Adopt the Greek decoration in your home to create a maritime paradise

Greece. One of the top destinations for a seaside holiday. Sunny country. Mediterranean climate. Several tourist resorts. Luxury at affordable prices. Driven by their admiration for this incredible country, more and more people are inspired by the greek decoration. Are you also looking to embrace this unique interior design? In the following article you will find all the tips and tricks you need to transform your home into a Mediterranean paradise. Get inspiration from the gallery full of fantastic photos and ideas.

To create a maritime atmosphere, you must first know all the characteristics and distinctive features of this culture. Even the smallest details will influence the end result of your efforts. That’s why we’re going to focus our attention on all the key points in Greek furnishings and decor. The latter is above all inspired by nature. It is distinguished by a simple air and an open space. To create a Greek vibe, therefore, you should opt for natural shades and materials. Also look for thebalance shapes, patterns, colors and textures.

Colors essential. The facades and interiors in white and all shades of blue are typical for Greek culture. Greek houses have whitewashed walls and wooden windows stained in blue. If you are wondering why Greek houses are white, you can check out the link following. The antique touch on the exterior are the decorative columns. The perfect combination – blue and white is also used for the interior. Here we mix pure white with different tones of blue – light, sky, turquoise, navy, cobalt blue or pale azure.

The level of flooring – the classic case is the natural stone floor, especially limestone or marble. Lots of ideas for marble tiles here. Patterned, floral or trellis rugs are also suitable. Traditional windows – wood and six panes are almost mandatory. You can also install shutters in shades of blue or earth tones. If you are adventurous, you might like the idea for a corridor in the rocks. Seek the help of specialists to recreate this impressive effect with the appropriate materials.

Furniture side. Choose wooden furniture and in particular – tripod tables. Opt for simple and refined elements – such as a straight sofa or side chairs. If you prefer the antique style over the modern Greek style, decorate with antiques and works of art.

Let in the sea breeze with Greek decoration

Greek decor, three-paned shutters, white walls, sea view

Typical facade for Greek houses – whitewashed walls and blue shutters

Greek blue on the exterior shutters, whitewashed facades, girl in blue and white dress

Bedroom in marine colors – shades of blue with white walls

Greek decoration, ceiling with wooden beams colored in blue, round mirror, white curtains

Small outdoor corner in Mediterranean inspiration

Greek blue on the shutters, wooden garden furniture, green flowers, white facade

Opt for furniture made of natural materials – like this wooden table and sofa

Greek meal, turquoise shutters, sea view, sofa and wooden table

Small tables are fine for a thematic decoration – especially those on tripods

Greek decoration, green shutter, stone arch, ancient wardrobe, beige sofa

If you don’t have a breathtaking view of the sea, hang a large painting with marine motifs on one of the walls

Greek decoration, shutters, old cabinet, white arch, white sofa, wooden coffee table

All white interior with wooden elements and large windows

Greek decoration, ceiling with wooden beams, windows to the sea, white walls

It’s good to have such a view out the window in the bathroom!

Greek decor, marble sink, white walls, Greek bathroom

Design in whitewashed walls and wooden ceiling – modern Greek style

Greek decoration, ceiling with wooden beams, hanging lamps, white sofa

To refresh the atmosphere, use decorative cushions in different shades of blue

Greek decoration, decorative boat, silver photo frames, blue cushions

Six-pane windows are very common in Greece

Greek decor, white living room, wooden beamed ceiling, welcome painting

Spacious and harmonious living room in white and light blue 

Greek decor, wooden beamed ceiling, ceiling fan, light blue doors

A real relaxing and nautical atmosphere

Greek blue on the walls and ceiling, four-poster bed, dried twigs, decorative cushions

The atmosphere in natural materials creates a warm and welcoming visual effect

Greek stone cabinet, ceiling with wooden beams, doors to the terrace

The white shutters bring a note of authenticity and they make you feel like in a Greek resort

Greek stone cabinet, coffee table, white wooden shutters, white facade, candle lantern

You can also color old furniture in fresh and vivid shades

Greek decoration, yellow crystal chandelier, floral sofa, wooden coffee table

The arches embellish the interior and give it a more antique look

Greek blue, door to the terrace, sea view, wave painting, wooden cabinet

Sky patterns on the ceiling and shutters in light blue

Greek decoration, four-poster bed, dried flowers, round table, blue shutters

Hanging bed with ropes and bed linen in marine motifs

greek blue, hanging bed, large mirror, dark blue carpet, bed cover in white and blue

Marble is a key element in the Greek interior

Greek decor, marble floor, round mirror, candles, light blue shutters, four-poster bed

Most Greek rooms overlook garden, terrace or balcony

Greek blue on the ceiling, white curtains, view of the garden, antique vase, stone effect cushions

It doesn’t matter the furnishings when you have an incredible view from your bed

Greek decoration, large wooden shutters, sea view

Greek decoration, doors to the terrace, light blue window, ceiling with wooden beams

Greek decor, white walls, wooden beamed ceiling, raised bed, sea view

The four-poster bed is ideal for an exotic atmosphere

greek blue on the wooden ceiling, candle lantern, long curtains, four poster bed

Greek decoration, ceiling with wooden beams, whitewashed walls, turquoise door

Simple vision of a Greek bedroom with small khaki shutters

Greek blue on the bed, small shutters in green, wooden ceiling, white walls

Greek stone cabinet, wooden ceiling, staircase, small gray window

Add original elements like this oval shaped mirror

Greek decor, white walls, twig mirror frame, straw baskets

Greek decoration, door to the terrace, white shutter, raised bed, wooden sofa

Old wooden doors throughout the house contribute to an authentic and cozy atmosphere

turquoise Greek blue, ancient door, arch, white wooden armchair, whitewashed walls

Greek blue on the cushions, stone arch, white walls, old vase

Perfect balance of shapes, patterns and colors

Greek blue, boat-patterned curtains, bedside lamp, wooden cabinet, marble floor

Greek decoration, door to the terrace, sea view, white walls, wooden shutters

Ceiling fan and white stone walls

Greek decor, whitewashed walls, khaki shutters, ceiling fan, brown carpet

Greek houses are distinguished by very elegant dining rooms and open kitchens

Greek decoration, corner sofa, small table base, ceiling fan

Greek decoration, dining room, large window, antique chandelier, beach landscape painting

Greek kitchen in old style with green cabinets and shutters

Greek stone cabinet, wooden ceiling, khaki shutters, electric oven

Greek stone cabinet, wood and glass door, stone arch, Greek kitchen

To create an authentic Greek look, consider decorative columns or stone arch inside

Greek stone cabinet, whitewashed walls, khaki shutters, wooden coffee table

Greek stone furniture, arch, gates to the terrace, wooden coffee table

Add turquoise touches – like this antique blue painted door

greek blue turquoise on doors, book wall shelf, straw basket

Greek decoration, white walls, stone and wood decoration, lemons, old wooden table

Enter a spacious kitchen through an arched passage

Greek decoration, marble floor, wooden ceiling, arch, white kitchen

Greek decoration, white sofa, wooden ceiling, door to the terrace

The rocks are also part of the Greek interior

Greek decoration, rock wall, suspended ceiling, white walls

Greek decoration, dining room, white walls, white chandelier

Natural and artificial lighting ensure a magical look of the rooms

Greek stone cabinet, white kitchen, wooden cabinet, long curtains

Greek decoration, green shutters, electric oven, white walls

Decorative boats that bring marine charm to the dining room

Greek decor, white tiles, white walls, wooden ceiling, checkered shutters

Greek stone cabinet, marble floor, white shutter, arch, wooden ceiling

What color for the bathroom?

greek blue, white walls, pallet shelf, blue and white tub, greek bathroom

Greek decor, white shutters, Greek bathroom, marble bathtub

Find an original model of authentic mirror for your Greek bath

Greek bathroom, marble bath, mirror with sprig frame, marble sink, green shutters

Greek bathroom, marble sink, shower cubicle, white walls, large mirror, white towels

Greek stone cabinet, marble sink, arch, pink orchid, Greek bathroom

The “shutters” patterns are also present in the form of bathroom mirrors

Greek bathroom, white tiles, blue sink, mirror with khaki wood frame

Greek bathroom, small white window, mirror frame with twigs, dried flowers, marble sink

Greek decoration, mirror with patterned frame with red shutters, white sink, marble table

Greek decoration, marble tiles, round mirror, gray shutters, white bathtub, shower cabin

Greek stone cabinet, white walls, antique vase, small mirror, round rug

Transform the bathroom into a marine paradise with Greek decor

Greek blue on the shutters, marble sink, white bathtub, large mirror

Greek decoration, dark blue shutters, wooden ceiling, large mirror, marble sink

Create an exotic ball-neo space with Greek decoration

Greek decoration, sea view, white walls, arch, blue towel, wooden bench