Christmas Makeup With Red Lipstick for Festive Season 2017

Christmas Makeup With Red Lipstick for Festive Season 2017

December is, without a doubt, the most exciting month. We rush about trying to find impressive gifts, we decorate the house with beautiful ornaments, and, best of all, we get to attend various end-of-the-year festivities. Preparing for these events is loads of fun too, especially for the ladies who want to make a lasting impression, and look their very best. If you are one of them, and want to be the star of 2017’s Christmas parties, this article is just the thing for you! Our team has selected over 80 beautiful Christmas makeup ideas, featuring red lipstick, eyeliner, smokey eye shadow and much, much more. With so many irresistible varieties to choose from, you will surely find a look that is right for you!

Ring in the holidays with a seductive and ultra-feminine look, featuring Christmas makeup with flaming red lips and smokey eyes

Perhaps you are a big fan of red lipstick. Or maybe you have never tried it before. Whatever the case, it is always a good idea to go over the list of “do’s” and “don’ts.” After all, one must take into account factors such as skin shade, eye makeup color and outfit choice. The occasion is also incredibly important – is it a day time event or a dinner party? Depending on the answer, you will probbaly need to create a more casual and modest red lipstick look, or, alternatively – something bold, sexy and provocative. But how? You will find the answers to all of these questions, as well as much more, in the following paragraphs.

Add a dash of red glitter for a truly festive and unique look!

close up of a pale brunette woman, dressed in a red silky top, and wearing red lipstick, covered in glitter, christmas makeup

Determining the shade of your skin and choosing the right lipstick

Red lipstick is available in a wide variety of shades, ranging from pale, to intense, to dark. If you have never worn any red hues on your lips before, we suggest starting by determining your skin tone. How you may ask? Well, here are our tips.

No two skin colors are entirely alike, and deciding what shade of red will look best on your face is hardly an exact science. However, there is a very easy trick you can try to determine whether your skin shade is predominantly “warm” or “cold.” Consider what type of jewelry looks better on you – gold or silver? If your choice is gold, chances are your skin shade is a warm color. If it’s silver, on the other hand, it’s probaly a cold color. The lucky ones who look equally beautiful in both silver and gold have neutral skin.

Examining your wrists is another method – if your veins are greenish, your skin color is warm. If they are blue, however, it’s probably cold. Mixed veins mean your skin color is neutral.

Bring out your unique beauty and natural charm by choosing a red lipstick suitable for your skin tone

collage with five images, showing christmas makeup and outfits, present-inspired eyeliner, red lipstick and a red gown, faux lashes with rhinestones

Unless you are looking for an unusual and contrasting appearance, it is advisable to choose the hue of your lipstick in accordance to the shade of your skin. A good rule of thumb is that people with fairer skin should opt for lighter shades of red, while those with darker complexion should preferably choose burgundy, cherry red or other deeper hues.

If you have a warm skin color, lipsticks in warm or hot hues are your best bet. Intense orange, coral pink, copper, brown, and gold are only a few of the many lovely possibilities.

Those with colder complexions, on the other hand, should go for shades with somewhat cooler undertones, such as raspberry, wine red, or purple. Cherry red and burgundy are also excellent options.

Combine red lipstick with classic, bold and crisp black eyeliner

bold black eyeliner, worn by a pale young woman, with glossy red lipstick, and pale pink blush, christmas makeup, several red roses nearby

A cool Christmas makeup suggestion, with red lips and subtle smokey eyes, inspired by mecca 

To get the effect pictured bellow you will need:

  • makeup base and dark circle concealer
  • foundation
  • a stick of multiple held
  • eyebrow pencil (optional)
  • black kohl pencil for smokey eye effect
  • lip balm
  • mascara
  • red lipstick

Red lips and smokey eyes – the perfect combination

white shirt with a collar, and a black ribbon tie, on a smiling brunette woman, wearing christmas makeup, with red lipstick

If you would like to create a gorgeous Christmas makeup look with red lips and less pronounced, but nevertheless classy and attractive eye shadow, this is an excellent choice for you! To achieve the same result as the model pictured above, start of by applying makeup base and concealer. Continue with your favorite foundation. Illuminate your face by adding some multiple tint on your cheeks. Eyebrows are next – give them a more full-bodied and even look with an eyebrow pencil. Then, using the black kohl pencil, create the smokey eye effect. Finally, put on a layer of lip balm and then apply the red lipstick.

How to create a beautiful Christmas makeup in a few easy steps: start by applying the base, concealer, foundation and highlighter.

tutorial with photos, showing how to apply christmas makeup, artist putting foundation and blush, powder and eyebrow fix, on a young brunette woman

Next, create the smokey eye effect using a black kohl pencil, and put on your red lipstick

applying eye shadow and mascara, lip gloss, and red lipstick, christmas makeup, on the face of a young brunette woman

Check out this festive glitter lipstick tutorial 

More tips on mastering the art of make up with red lipstick:

  • If you think that red lipstick is not for you – think again! Not only are red lips an absolute classic, but they suit women of all ages and skin colors. The key is trying different shades until you find one right for you!
  • Use a lip stain together with your lipstick, to avoid smudging. Some products even offer lip gloss and lip stain in one package.
  • If you like bloody red lips – good news! You can achieve them even with a lighter shade of lipstick. Simply use a purple pencil to outline your lips. Then, apply some of the pencil on your puckers, and finish by adding your lighter lipstick on top.
  • For a more natural look, lightly dab the red on your lips, and then finish by applying a peach-colored lip balm.
  • Your lipstick will last longer if you apply mineral powder foundation on your lips before putting it on.
  • Another way of creating a more natural look is by applying the red lipstick, and then lightly pressing a tissue on your lips.

For more beauty ideas and tutorials, check out our fashion section.

Darker shades of red are perfect for tan complexions

full lips with red lipstick, on a young brunette woman, with long dark hair, fake lashes and black mascara, christmas makeup, on a dark red background


A cool and unique look with pink and red lips

winking young woman, with messy brunette hair, wearing black eyeliner, and putting on pink and red lipstick, holiday makeup, tutorial in four images

Red from tip to toe – a glamorous holiday look

holiday makeup and outfit ideas, blonde woman in a red silky robe, brunette woman with sparkly gold eye shadow, and dark red lipstick, smokey eye makeup, red lips with glitter

Easy and fun lips tutorial, using balm, pencil, foundation, and, of course – a gorgeous red lipstick

nine images explaining how to put on red lipstick, holiday makeup, applying powder with brush, outlining the lips with red pencil, putting the lipstick on with a small brush

Lovely Christmas makeup with a beautiful hairdo to match

collar-like decoration made of gold, worn by a slim young woman, with short slicked back blonde hair, and holiday makeup, red lipstick and pale blue eye shadow

Glittering gold eyelids with black eyeliner – the ideal match for red lips

seven images showing how to apply eye makeup, sparkly gold eyeshadow, black eyeliner and faux lashes, holiday makeup, next image shows a brunette woman, with red lipstick, and gold and silver sleeves

Having a festive hairstyle is just as important as the right makeup

pine branches wreath, decorated with pinecones, and christmas ornaments, on the head of a brunette woman, with holiday makeup and wavy hair

Another great tutorial to try for the holidays

eight photos explaining how to apply red lipstick, holiday makeup, slim blonde woman, with balck eyeliner, applying cream on her lips, outlining them with a pencil, and putting on red lipstick

platinum blonde woman, with brown eyes, wearing coral red lipstick, and matching nail polish, holiday makeup, pale pink blush, and an ornamental floral ring

How cute is this candy cane inspired look?

christmas makeup looks, how to create peppermint candy eyeliner, explained in four photos, applying white pencil, and adding pink stripes

blonde woman wearing red lipstick, and white and pink, peppermint like eyeliner, holding a candy cane, christmas makeup looks

A tan complexion, perfectly combined with brown eye shadow and glossy red lipstick

medium shot and close up, of a brunette woman, with dark curled hair, styled in an updo, christmas makeup looks, glossy red lips, and smokey pink eye shadow

mittens in red, worn by a pale brunette woman, with curled hair, christmas makeup looks, red lipstick and smokey eye makeup, christmas werath on her head

Two cool ideas for Christmas makeup

peppermint eye shadow tutorial, in eight images, christmas makeup looks, next image shows young woman, with dark red lips, and smokey eye makeup, with faux lashes, and silver details

glittering gold eye make up, worn by a slim brunette woman, with dark red lipstick, christmas makeup looks, for end of the year parties

Transform yourself into a true ice queen

square long manicure, painted in red and white, and decorated with small stickers, worn by a pale woman, with red lipstick, and white and red eye shadow, christmas makeup looks, with snowflake stickers

eye makeup for red lips, sterp by step photo tutorial, explaining how to apply black eyeliner, young asian woman, with black eyeliner, and red lipstick

Makeup in darker shades – burgundy lips and smokey eyes

curly slim brunette woman, dressed in a white cable knit sweater, and wearing dark red lipstick, and smokey eye makeup, christmas makeup looks, blowing gold glitter, which she holds in the palm of her hand

christmas eye makeup, in gold with smokey effect, worn by a pale woman, with brunette hair, styled in a bun, glossy orange lipstick, and sparkling silver earrings

Highlight blue eyes with a touch of silver eye shadow. And, for an even more magical look, apply red glitter to your lips and… even eyebrows!

floral ornament in dark red, and pale green, on the head of a pale young woman, with red lipstick, christmas makeup ideas, two images showing close ups, of a platinum blonde woman, with glittering red lips and eyebrows, and faux lashes

christmas makeup ideas, curly brunette woman, wearing red lipstick, and smokey eye makeup, smiling and holding a silver, glittering snowflake ornament, in front of one of her eyes

Reddish-orange lipstick for ladies with warm complexions

strappy black lace dress, worn by a copper blonde young woman, with bright red lipstick, black eyeliner and smokey eye shadow, eye makeup for red lips

doll-like makeup, with bright red lipstick, and intense pink blush, christmas makeup ideas, worn by a red-haired young woman, with a christmas wreath on her head

Matte red lipstick combined with subtle eye makeup

dark navy blue gown, worn by blake lively, with wavy long blonde hair, red lipstick and black mascara, christmas makeup ideas, silver ornamental earrings

burgundy red lipstick, shimmering pale brown eye shadow, and long fake lashes, christmas makeup ideas, worn by a platinum blonde woman

Another stunning inspiration for ladies who prefer darker colors – burgundy lips and brownish-red eye shadow

eyeliner in black, and red eye shadow, worn by a pale young woman, with burgundy red lipstick, and a small nose ring, christmas eye makeup, almond shaped nails, painted in dark red nail polish

slim young woman, with a light brunette bob, wearing bold black eye makeup, and red lipstick, eye makeup for red lips

A more natural Christmas makeup alternative, with vivid red lips and eye shadow in nude colors

minimalistic christmas makeup ideas, full lips with deep red lipstick, pale pink blush, and neutral eyeshadow

glossy red lipstick, and subtle black eyeliner, christmas makeup ideas, worn by a young brunette woman, with large ornamental earrings, and subtle blush

Sparkling lips in burgundy red

flakes of red glitter, worn over red lipstick, christmas makeup ideas, on a young and slim, brunette woman with blue eyes

holiday makeup 2017, young blue-eyed woman, dressed in a white lace top, with an oversized pearl necklace, and bright red lipstick

ash blonde young woman, with long wavy hair, wearing dark red lipstick, black eyeliner and peach colored blush, holiday makeup 2017

Sometimes it’s hard to pick only one lipstick

scowling young woman, with dark brunette hair, holiday makeup 2017, applying red lipstick with one hand, while holding five lipsticks, in different colors, with the other hand

striped red sweater, worn by emilia clarke, dark brunette hair, holiday makeup 2017, red lipstick and black eyeliner

A sensual and attractive look

tan slim woman, with dark brunette hair, and hazel eyes, wearing subtle black eyeliner, holiday makeup 2017, black mascara and red lipstick

two images side by side, one showing a close up of angelina jolie, with red lipstick, and black eyeliner and mascara, holiday makeup 2017, the other image shows a young woman, with chin length hair, wearing a red dress, and red lipstick

slim brunette female model, with blue eyes, wearing red lipstick, black mascara and eyeliner, holiday makeup 2017, in a black strappy top

shiny dark brunette hair, long and wavy, on a slim woman, dressed in a semi-sheer red lace dress, holiday makeup 2017, red lipstick and black eyeliner

Makeup looks with red lipstick and black eyeliner are a classic, favored on the red carpet

christmas eyeshadow in a subtle red hue, worn with black eyeliner, and red lipstick, by a young woman, dressed in a red halterneck gown

embroidered dress in silver, worn by karlie kloss, with red lipstick, black mascara and ombre hair

sequined black and silver dress, worn by a smiling young woman, with wavy brunette hair, and red lipstick, sitting on a chair

Black eye pencil and mascara, combined with flaming red lips

the face of a pale young woman, seen in close up, eye makeup for red lips, blue eyes, outlined with black eye pencil, glossy red lipstick

high ponytail worn by a brunette woman, dressed in a red gown, with black eyeliner, and violet nail polish, applying red lipstick

ombre shoulder length hair, worn by a smiling woman, burgundy lipstick and silver and gray smokey eye shadow, eye makeup for red lips, white lace top

snow falling aroud a young woman, with curly blonde hair, wearing dark red lipstick, and a black top

Dark cherry red is an excellent lipstick color choice for ladies with cold complexions

green-eyed woman, with light blonde hair, featuring bluish highlights, wearing cherry red lipstick

brown-eyed woman, with a long brunette ponytail, and subtle pink highlights, wearing dark red lipstick, and black mascara

natural looking makeup, worn by a blonde woman, with dark red lipstick, subtle nude beige eyeshadow

messy light brunette wavy hair, with a middle part, on a pale young woman, with blue eyes and freckles, wearing bright red lipstick

Make your lips look fuller, with this clever tutorial

advice on applying pink lipstick, for fuller-looking lips, demonstrated in six photos, by a brunette woman, with ombre hair

chocolate brunette wavy hair, on a pale, brown-eyed woman, wearing bright red lipstick, and black mascara

Rita Ora is also a fan of the festive look

semi-see through red lace dress, with floral motifs, worn by rita ora, with platinum blonde hair, red lipstick and black mascara

orange lipstick worn by a pale young woman, with black wavy hair, and blue eyes, short manicure with red and white nail polish

pouting expression made by beyonce, with caramel brown hair, red lipstick and black strips with white letters and numbers, on her cheeks

Subtle Christmas makeup with a strong accent on the lips

illuminated face of a young pale woman, with light blue eyes, wearing red lipstick, with red glitter

multicolored beaded necklaces, worn by a pale blonde woman, applying red lipstick, while looking at the camera

matte dark pink lipstick, worn by a smiling young woman, with brown and pink ombre hair, and shimmering green eyeliner

smokey eye shadow, and glossy red lipstick, worn by cara delevigne, eye makeup for red lips, brunette wavy hair, and a black blazer

Dramatic, bold makeup and a gorgeous hairdo, for truly special occasions

avant-garde christmas eyeshadow, in pink and violet, red and green, worn by a pale young woman, with pink lipstick, and a large ballerina bun

faux eye lashes, and red eyeliner worn under the eyes, by a young black woman, with red lipstick, eye makeup for red lips, black curly hair, and a red top

diamond necklace and matching bracelet, worn by a young pale woman, with wavy dark blonde, shoulder length hair, christmas eyeshadow with smokey effect, glossy red lipstick

festive sweater in black, white and pink, worn by a pale brunette woman, with dark red glossy lipstick, and christmas eyeshadow in shimmering beige

Here, Rita Ora has substituted her trademark black eyeliner with a red one

rita ora with slicked back wet-look blonde hair, wearing red eyeliner, and red lipstick, eye makeup for red lips, dressed in a plush red top

off-the-shoulder top in red, worn by a smiling woman, with wavy black hair, red lipstick and eye shadow in rey and gold, christmas eye makeup, with smokey effect, and fake eye lashes

A gorgeous smokey eye look with silver highlights

beige and brown eye shadow, with white details, fake lashes and black eyeliner, christmas eye makeup, worn by a young woman, with red lipstick

smokey eye make up, with silver and dark gray eye shadow, christmas eye makeup, on jessica alba, wearing red lipstick, and matching red nail polish

Lady in red

voluminous and long, wavy dark brunette hair, worn by a young woman, in a red dress, wearing red lipstick, red earrings and red nail polish

rose gold eye shadow, worn with fake eye lashes, bright red lipstick, and shimmering blush, christmas eye makeup, on a smiling woman, with dark hair, anc christmas-themed accessories

A vintage, 1950s-inspired look, with red lips and a shimmering gold headband

1950s-style headband in gold, worn by a brunette woman, with red lipstick, and black eyeliner, christmas eye makeup, festive party looks

blush in peach pink, on the cheeks of a young woman, with dark brunette hair, wearing red lipstick, and a white top

Christmas makeup for a costume party

small beads in black, and silver and gold sequins, decorating the eyelids of a pale young woman, christmas eye makeup, with dark red lipstick, and silver eye shadow

colorful clothes and accessories, in 80s and 90s style, worn by a brunette woman, with red lipstick, and black mascara

Gigi Hadid rocking a coral red lipstick

bluish-gray christmas eyeshadow, on by gigi hadid, wearing orange lipstick, with green eyes and blonde hair

mocha brown christmas eyeshadow, worn with bright red lipstick, by a pale brunette woman, with caramel brown wavy hair

Beautiful lipstick in reddish-orange

nail polish in black, light red lipstick, and shimmering beige christmas eyeshadow, worn by a pale young woman, with light brunette hair

freckled brown-eyed young woman, with brunette hair, wearing a bright red top, red nail polish, and matching red lipstick

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer – a fun makeup idea to try this festive season.

festive makeup for chistmas, reindeer face paint, with a red nose, worn by a blonde woman, wearing a red christmas sweater, and a head decoration with antlers

smiling young brunette woman, in a plaid shirt, wearing red lipstick, black eyeliner and fake lashes, and holding a candy cane

The gorgeous Adele

cardigan in red, worn by the singer adele, messy dark blonde hair, with light blonde highlights, black eyeliner and red lipstick