A wooden pergola – some inspiring ideas in photos

A wooden pergola, technically, it is an arbor formed of posts or columns and slatted joists serving as a support for climbing plants that protects you from the sun. But other than that, it beautifies and gives style to your garden. So, it’s decided, you want to install a wooden pergola in your garden to take full advantage of sunny days! There are different styles, sizes and shapes of wooden deck roofs. Find our beautiful selection of photos that will help you choose your favorite style for a wooden pergola!

A wooden pergola romantic decorated with curtains


A wooden pergola in the shape of a very trendy arc


An interesting wooden pergola with a flat roof


A wooden pergola with a stone base


A wooden skeleton pergola in white


A wooden pergola with a retractable roof


A beautiful curved wooden pergola

pergola-wood-curved-shape pergola-wood-idea-design pergola-wood-idea-design-in-white pergola-wood-idea-form pargola-wood-idee-winter pargola-wood-idea-house pargola-wood-idee-black pargola-bois-idee-patio pergola-wood-idea-swimming pool  pargola-bois-idee-salon pargola-bois-idee-salon-jardin pargola-bois-idee-veranda pargola-solid-wood pargola-wood-white-curtains pergola-wood-on-patio

We hope you liked our proposals for wooden pergola and that you have found inspiring ideas for your garden.