Child Room

Cot with drawers – the beauty and optimization of space

The nursery is a child’s private territory, which he uses for practical things but also for playing and having fun. The specific needs of children are increasingly being considered to create modern, fun and functional designs. the crib with drawers is very often the decision for contemporary children’s bedrooms. There are many variations – staircase chests of drawers, chests of drawers placed separately from the bed, lockers, sliding compartments. You can arrange a very small bedroom with everything you need and put several accents in it. Play with colors is always good for children’s rooms. the crib with drawers can be very chic. See the ideas we have found and find out about trends for furnished children’s rooms as dormitories.

The owl will ensure that your child is sleeping A crib with drawers.


A cute dorm room with a hue – it’s every child’s dream crib with drawers!


This colorful bedroom is small but it has everything to make the child feel at home. The crib with drawers is at the top – above the box with the sofas.


The dormitory with a splendid view – who does not want to contemplate the trees and the sky before going to bed?

crib-with-drawers-wooden-furniture-and-a-French window

It is pretty this house-bed for child decorated with these green cushions and the charming drawing on the wall!


Cubs are very fond of sleep, and your child?


Pale blue walls and a bed with a staircase


Look at this adorable bed-tint and pink design evoking a spring mood!


Your child’s room can be quite serious and practical!


A large bedroom with a wardrobe and a small children’s table


Green enters your home! Your design can reflect nature with its natural colors.


Interesting design, even extravagant


Green and orange – a cool combination for the bedroom


A traditional dormitory but with unexpected decor!




Children love games, sometimes prefer isolation. They have their own dispositions, their dreams and notions of time and place. Step into their little world full of big ideas and you too will love the shades for beds, car beds, house beds and all the other weirdities that turn from dreams to reality. The design of children’s rooms is a challenge to the imagination of adults. the crib with drawers can be built as a space for games and fun.




Teenagers, boys and girls love different things, but knowing your child will tell you what he or she is going to love. the crib with drawers may be a good decision to make sure you have storage space.