelf, white candles in the fireplace, green armchair

white fireplace, white candles, framed decorative mirror, logs stored by the fireplace

black decorative fireplace, lion statuette, flowers in vases, yellow ceiling, baroque style furniture

fireplace with flame effect, gray brick mantel, decorative candle holder on a white coffee table,

Old books and roses are a romantic decoration for your fireplace

fireplace in light blue, books and vases with flowers, black candlesticks, false fireplace

decoration with fireplace, blue bottles, decorative mirror, oriental lanterns

decorative fir trees, garland with pine branches, and cones, deer sculptures

fake electric fireplace, seaside style lanterns with candles, wall decoration with fireplace

electric fireplace with flame effect, gray carpet, cream chair and stool, gray wall cladding

white fireplace, white sculpture, white coral, leather chair, golden frames

Decorative fireplace integrated into the wall

industrial style interior, large kitchen island, industrial lamps, red brick wall, small wall fireplace

white fireplace, white candles, disco ball, deer, logs with painted ends

pretty wood and white decoration, rustic baskets, decorative mirror, white vases

decorative wall fireplace, lamps, wreaths of twigs, green wreath, vases with flowers

traditional style living room, electric fireplace, leather stool, beige sofas

white decorative hearth, shabby style clock and old books on a decorative white fireplace

Berber carpet, flowerpots, decorative beige fireplace mantel, black and white paintings

white design of electric fireplace with flame effect, false flame fireplace

decorative fireplace made from old furniture, decoration with simple objects, painting and flowers

pink-lilac wall paint, wall fireplace as tv cabinet, fake electric fireplace

decorative mirror, large wall fireplace, comfortable leather armchair, contemporary living room with cozy decor

yellow pouf, green decorative fireplace, painting frame, pots with cactus, white wall

two Scandinavian style coffee tables, original ceiling lamp, decorative mirror, old furniture in the fireplace

decorative false fireplace, several lighted candles, lighted lamps and decorative cushions

round mirror and green plants around a decorative white fireplace, striped armchair, floral rug

vintage suitcases and mirror with old frames as decoration for the fireplace