Establish a summer atmosphere in your interior thanks to the seaside decor

Do you constantly yearn for summer vacation when the sun and the sea breeze become our loyal friends? So, why not refresh your interior with a thematic makeover? With this comprehensive guide, you can easily create a magnificent seaside decor that will bring a note of warmth and seafaring spirit to your home. At your disposal: a rich gallery of inspiring designs as well as many creative ideas for making an aquatic-style object.

Transform your interior into a summer spirit using seaside decor

seaside decor idea in a white living room, raw wood console with small stool for a corridor or marine style living room

Tips and tricks for creating a marine atmosphere

Colors and light. To establish a relaxing atmosphere, natural light is our best ally. In addition to the windows, white paint is an excellent solution to gain in brightness. Shades of blue and green, for their part, also invite themselves into the space to add an authentic touch..

Materials. As in most decor trends, wood is becoming a predominant element in the seaside-themed interior. Accents in straw, rattan and any other type of plant fiber are also welcome in the interior. spirit coastalliving.

What colors and materials to favor for a successful thematic decor ?

example of a seaside house, interior design marine spirit, white living room furnished with wood and white furniture

Furniture. Apart from the classic pieces found in every house (bed, sofa, table, etc.), we advise you to install a hanging hammock, a rattan chair or an egg chair which will make the atmosphere even more comfortable and exotic.

Accessories. The possibilities here are almost endless. Cushions and decorative rugs with white and blue stripes patterns, wall suspensions with macrame knots and shells, creations in driftwood, pieces of work such as photos or oceanic landscape painting, green plants, DIY accessories made from marine rope … For those who are skilled with their hands, you will find several tutorials below to make your marine decorative objects yourself.

Driftwood or DIY shell accessories are an excellent idea to enhance your interior

marine decorative objects to do yourself, example DIY wall art with a mermaid pattern canvas in sand and seashell

Learn to paint in the oceanic spirit to decorate the space

how to paint an ocean landscape, DIY wall art, marine decoration idea with easy painting

How to paint a maritime landscape? Easy tutorial by craftberrybush

Materials :

  • acrylic paints
  • cloth
  • palette knife
  • brush flat brush
  • small round brush

Steps to follow :

  1. Mix the white and teal paints. Take the palette knife and immerse it in the turquoise mix. Spread horizontally on the upper part of the canvas (thus making the sea).
  2. Clean the palette knife and dip it in the Buff Titanium paint. Spread over the bottom half of the canvas (to create the beach).
  3. Dip the large flat brush in the water and then use it to spread the paint horizontally on the canvas.
  4. Dip the brush in the white paint and dab between the turquoise sea line and the sand.
  5. Using the knife and white paint, make waves in the sea.
  6. Paint some umbrellas as shown in the photo below.
  7. To paint people, use the round brush and make small dots and strokes.
  8. Add small details.

The steps to follow to succeed in this creative mission

learn how to make an ocean landscape, watercolor painting idea to do yourself, easy beach painting tutorial

Make a pretty wind chime with seashells and driftwood. Step by step from poindextr

Materials :

  • wooden branch floats
  • string
  • shellfish
  • drill or sharp pocket knife
  • paint

Production :

  1. Paint the seashells and let dry well.
  2. Drill holes with the drill or knife.
  3. Tie a knot in the string and slip a seashell. Repeat a few times to make a sort of garland.
  4. Make 5.6 seashell garlands.
  5. Tie the garlands on the driftwood.

Making a wind chime with driftwood and seashells

how to make a wind chime with seashell for a sea decoration, diy driftwood wind chime, idea what to do with seashell,

Fairy lights with seashell by bywilma

Materials :

  • seashells
  • light string
  • hot glue gun

Steps to follow :

Group the seashells in pairs (choosing seashells of roughly the same size). Using the hot glue gun, glue the seashells on the chain by inserting a light in each pair.

DIY light garland with seashells

manual activity to make a marine decoration, personalized light garland model with seashells

Marine decoration in an elegant bedroom

marine style interior design in a white bedroom furnished with wood furniture, wall art idea with seascape painting

Placemat in sisal rope by taradennis

Materials :

  • sisal rope
  • hot glue gun
  • round cork placemat
  • pencil

Production :

Using the pencil, mark the center of the round placemat. Take the rope and the hot glue gun. Start winding and gluing the rope on the placemat starting from the center. Cut the rope and glue the end.

Here’s how to DIY a sisal rope placemat

how to make a rope placemat, tutorial to create a sisal coaster, DIY accessory idea for a beach decoration

Dare to transform your decor with the help of a trendy paint in a navy green shade

how to arrange a marine style living room, trendy seaside decor wall painting idea in pastel green color

Create a magnificent candle holder in the marine spirit with this tutorial by suburble

example recycling glass jar, easy and quick manual activity, example of cheap DIY seaside decoration

Invite good humor and the holiday spirit to your home with the help of suitable accessories

seaside-themed interior design, multicolored carpet pattern, seaside-style decorative items

The amylattacreations site inspires us to create a pretty, super easy door hanger

step by step to make a marine decorative object, wooden door hanger model on the beach theme to do yourself

Relaxation and ultimate comfort in a minimalist room overlooking a lake

minimalist style interior design, white bedroom model with wooden parquet floor with marine decoration accessories

Bohemian chic decoration with hanging egg chair and wall of frames on a beach theme

how to arrange a living room in the aquatic spirit, model of hanging egg chair decorated with beach cushions

Customize an old mirror in the marine spirit using a rope – cool idea of ​​curbly

manual activity on sea deco theme, personalized mirror model with white rope, easy step by step to personalize a mirror

Several fantastic ideas to adopt the seaside decor

interior design on a marine theme, wall painting idea for beach decor, green bedroom model with sea accessory

Children’s room in the spirit of summer holidays

children's bedroom decor in the spirit of vacation, wall tapestry model with beach design

Craftberrybush tutorial to make a quick and easy marine accessory

making a small jewel in string and fake pebbles, DIY accessory for a marine decoration, summer manual activity

White and wood combine perfectly to establish a relaxing atmosphere

cheap seaside decoration idea, beach style interior design with wood furniture and beach accessories

seaside style decoration idea, minimalist bedroom layout with white walls and black floor

Make an easy wall decoration in the shape of an anchor with this step by step from gina-michele

easy step by step on a marine theme, idea for making a wall decoration, example of DIY seaside decoration cheap

what colors for a seaside house, white living room model with pastel blue green furniture and pink accessories

Inspiration to adopt the seaside decor without further delay

how to furnish a beach spirit bedroom, minimalist room model in white and wood with seaside accessories

example of a white and wood bedroom with accessories in pastel blue and green, minimalist marine deco idea

Some DIY creations in the marine spirit

what objects to make a marine decoration, interior design seaside style with DIY objects in rope and wood

what color in a marine style interior, example of a white living room with marine objects in white and pastel blue

The seaside decor comes in every room

bathroom model in the marine spirit, idea of ​​objects for a sea decoration, personalized mirror model with marine rope

how to decorate a bedroom in the marine spirit, model of a white room with objects of green and blue shades

How to transform an old lamp with a marine cord? Simple tutorial by pastelsandmacarons

diy easy bedside lamp, idea of ​​recuperating lamp in the marine spirit with rope, easy tutorial to make a marine decorative object

how to decorate a minimalist bedroom with accessories in the marine spirit, navy blue colored objects

manual activity on the beach theme, idea of ​​marine-style objects to do yourself, creative projects to make an object or marine furniture

A child’s room decorated with objects in shades of navy green

marine style bedroom model with white walls with wooden floor, example of cheap seaside decoration

creative projects to make a seaside-style decoration, DIY bathroom accessory model in a glass jar

navy style storage cabinet in dark blue wood and gold finish, seashell marine deco objects

Two examples of marine living room in white and blue

example how to decorate a white and blue living room in the marine spirit, idea of ​​a piece of art to make an oceanic wall decoration

bohemian chic style interior design with nautical style accessories, marine rug pattern with white and blue geometric patterns

Wall hanging model by danslelakehouse

steps to follow to make an easy marine decoration, DIY wall hanging model in blue and gray ropes

Make a fish painting with this tutorial from danslakehouse

example of cheap seaside decoration, easy tutorial to make a marine spirit decoration object, table with diy fish

steps to follow to create a decorative painting with fish, DIY object idea on a sea theme, easy and quick tutorial

bohemian chic style interior design with beach accessories, navy decor idea in a white room with straw accessory

Craftsbycourtney gives us a fantastic idea to bring a new look to old furniture

step by step to transform an old piece of furniture, easy recuperation furniture idea, how to decorate a cupboard with coral paint

marine decoration idea for a white bedroom with objects in plant fiber, straw pendant light model

Decorate a coffee table in an aquatic spirit with this simplestyling tutorial

creative project to make a table on a marine theme, furniture idea recup with turquoise paint and navy rope

how to decorate a child's room in the marine spirit, easy beach decorating idea, ethnic pendant light model

What to do with driftwood? Storage of clothes in a minimalist spirit

example of minimalist driftwood decoration, DIY driftwood clothing storage model, easy manual activity

how to decorate a dining room in the spirit of the sea, model of a white room furnished with wooden furniture

living room layout example with fireplace, how to decorate interior with driftwood furniture in the marine spirit

Welcoming bedroom in natural colors

minimalist interior design in a boho chic bedroom, minimalist beach deco idea with an ocean landscape painting

minimalist living room with retro style accessories and furniture, bohemian chic pendant light model

gray and blue bedroom model, how to make a stylish marine decor with vegetable fiber objects

Private children’s corner in white and blue with marine accessories

how to decorate a child's room in the marine spirit, white room of marine decor furnished with wooden furniture

make a cheap seaside decoration in the child's room, pastel blue wallpaper pattern with birds

exotic hanging egg chair model, seaside style decoration idea in a living room under the slope in white and wood

bedroom layout in the marine spirit, trendy navy blue or light blue paint for adult bedroom

what colors for a marine-style decor, example of a sea-themed decoration to do yourself with cushions

what color to associate with gray in a marine-style living room, oceanic room layout with navy blue furniture

Excellent paint for a successful marine decor in the living room

living room layout with marine decor, room with pastel blue walls and white ceiling furnished with wooden furniture

interior design jungalow style with seaside spirit objects, living room layout idea with beach accessories

decoration with objects or DIY driftwood furniture, white living room model furnished with dark wood furniture and beach objects

white room layout in seaside style, bedroom idea with green and blue shades accessories

White living room decorated with many wooden objects

how to decorate a white living room with furniture and wooden objects, example of navy decor with blue cushions

stylish living room interior design with white walls with dark wood furniture, wall art with ocean painting for marine deco

what objects to choose to create a navy decoration in the white living room, idea how to match the navy blue color

living room layout with gray and white striped wallpaper walls with dark floor, wooden objects for a navy blue color

Another creative idea to make an object of marine spirit

easy manual activity to make a marine decorative object, what to do with wood floats, diy wooden lantern and rope

how to decorate a dining room in the marine spirit, idea how to integrate the color navy blue in the decor

example of a minimalist living room with marine spirit objects, wood cabinet with navy green cover, diy driftwood pendant light

how to arrange a seaside house, example of marine trendy paint, beach house interior design

The driftwood pendant light is a key element in this decor

how to decorate a white living room with wooden furniture, driftwood lighting idea for a marine decoration

example of marine interior design in a white and wood living room, decorative object on the surf theme, how to furnish a beach house

bohemian and minimalist style interior design with nautical accessories, cheap seaside decoration idea

white room with dark parquet with vintage wood cabinet, ocean style wall decoration idea with aquatic motifs photo frame

adult bedroom layout in the marine spirit, decoration idea with navy green color, trendy green paint

Mix of styles and materials in this seaside and beach decor

bohemian style interior design with beach accessories, driftwood deco idea with diy objects, succulent plants or cacti idea

how to revamp an old wooden front door, example of a reclaimed wood door with pastel blue paint and wreath

how to arrange a child's room in marine style, hanging egg chair idea for a marine decor

white living room layout with objects in shades of blue, idea of ​​navy blue objects for an oceanic decor

how to decorate a retro chic dining room with navy style objects, navy blue paint idea

Example of a super cozy child’s bedroom decorated with blue and green objects

navy decoration in a white child's room, idea of ​​marine-inspired objects in navy green color and shades of blue

seaside decorating idea in a white living room with high ceiling with dark wood floor, turquoise blue cushion model

dark wood floor dining room layout with light wood furniture, navy blue chair model

navy-style interior design with wooden objects and accessories with blue and white stripes patterns, white and blue living room decor

seaside house idea, living room model with beige walls and white ceiling furnished with large corner sofa

The white and blue combination is a key element in the marine decor

marine style decoration in a living room with white and blue striped ceiling, decorative cushions pattern shades of orange and blue

how to furnish a marine style house, example of marine decor with wood furniture and ocean pattern accessories

model of small white bathroom with blue floor, decoration idea with driftwood cabinet and wood accessories

navy decoration in a minimalist bedroom with white walls and wooden floor, example of a navy blue cabinet

how to create a sea decoration in a living room, coffee table model decorated with marine rope aquatic objects

what colors to associate in a seaside house, white living room model with furniture and accessories in shades of blue

white living room layout with white wood furniture, retro style decor with nautical accessory, easy marine decor idea

navy decor idea in a child's room, what colors to associate in a seaside-style room

Green plants add a natural note to each type of decoration

cheap seaside decoration idea, living room layout in jungalow style and seaside with green plants

minimalist interior design in white and wood, living room layout with white ceiling with exposed beams, minimalist marine decor

marine style interior design, white room layout with dark wood floor with dark brown furniture

idea of ​​driftwood furniture with a raw wood armchair, marine spirit decoration with ocean landscape photos in white frame

how to arrange a bedroom in the beach spirit, interior idea on a surf theme, example of marine decoration

easy marine decoration idea with plant fiber objects, white living room layout with light wood furniture

Outdoor decor idea on the beach theme

what objects to decorate your terrace in the spirit of the sea, examples of marine decoration on the veranda, marine decoration idea in white and green

how to arrange a white living room with high ceiling with wooden furniture, example of marine decoration in the minimalist spirit

white room furnished with wooden furniture, seaside style decoration idea in a white bedroom

white dining room with dark wood floor, driftwood pendant light, room with sea decor

living room with sea decor with wooden objects and furniture, living room layout with beige walls with light and dark wood furniture

how to decorate a living room in the marine spirit, example of marine decoration with objects of green and blue shades

cushions in pastel blue to make an easy navy decor, white living room model with decorative objects in blue colors

This is how to fit out your summer vacation home perfectly

marine style interior design, seaside house idea in total white interior with wooden furniture and beige objects

example of seaside style decoration with ocean photos, beige room furnished with dark wood furniture and gray sofa

beige and white dining room furniture with wood furniture, cheap seaside decoration ideas with ocean landscape wall panels