Decoration with balloons – over 60 photos!

Decoration with balloons… ?! Without doubt, it is the children who rejoice the most when there are balloons around them. Whatever their shape and color!

If you surprise them by throwing a party for them by originally decorating the place with balloons, then it would be an unforgettable moment for your child and for his friends..

Do not think that balloons are only used as decoration for birthdays and name days. The figures that could be formed from them are suitable for decorating all kinds of holidays: the beginning or the end of the school year, June 1, to welcome a new brother or sister. When there is the opportunity to party, we can always include the balloons …

Apart from the kind of balloons to choose, we will therefore offer you several ideas for decoration.

First, the balloons come in a wide range of colors. Are you going to prefer an entire rainbow or a combination of two colors or a shadow effect, maybe? How many colors you will need ?

Second, you need to decide whether you are going to use a Mylor balloon or a latex balloon. Mylar is best for outdoor events and parties – it is the type of balloon that comes in different sizes and shapes or with inscriptions sometimes, while the latex balloon cracks more easily and especially when you are outdoors. and keeping in mind the presence of children… And yet, latex balloons are lighter and it is easier to work with them. This is why in the ideas that we are going to propose to you, we will mainly have in mind the latex balloons.

Third, think about the quantity of balloons and the size of the space you have. The larger this space and the less full it is, the more balloons you will need… Latex balloons will be cheaper, especially if you inflate them yourself. Would you like just a few for a pretty decorative hint or do you want your guests to swim between your balloons? And, of course, you must have a little more balloons than you think you will need..

Then you need to decide between helium and non-helium balloons. You can decorate your entire space with non-helium balloons. It would be quick, cheaper and very easy. But in order to reveal the full possibilities of awesome balloon decoration, you will need helium balloons. Or a mixture of the two types of balloons.

You can buy your inflated balloons or you can inflate them yourself. In case their number is too large, it is better to opt for the first possibility.

You can think of different ways to hang them. Regardless of your access to helium, you should not leave your balloons here and there to randomly float on the ceiling or to drag on the ground. There are several ways to arrange them.

With helium balloons, you can:

  • tie the balloons with a string at the end
  • put them at different heights to form a wall

With non-helium balloons, you can:

  • fix them to the wall in different dimensions.
  • put a small dumpling or a coin in it, tie them with the strings and put them on the opposite side of the ceiling.

You can also group the balloons into different shapes. Perhaps, you would like an entire bunch of balloons, so why not combine their decorative strengths and group them into large, impressive bouquets.?

  • You can form an arch of balloons. If you have helium balloons and strings, you are almost ready!
  • Form flowers! Four balloons of one color make a petal. A different colored balloon in the middle will be the eye of your flower.
  • Or make a necklace! Take a pin and a string and string several balloons!

You can decorate them. It could be a part of your party. Using a few artistic means you can turn your balloons into real canvases for your masterpieces!

  • Two words: glue and shine. If you have them, you can use them to form a double effect
  • Permanent markers: you can draw the faces of your friends, for example.
  • Colors, watercolors and anything else you can find in your art drawer.

Have you thought about filling the balloons with something other than air?

  • Fill them with water, for example, but freeze them afterwards. So your drinks will stay cold and will be decorated in a very attractive way..
  • Fill them in with LED lights or glitter sticks. If you are having a night party this is a great way to surprise your guests.
  • Fill them with beans to form small bean bags

And finally, use them for a practical reason. Balloons are decorative, of course, but they can serve you well too. When asked why you have balloons scattered all over your house, it would be because you need them. Here are some reasons:

You can use them as an index of places. To get there, you have to fill them with helium, then attach them and mark them in order to finally tie them on your chairs …

Using ribbon, tie them against a closed door so that an avalanche of balloons covers the special guest when he opens the door …

… ETC…

Decoration with multicolored balloons (a bouquet)

01-decoration with multicolored balloons

Decoration with balloons in three colors

02-decoration with balloons in white, pink and green

Decoration with balloons in yellow.

03-decoration with balloons in yellow

Decoration with balloons – the letter A

04-decoration with balloons - the letter A

Decoration with transparent balloons.

05-decoration with transparent balloons

Happy Birthday!

07-decoration with balloons - Happy birthday

Balloons in front of the door

08-decoration with balloons in front of the door

Decoration with balloons in several colors

09-decoration with balloons in white, yellow and blue

A whole balloon dress

10-decoration with balloons in the shape of a dress

Three birds

11-decoration with bird-shaped balloons

12-bunch multicolored balloons

Love letter:

13-birthday balloon with the word Love

14-bouquet balloons different colors

15- bouquet balloons in pink

A bunch of multicolored balloons

16-bunch balloons on a pink background

17th birthday moon shaped balloon

18-garland of balloons in the shape of the number 2

And for Halloween …

20-decoration balloons for Halloween

21-decoration ice cream balloons

22-balloon garland in pink, white and green

White heart shaped balloons

25th birthday balloons in white

26-bunch fruit shaped balloons

27-bouquet balloons in bloom

A balloon wall on a sofa

28-bunch balloons on a sofa

29-heart-shaped balloon garland

30-garland of multicolored balloons

32-bouquet balloons in several colors

Decoration of balloons on a table

34-decoration balloons on a table

35-bouquet balloons in the shape of masks

Cartoon balloons hiding a girl

38-birthday cartoon balloon

39-three birthday balloons

41-balloon decoration as a vase

A silt

42-silt-shaped birthday balloon

43-decoration balloons in the shape of human figures

Bunch of balloons in black and white.

45-bouquet balloons in black and white

46-bouquet balloons hiding a girl

47-Donnuts-shaped birthday balloons

49-birthday balloons in gray

A garland of multicolored balloons

50-multicolored balloon garland

51-balloons for birthday in green

52-three balloons for birthday

A multitude of balloons

53-balloons for multitude birthday

54-balloons for a birthday bow in green

A small koala

55-decoration balloons in the shape of a coala

56-decoration fruit shaped balloons

57-balloons for birthday in pink

58 - Bunch of multicolored balloons


59-flower balloon garland

60-decoration balloons with the letter M

A beautiful balloon decoration near the Christmas tree

61-decoration balloons near the Christmas tree

62-decoration balloons in white

63-decoration balloons in trees

64-balloons for birthday in white

65-birthday balloons scattered

66-balloons for birthday with photos

A bunch of heart-shaped balloons

67-bunch of heart-shaped balloons

68-decoration balloons in the shape of dogs

A girl looking at a bunch of pink balloons

69-bouquet balloons in pink held by a child

70-bunch multicolored balloons on a slier