Apartment decoration trends for 2021. Useful tips for a successful project

At first, we only dream of having a personal home where we can live in peace. But once this ambition is accomplished, we begin to yearn for such and such a piece of furniture, decorative object and any kind of original arrangement. Indeed, buying a home is only the first step in the diverse world of interior design. If you are also passionate about aesthetic changes, we invite you to see together what are the best trends for an apartment decoration for 2021. In this article, you will find several tips for transforming your home in an incredible way. You just need to add a few fresh and modern touches to enjoy a completely fashionable home.

Invite colors in the 2021 apartment decor

apartment decoration, blue painted walls, white ceiling with plaster decoration, light and dark blue carpet with triangular patterns

Butterfly patterns

We know that nature is the greatest inspiration for all artists and all trends. This year, it is the butterfly motifs that are creating a real boom in the decor and that are installed in various forms to enhance our interior. So, for example, you can opt for a piece of furniture in butterfly print fabric from the Christian Lacroix range. However, more and more manufacturers are incorporating this motif in the manufacture of decorative accessories such as cushions and rugs. Another less expensive alternative is to hang paintings and photos of various butterflies on your walls.

Embrace the butterfly patterns in various shapes and colors to enhance the interior

apartment decoration, butterfly wallpaper, washer and dryer in gray, wooden furniture painted in white

Tropical prints

Does the exotic and relaxing landscape with golden sand, turquoise sea and wild vegetation figure in your imagination? Good news – now you can create a real paradise at home thanks to the tropical patterns and prints that occupy the top of the podium. Tropical wallpaper and thematic fabrics invade the interior in full force. If you don’t want to commit to a complete overhaul, there are plenty of other possibilities. To add a bit of pizzazz and modernity to your home, hang a few pictures in flamingo, pineapple or banana leaf motifs. Decorate the beds, sofas or armchairs with tropical cushions. Bring natural freshness with green plants.

Transform rooms with some exotic touches into tropical prints.

tropical wallpaper, wooden headboard, brick wall painted in turquoise, golden picture frames, cactus in yellow pot

Colors – green and dark blue

Perhaps the decorative objects in butterfly prints or tropical plants are already present in your interior but you are looking for a more noticeable change? So let’s see what are the top colors you can use to paint the walls or adopt in some other way to modernize the atmosphere. This year, green and dark blue are the key tones. Choose your favorite shade, combine the two or add some blue-green accents to your interior. If you opt for green, it goes perfectly with wood. On the other hand, think carefully before painting the rooms in dark blue because it is a color that is a bit eccentric and not too pleasant for some tastes. To help you get an idea if blue is for you, we invite you to examine this article with lots of pictures on the duck blue bedroom..

The top colors for the 2021 apartment decor are dark blue and all shades of green

velvet sofa, black iron fireplace with plaster frame, glass and brass coffee table, crystal pendant light

Velvet furniture

The favorite fabric for the year is velvet. And, this is not surprising. Thanks to its soft structure, velvet creates an atmosphere that is both luxurious and comfortable. Due to the great demand, the market offers a rich range of furniture upholstered in velvet. Sofas, armchairs, ottomans, headboards, even slipcovers, plaid and cushions … You can choose any of these elements, and the result will always be staggering. If you like creativity and innovation, you might also like the idea of ​​dressing the walls in velvet. the floral castorama template is a very pleasant variant.

Give new life to aged furniture with a velvet covering

velvet armchair, white walls with a part painted in blue, wall of sun mirrors, black glass table, flower bouquet, glass vase

Geometric shapes

Geometric patterns have been part of the decor for several centuries. These shapes are a source of inspiration for ethnic and modern styles. Take for example, the African decoration which also emphasizes nature. Regarding the choice of objects in geometric design, the most current accessories in 2021 will always be cushions and rugs. However, geometric lines should be used in a more moderate way so as not to overload the atmosphere..

Geometric shapes don’t come off the podium

velvet sofa, white painted walls with black photo frames, tropical green plants, decorative pillows with geometric patterns

Marble, copper and brass

Among the current materials of 2021 we also see marble, copper and brass. As eternal trends, they come in many forms. Thus, the marble table will be an ideal jewel for your living room. But, sometimes marble only serves as an inspiring motif. Such is the case with the increasingly preferred marble imitation wallpaper. Copper and brass, for their part, are also used for the successful decoration of the apartment. Mirrors and lamps in copper or brass are the most popular objects.

Marble returns to the carpet as wallpaper

white marble, dress the walls in imitation marble wallpaper, round mirror in copper frame, flower vase imitation marble

The terracotta floor

Terracotta tiling is back. You can use it for flooring in the kitchen or living room. It combines perfectly with natural materials and thus creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The design in the photo below shows us how to combine the white ceiling with orange walls and terracotta tiles excellently. The final touch is provided by decorative objects – cushions with animal motifs and armchairs with tropical prints. Choosing the right lighting also contributes to the friendly atmosphere.

The terracota helps us to create a more friendly and warm atmosphere

modern decor, brown leather stool with wooden legs, white sofa with orange outlines, bouquet of orange roses, long curtains with ethnic patterns

Scandinavian boho mix

The passion for comfortable and relaxing design has not gone away. On the contrary, bohemian and Scandinavian styles come together to satisfy varied needs and tastes. Faux fur rugs and cushions complete the modern ambience in a cocooning and calming way. But in order not to exceed the limits of Scandinavian minimalism, we can paint the walls and the ceiling in white and add some green elements such as exotic plants..

The boho-Scandinavian duo ensures comfort and a cocooning atmosphere

Scandinavian decoration, wooden armchair with white cover in orange outline, wooden coffee table, white faux fur cushion

Tribal elements

Ethnic patterns and tribal ornaments are also featured in the modern interior. Indeed, they have been in fashion for several years. Artwork – photos and paintings, area rugs, macrame wall decorations, small wooden items, this is just a small part of the tribal look. If you are inspired by different cultures and traditions, if you like to travel and collect traditional souvenirs, do not hesitate to add a unique or handmade element.

Decorate the space with an exhibition of traditional objects and souvenirs 

apartment decoration, white painted walls, rustic wooden objects, wooden candle holder, small low copper stool

Green painted walls and decorative elements from the same palette

tribal pattern, green glass vase, decorative cushions with tropical patterns, vintage green painted wooden cabinet, green chair with wooden legs

Velvet makes the space more refined and sumptuous

apartment decoration, black mirror-effect floor, white walls with plaster decoration, purple velvet sofa with faux fur cushions

Refresh the interior in neutral shades with decorative cushions in green

tropical fabric, buttoned sofa in white, long curtains in white and green, large mirror, beige carpet, bouquet of green and white flowers

If you admire the different cultures, add typical elements

tribal pattern, long black curtains, light garland with tropical green leaves, cushions with buddhism print, yellow lamp with pineapple pattern

Inspirational and modern butterfly design rug

butterfly drawing, low blue velvet stool, white sofa with cushions, white carpet with large butterfly pattern

Romanticize the bedroom with a geometric or Aztec patterned bed cover in pink

geometric pattern, king-size bed in pastel pink, geometric patterned blanket and bed linen, tropical green plants

Add some pep to the walls and ceiling with clean lines in a golden hue

geometric pattern wallpaper, black fireplace, glass and brass coffee table, white and black ceiling with gold lines

Exotic oasis in the living room with dark blue walls and tropical patterned decor

tropical fabric, brown wooden bookcase, plant fiber flowerpot, vintage piece of furniture painted in turquoise, hanging lamp in white

tropical oasis, white ceiling, white and black fabric armchair, wood and wrought iron coffee table, oval mirror in brown frame, white hanging lamps

Apartment decor with white walls and soft carpets

apartment decoration, white floor lamp, white glass and wood furniture, long white curtains, turquoise butterfly chair

geometric pattern wallpaper, blue velvet sofa, brass armchair with pastel pink cover, yellow glass vase

The perfect bedroom for women with tropical wallpaper and pastel pink cushions

tropical wallpaper, woman's bedroom, white wall and ceiling, brass floor lamp, decorative pillows in pastel pink

apartment decor, small bathroom with white and green wall, toilet bowl with green and white vase decoration, wooden frame wall

Green shades go perfectly with neutral colors

tropical oasis, interior design 2017, trendy colors 2017 green and neutral shades, materials, decorative objects, small cactus

tropical oasis, pineapple inspired yellow lamp, black painted wooden cabinet, empty wooden picture frame, tropical wallpaper

Home office set up in an incredible and relaxing way

tropical wallpaper, brown wood flooring, blue painted wood wall shelves, glass desk with wooden legs

geometric pattern rug, ivory painted wooden cabinet, light wood flooring, tropical plants

You want to lie down on a tropical surface?

tropical fabric, bedroom decor, brass headboard, tropical patterned bed cover with blue pillows

velvet sofa, brown wooden floor and ceiling, long curtains in gray and white, white walls, corner sofa in light blue

Cushions in yellow which bring more color and sunny mood to the living room

Scandinavian furniture, walls and ceiling in white, large windows with curtains in powdered taupe, soft carpet in white, white corner sofa

velvet fabric, glass coffee table, white orchid in an imitation marble pot, gray velvet sofa, books and magazines

Orange velvet sofa that catches the eye from the entrance

geometric pattern wallpaper, living room table in white, carpet with geometric patterns in white and black, heart paint word love Scandinavian furniture, gray floor tiles, objects in plant fibers and wood, beige hat with black ribbon, white and beige backpack, wooden hanging lamp

Scandi-bohemian spirit for a cocooning atmosphere

Scandinavian furniture, marble-effect coffee table, origami white pendant light, white and black paint, white faux fur cover

Dark design living room with dark blue walls softened by cushions and faux fur rugs

Industrial note with impressive wall lighting

apartment decor, white and blue painted wall, black coffee table, dark blue sofa, white industrial lamp

velvet fabric, dark blue walls and white ceiling, large checkered windows, wooden bed frame, beige carpet

Apartment decoration combining different styles

modern decor, dark blue painted wall, beige and copper bedside lamp, rectangular mirror with geometric patterns

tropical wallpaper, dining room with powder taupe walls, exotic plants, brown tiled floor, orange carpet with ethnic patterns

Turquoise kitchen with ultra fresh and summery design

modern deco, wooden door painted in turquoise, hanging lamps with copper rope, turquoise wall tiles

tropical oasis, bedroom layout, king size bed with yellow blanket and cushions, tropical patterned wallpaper

Tropical-inspired bathroom for relaxing in the shower

tropical oasis, white ceramic sink, white bathtub, black towel rail, tropical patterned wallpaper

tropical oasis, bathroom with white walls, floral print bath curtains, large window, gray floor

If you don’t have the possibility to spend the evening in an exotic place, do it at home

tropical wallpaper, glass and brass table, white faux fur cushion, tropical pattern sofa in white and green

tropical oasis, bathroom design, tropical patterned wallpaper, white ceramic sink, tropical bedroom

velvet fabric, living room with gray walls, orange bookcase with tropical patterns, green velvet sofa, white and black painting

Dark blue velvet sofa that brings a dazzling touch to the space

velvet fabric, long red curtains, gray velvet armchairs, white living room table, brown wooden bookcase

copper lamp, gray velvet carpet, oversized windows, long beige curtains, white ceiling, purple velvet sofa

Cool apartment decor with geometric patterned walls

geometric pattern, wooden wall shelf, wallpaper in white and black, decorative items in colors

white marble, living room layout, wood flooring, dark blue sofa with yellow cushions, copper floor lamp

velvet sofa, large white window, long dark green curtains, gray walls, wooden ceiling, black velvet sofa

Marble is a timeless classic that also fits into the modern interior

modern decor, gray fridge, round marble table, white and black paint, copper pendant light, wooden floor

Scandinavian furniture, living room layout in white and gray, living room table in black and marble, white bedside lamp

Classic layout in neutral colors and vintage furniture with a contemporary glass and copper wall light

apartment decor, walls painted in powdered taupe, white and black paint with gold frame, white fireplace with plaster frame

modern decor, golden velvet armchair, light wood floor, wallpaper with beige and brown geometric patterns

Champagne cuisine in a spirit modernized by blue paintings

geometric pattern, vintage kitchen layout, dark blue table, brick walls, leather and iron stool

Scandinavian decoration, white wall and ceiling, ethnic patterned carpet in dark green and white, frame wall, green plants

Create a cozy corner with a soft rug and a comfortable chair

apartment decoration, wooden desk, magazine shelf, long gray curtains, white faux fur rug, wooden chair with white cover

copper lamp, green living room design, blue velvet chair and green velvet sofa, black round table with mirror effect

Green in all its natural splendor

tropical fabric, trendy interior colors 2017, wooden ceiling, green tiles, ethnic patterns, tropical prints

tropical oasis, coffee and oval table in white, light blue leather chair, white faux fur rug, wall vegetation

This is how tropical prints change the mood

tropical fabric, how to decorate the living room, black painted walls, red sun clock, green velvet sofa, beige carpet, green plants

tropical oasis, living room with green and white walls, wooden picture frames, white floor lamp, yellow velvet sofa

tropical oasis, tiled floor imitation marble, living room with dark blue walls, green plants, round glass and copper table

geometric pattern rugs, dark green painted walls, wooden furniture with copper legs, light wood flooring

Scandinavian decoration, sliding door to the balcony, orange floor lamp, white ceiling and walls

geometric pattern wallpaper, marble imitation furniture, decorative objects with ethnic patterns, copper accessory

geometric pattern carpet, bedroom with white walls, orange and beige ethnic patterned wall decoration

apartment decor, bedroom with white walls, wrought iron chandelier with white painted wooden beads decoration

Attract positive energy with a butterfly pattern decoration

modern decor, white walls with insect photos, tropical plants, green painted furniture, wooden flooring

apartment decoration, wooden flooring, fabric with butterfly pattern, yellow armchair with wooden legs

Use butterfly design wall stickers to enhance the walls of the nursery

modern decor, nursery furnishings, long blue curtains, multicolored bed cover, butterfly designs on the walls

apartment decor, white sink, white vase with orange flowers, rectangular mirror, wallpaper with butterflies

The apartment decor sublimated by various butterfly silhouettes

tropical fabric, living room with white walls, blue decorative cushions, beige corner sofa, green plant, butterfly painting with black frames

apartment decor, black photo frame with black and blue butterfly, copper decorative object, living room decor

tribal pattern, living room with white walls, rattan chair with ethnic patterned cushions, purple velvet sofa, nature painting