Create the perfect country house decor and enjoy the little moments in life

What is country house decor? You don’t necessarily have to live in the countryside to bring a breath of fresh air to your home by adopting the countryside decor. It’s even possible to do it in a small apartment in the center of town. All you need to know is what the essentials are for decorating a space in a country style. The advantages of a country house interior design are numerous – this type of equipment provides a feeling of warmth and enhances the connection with nature, it puts you in comfort and allows you to experience small moments of happiness. It is beneficial for cold countries and places with harsh climates. The most distinctive elements of the style are the authentic materials, the timeless decorative pieces that do not go out of fashion, the revamped furniture and the antique accessories, the inherited objects that have a long history, the decoration with everyday objects. We combine furniture and objects in contrasting colors and materials, the fine with the harsh. These contrasts are achieved through the introduction of combinations of traditional materials, such as wood and earthenware, stone and metal, natural weaves and fibers, and glass. The decor is rich in textures, close to nature and full of rustic objects for.

Country house decor – Persian rugs, floral fabrics in soft colors and wooden beams

country house decor, floral sofas, ottoman with rustic upholsterer, wooden beams, pink curtain, glass vase with field flowers

As for the fabrics and the patterns of the fabrics – we prefer linen and cotton, squares, carpets with geometric or traditional patterns, floral patterns. The fabrics mentioned are comforting and pleasant without being too luxurious. The cushions and draperies are adorned with pretty ruffles and fringes, which gives a feminine touch to the decor. We often see rooms decorated in wood and white. Imagine the traditional tablecloths, the elegant white painted chests of drawers, often in baroque style, the white painting of the walls, the dark false ceilings and furniture, the exposed beams that contrast – it creates a perfect harmony. Even the design of the draperies is soft and understated. The preferred colors for creating a traditional country decor are white, taupe, light beige, cream and gray. But you can also incorporate several objects in vigorous colors and create a sparkling and colorful country house decor. The country style is eclectic, it can combine industrial, rustic, modern, antique and traditional elements..

A decor that blends in with the outside seen from the large windows

apothecary storage table, white and gray cushions, large rustic basket, large windows, natural fiber rug, flea market spirit decor

Add touches of luxury by arranging Provençal utensils with an attractive finish. Seduced by the clay pots, the porcelain services and the copper accessories, the owners of a house or a single room with country decor, make their place a veritable exhibition of antique dishes. Chinese porcelain is one of the essentials of the decoration. Here are some specific elements of the country house decor:

In the living room

  • all furniture with a flea market spirit, all patinated or aged furniture, vintage suitcases, Ottoman tables
  • lanterns and candlesticks in simple and elegant shapes. The candlesticks in wood and wrought iron are very characteristic for this style
  • wall fireplaces decorated with several small objects
  • Persian rugs or natural fiber rugs and woven baskets
  • cotton and linen curtains
  • decorative mirrors and window mirrors
  • classic wall lights
  • armchairs with decorative and fringed upholsterers

Living room with country house decor – fireplace, traditional patterned cushions, large ottoman and wall clock

gray sofa, padded ottoman, decorative red brick wall fireplace, large antique clock, checkered cushions, jute rug

In the kitchen

  • white islands with wood counter and open storage, open shelves, iron counters
  • wooden benches
  • china cabinets with showcases painted in pastel colors
  • rustic baskets and baskets
  • jars, glass jars, earthenware plates and decanters arranged on the sideboard

Chic country kitchen open to a living room in the same style

large living room with exposed beams, square armchairs, round wooden table, light ottoman, large hanging lantern, wall shelves

In the bedroom

  • canopy or canopy with fine and romantic curtains
  • shabby bed benches
  • bed linen in natural materials and in light colors or with floral motifs
  • antique lampshade bedside lamps
  • mirrors with aged frames painted white
  • padded headboards

Room full of joyful spirit abounding with floral motifs

floral patterned rug, old wooden bench, chinoiserie wallpaper, lilac bed, table lamp, traditional curtains, wood and white bedside table

Elegant living room in cream color – a very characteristic shade for the country house decor interior

light and bright living room, white sofas, Persian rug, large gray armchair, white wall fireplace, floral curtains

Elegant living room and kitchen with a yesteryear look that will never go out of fashion

light living room, rustic chandelier, French doors, gray carpet, white sofas, gray cushions, gray and white central island kitchen

Imposing sofas and comfortable and rustic objects

beige carpet, wooden coffee table, leather armchairs, yellow curtains, stone-clad fireplace, framed paintings

Small touches of rusticity in a refined living room

jute rug, dark wood bench, light ceiling lamp, round woven cushions, beeswax shelf, white paint

Flea market decoration and sobriety – the chic of new vintage interiors

ottoman table covered with linen, round top, antique furniture, fireplace, aged wood cupboard, china cabinet

Elegant patio doors and sofas in soft colors and nostalgic patterns

vintage sofa and armchairs, baroque dark wood table, baroque ceiling lamp, taupe-colored armchairs, French window, traditional cushions

country chic living room, cozy living room decoration idea, living room table, secondhand armchairs, white staircase, black brick wall, old lamp

cream corner sofa, wooden coffee table, wooden floor, country style kitchen and living room, three white hanging lamps

coffee table in aged patina pallets, beige cushions, white corner sofa, lampshades, cream-colored Persian rug, living room and kitchen

White, glass and woven plant fibers – three elements that make up a harmonic atmosphere

country house deco living room, sloping roof, large windows, wreath of leaves, woven basket, sloping white ceiling, cozy country house deco

attic bedroom, cozy country house decor, cream beams and roof window, pink stool, rustic basket

Fantastic corridor in white with touches of wood

Cozy country house deco, corridor in white and wood, authentic wooden beams on the ceiling, rustic superimposed basket, geometric carpet

fringed armchair upholsterers, Persian rugs, vintage wooden chest of drawers, framed paintings, green curtains, window mirror

Light gray and white – two colors that go perfectly together in the country chic interior

living room with romantic shabby decoration, large black chandelier, cream sofa, sleek gray armchairs, fireplace, white cupboards, sisal carpet

Symphony of shapes of materials in light shades

flea market-style country decor living room, rectangular table, fireplace mantel, white chandelier ceiling light, silver candlesticks

cozy and elegant living room with vintage furniture, country style decor in a flea market, white fireplace, Persian rug, two gray armchairs

Nice living room with traditional patterns and rustic elements

Cozy country house decor, sofa with green tiles, sisal rug, peach wall paint, natural rug, rustic chandelier, fireplace

old country kitchen decor, woven basket with storage, vintage cabinet under sink, transparent white curtains, framed mirror

country chic dining room, white medallion chairs, Persian carpet, baroque ceiling lamp, elegant interior decor in a flea market spirit

Add color to the country-style interior

old country kitchen decor, dining table and two benches with long cushions, cement tile pattern curtains, industrial rustic pendant lamp, geometric cushions

cozy country house decor, dark wooden table, red stone floor, black chandelier, renovation of an old barn, large white fireplace

Modern country house decor – large uncluttered living room

large bright living room, cozy country house decor, sober and refined style in wood and textile

country house decor flea market spirit, large gray ottoman, flea market chair, light gray armchairs, large gray sofa

wooden floor, white living room table, antique chair with linen cushion, fireplace and wood wall paneling

Large vintage suitcase instead of a table

vintage suitcase in the center of the room, country style flea market decor, simple and practical furnishings, beige curtain

decorating idea rustic style living room, large gray mattress with large cushions, raw beams on the ceiling, large rustic chandelier

The fabrics and materials that texturize the space are widely used to create a country decor

pretty living room with chic country decor, two large woven baskets, rustic chandelier, long dining table, open space interior

small living room decor in the flea market spirit, authentic carpet, impressive DIY table, wooden top, beige curtains, vintage white painted furniture

A decoration from the past to create an authentic atmosphere 

decorating idea country house, raw wood beams, mosaic floor, tree trunks, several stacked cushions, small wall niches

country style living room, flea market spirit, red striped ottoman, small bedside, apothecary buffet, large hanging Greek lantern

blue carpet, round coffee table, beige corner sofa, window mirror, white sideboard, white wall paneling, fireplace, country chic decor living room

Elegance, softness, romantic shabby atmosphere 

large wooden table, wire basket, bouquet of roses, pastel colored cushions, window mirror, country style living room, flea market spirit

pretty living room in white and light gray, country style flea market decor, ottoman pouffe, exposed beams, green plants, white floor and walls

wooden and concrete ceiling, cozy country interior decor, second-hand furniture, cream colored curtain

Bright, super soft and romantic interior with large wooden table, exposed beams and white paint

country chic style decor, raw wood table, exposed beams, light gray sofa, jute rug, alcove under the window, bench

old country kitchen decor, lacquered wood floor, beige armchairs, hanging lamps, hanging cupboards

Raw materials and light colors – the two essentials of country house decor

living room in neutral colors, large brown sofa, rustic basket, recycled objects decoration, decorative cushions, wooden ladder

antique style sofa, lilac lampshade, light gray cushions, gray armchair, green wall panels

mint green coffee table, soft white carpet, rustic decorative objects, wooden wall shelf, two baroque bedside tables, window mirrors

Interior for those who know how to rejoice in the little moments of life

Persian rug, sleek candlestick, red sofa, large light gray ottoman and gray dog, cozy living room decor countryside spirit flea market

Living room with country house decor – furniture and accessories in patinated wood and authentic materials

Cozy country house deco, jute rug, upholstered pallet stool, large flea market style table, large white candlesticks, little white and black lamb

living room equipped with light gray carpet, cream armchair, round table in light wood, white slatted ceiling

Aged table and louvered windows

beige and white living room, shabby coffee table, light beige carpet, beige sofa, jute cushions, wooden wall paneling

carpet in sparkling colors, round table, white fireplace, vase with roses, pink wall paint, upholstered sofa, leather sofa

wooden living room table, hanging chandelier, brick fireplace, gray wall, wall shelf, large cozy living room

country chic deco living room, rustic chandelier, gray sofa, soft beige carpet, white slatted ceiling

Crystal ceiling light puts a touch of luxury in the authentic interior

light gray sofas, wooden coffee table, silver candlesticks, large crystal ceiling lamp, beige and taupe cushions

living room with colorful patterns, ottoman, fireplace, green wallpaper, beamed ceiling, colorful shabby sofa, Persian rug, fireplace

white sofa, Persian rug, striped cushions, cream-colored knitted plaid, blue wall, vases, aged frames

gray sofas, gray fireplace, gray coffee table, baroque shapes, display cases, shabby basket, decorated Christmas tree

Feminine colors and decoration with used furniture

raw wood table, pink armchair, raw wood coffee table, blue shelves, aged chest of drawers

white sofa, coffee table, white curtains, black and white check cushions, white knitted plaid, wooden floor

large bright living room, geometric beige carpet, raw wood and iron table, French windows, taupe sofas

industrial coffee table, decorative cushions, white shelf, lantern, deer statuette, flower pots, shabby carpet

Large clocks are important components of the countryside decor

white coffee table, jute rug, light cushions, wall clock, brown sofa, light gray armchair, table lamp

wood and iron table, gray carpet, gray sofa, decorative storage boxes, black and white cushions, country decor piece

large round table, metal chairs, sofa with red cushions, framed portrait, wooden ceiling

two white armchairs, taupe ottoman, light gray sofa, jute rug, white shelf, old candlesticks, white bookcase cabinet

country living room, vintage apothecary cabinet, cream sofa, white open shelves, black fan

red armchair, vintage table with storage, patchwork rug, large arched windows, open shelf, square armchair in pink

living room in wood and white, white carafe and vegetable decoration, cream sofa, white cupboards, statuettes of white horses