The floor mat for the bedroom

For the comfort in our bedroom we recommend – take a floor mat. It gives a cozy feeling that you can’t change for the world! The Scandinavian style is also very current and the lbanc floor mat is one of the proven ones for that. It’s true that nurturing is not that easy, but you have to agree that the joy of our interior is more important. Then you can take our ideas to make a fairy decoration for your bedroom..


Combination of white and gray for the floor mat


The current white floor mat


The softness of the floor mat and the furniture in white


The floor mat can be an accent in the bedroom


Why not cover only half of the room

bedroom-color-taupe-linen-scandinavian-style deco-bedroom-color-black-white-gray-deco-idee-deco bedroom-design idea-carpet-bedroom-house Romantic-Inspiration-Bedroom-For-New-Couples french-interior-for-the-bedroom the-desol-carpet-for-the-bedroom scandinavian-furniture-design-unique-bedroom-modern-layer-carpet-chairs-metal-plastic- ob_21a9e8_the-things-to-have-absolutely-good-mat- original-design-for-the-bedroom original-carpet-for-the-bedroom blue-bedroom-paint round-bed-gray-carpet scandinavian-style-for-your-bedroom adult-bedroom-rug-made-with-floor-paint-color-red-and-shade-of-white unique-decor-for-the-bedroom

We hope you liked our ideas for the ground sheet  and you have found some interesting things for you!