A flower candle – source of inspiration and touch of elegance for your decoration

Let’s take a little detour by means of a pretty flower candle! Flower candles are very beautiful as a decoration, in addition, the diffused light reflects the elegant lines of the wax petals, while keeping the feeling of intimacy and warmth. You can choose from several flower candle designs – floating, scented, and even with LED lighting. They come in many shapes and colors that are sure to delight everyone at a party or just for a serene night out. Prepare for an everyday escape full of color and fantasy!

A flower candle in the shape of a dahlia and in an elegant color


Pretty flower candles in small glass jars


Floating pink flower candle


Floating cherry blossom candles decorated with petals

cherry blossom candle

Pretty colors for flower candles


Flower candles in composition with fresh flowers


  Brightly colored flower candle candle-flower-elegante-violetFlower candle in a small metal potflower-shaped-candle flower-candle-in-bright-colors candle-flower-rose-petals-  candle-flower-yellow-box candle-flower-tray-yellow-flowers candle-flower-led-lotus candle-flower-led-rose candle-flower-lotus floating-flower-candle coconut-flower-candle candle-flower-orchid floating-orchid-flower-candle  candle-flower-rose-4-designs  candle-flower-roses-3 candle-flower-roses red-flower-candle-in-the-dark candle-flower-colors-box candle-flower-bouquets-wedding

Colored-rose-candle  red-feng-shui-candle rose-candle-flower-floating white rose-flower-candle rose-tealight-violetWe hope you liked our proposals for flower candle and that you have found interesting ideas for your decoration.