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Barbecue: gas or wood?

Promise of moments as convivial as they are gourmet, the barbecue is undoubtedly one of the must-haves of the summer. It is difficult to ignore this after a long winter season punctuated by pancakes, tartiflettes, raclettes … and marked by a climate which is far from being conducive to afternoons or evenings with family, friends / colleagues, etc. . Note that when it comes to BBQ grilling, there are generally two types of people: those who swear by charcoal cooking and those who prefer the comfort of a gas barbecue. And you, which side do you belong to? Or do you have a hard time choosing between the two? In this article, we’ll take a look at the features of the gas barbecue and the wood-burning model to help you make the right choice..

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Wood barbecue: what does it consist of ?

“Traditional” and “authentic” are the words that most qualify the charcoal barbecue. Although the models tend to multiply, we have to admit that it remains the most used of garden, kitchen and home barbecues. And as avid BBQ enthusiasts say, a “real” barbecue has to be charcoal. As the name suggests, the wood-burning barbecue works with charcoal and can be lit either with newspaper or with a fire starter. It can be stationary for greater ease of use, mobile (can be oriented in all directions) or portable (dedicated to people who move often). However, because of the fumes generated by combustion, this type of barbecue is intended especially for outdoor use. Then, the cooking is controlled by touch and by eye.

Anyway, apart from the ritual of lighting, there are various factors to which this classic model owes its repeated success and which explain the unanimity it has enjoyed to this day with the French. Among these, we mainly cite the impact of charcoal on the flavor of dishes, but also the fact that it is this natural fuel that gives them the smoky side we love so much. Another advantage of the wood barbecue is that it is very accessible. The simplest and less sophisticated models are indeed available at very attractive prices. We also appreciate the ease of maintenance that allows a charcoal model. Once the BBQ party is over, all you have to do is clean the grill with a simple brush and empty the equipment as soon as the ashes have cooled.

If you are seduced by this great barbecue classic and want to buy it, we recommend that you favor the Weber brand, which has today become one of the must-haves in the grilling world. You have the choice between the models of the series Master-Touch and those of the series Original Kettle, Kettle Plus Where Compact Kettle. These charcoal barbecues are all a continuation of the very first Weber model.

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Gas barbecue: what are we talking about exactly ?

the gas barbecue, whether fixed, mobile or portable, can be powered with propane (often for outdoor use since fuel does not freeze when temperatures are low) or butane (perfect for indoor use, but also for outdoor use when it’s not too cold). In any case, he seduces for his ease of use and the great ease of use which it benefits its users. In this case, there is no need to watch the embers or regularly fuel the fire with charcoal.

To use the appliance, simply press the ignition button and the barbecue will take care of the rest. The management of the heating power becomes relatively easy thanks to the thermostat and the ignition is done in two steps, three movements. The cooking can in this case be very precise. Another great thing about this type of barbecue is that it is much less messy. The device also offers attractive profitability when receiving a lot of guests. Some models are from real outdoor kitchens with trolley and provide users with a wide range of accessories and up to six burners.

However, all of these benefits come at a price! It takes at least € 300 for an entry-level model and more than € 1,000 for a top-of-the-range model. Then, despite its ease and comfort of use, but also its excellent performance, a gas barbecue does not give dishes the subtle flavor of smoked wood. However, by using it, no more watery eyes and hair that smells of smoke. In the event that your choice is the gas barbecue, know that you can again, favor the Weber models for a purchase and use with complete peace of mind.

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Which of the two to choose ?

There is actually no definitive answer to this question, since it all depends on your tastes, preferences and budget. Thus, charcoal barbecues will delight those who appreciate the old-fashioned barbecue and therefore the flavor of the authentic. They are also aimed at people who have a limited budget and who cannot de facto afford the luxury of enjoying a model running on butane or propane, or even those of the “in no hurry” type and who like to take pleasure in fan the embers so that they take.

Gas models, on the other hand, are popular with those who appreciate comfort, speed and precision and which are less resistant to the fumes produced by charcoal BBQs. Fans of large tables who have space, food lovers who like to vary the cooking, and of course people who are willing to pay a little more, prefer them. Note that gas models are an excellent choice when you love summer barbecues and aren’t lucky enough to have a garden at home..

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