How to choose your mattress: the right questions to ask yourself

Are you often tired when you wake up, do you always wake up with a backache? It might be time to change your mattress. But how do you cope with the multitude of technologies and prices available on the market? Our short guide will help you ask the right questions to make the best choice for your family. Discover the main criteria to take into account to choose the right mattress.

Choosing the right mattress to wake up feeling great every day

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Foam or spring ?

Bedding technology, also known as suspension, plays an important role in supporting the body. Indeed, manufacturers are constantly developing innovative sleeping comfort technologies, all of which are increasingly efficient. Now more than ever sleep well thanks to a high-end mattress has never been so accessible. In foam, spring or latex, each type of mattress has its own characteristics that must be considered in order to choose the one that best suits your type of sleep. Here is a brief overview of the properties of the main mattress technologies.

  • Spring mattresses: They are characterized by good body support and good ventilation. Depending on the type of spring that constitutes them (biconical, multi-spiral, pocket springs) spring mattresses are available in several models. They correspond to the different levels of ranges. In general, the quality of this type of mattress is determined by the number of springs that compose it. The larger it is, the better the quality of the bedding. For those who sleep two, the pocket spring technology guarantees the best sleeping independence which means that you will not be disturbed by the movements of the other.
  • Mattresses with foam technology perfectly conform to the curves of the body and provide better support. In the category of foam mattresses, memory foam technology is considered the most elaborate. These high-end, high-density mattresses limit the body’s pressure points, thus contributing to good blood circulation. They are therefore the perfect solution for people with back pain or poor blood circulation. To ensure exceptional comfort, choose models with a thickness greater than 25 kg / m³.

Immerse yourself in the comfort of your bed

choose the right mattress, the selection criteria to take into account to ensure a feeling of comfort

Soft, firm or medium mattress, which one to choose 

The degree of firmness of the mattress is an essential criterion for the feeling of comfort. It is important not to confuse firmness with the density of the mattress. So a dense mattress can have a firm, soft or medium feel. Firmness or welcoming comfort refers to the sensation on first contact with the surface of the mattress. Its choice therefore depends largely on the personal preferences of the sleeper. Depending on the weight, morphology and sleep preferences, the feeling on contact with the mattress will be different for each person. In general, if you are a larger person, you will want to choose a firmer mattress. As hospitality is a subjective notion, there is no precise classification standard for mattresses. To know which one to choose, we advise you to always test the product. Do not hesitate to lie on it for ten minutes, trying several positions.

There is already a wide range of mattresses that adapt to each space and each morphology

how to choose the size of your mattress, offers sizes according to space and morphology

Which mattress size to choose ?

The question of size is often the first one we ask ourselves when buying a new mattress. Nowadays, the range has evolved a lot to adapt to different body types and different spaces. Finding the right size should therefore not be a problem even if you have more specific needs. When choosing the dimensions of the mattress, you must take into account several criteria such as the size of the person, the available space but also sleep preferences. Ideally, the length of the mattress should be about six inches longer than the person’s height. For greater comfort of the double bed, you can opt for a wide mattress corresponding to the dimensions of a queen size (160 × 200 cm) or king size (180 × 200 cm) bed.

Feeling of comfort from the first touch

types of mattresses according to the comfort of reception and the support, choose your mattress according to your morphology and sleeping methods

Find a good sleep thanks to a high-end mattress

choosing the right mattress to sleep better, what criteria should be taken into account when buying a mattress