Impressive decoration for a modern or typical hippie bedroom

If you have a free spirit and a wild soul, chances are you admire the hippie or boho chic style. So you know that there are several good reasons to adopt it in your home! Above all, have a hippie room will allow you to express your personality. Since this is a trend that cannot be labeled, you have complete freedom to experiment with various colors and patterns. Be brave and create a unique space to impress your guests or just to feel comfortable in a warmer and more comfortable atmosphere. Follow our advice and examine our selection of original designs to bring a bohemian touch to your home.

First and foremost, the hippie style is all about the individual. Spiritual energy, love for nature and art, adventure and travel… These are the key points for this trend. This means that to create a thematic atmosphere, you have a great choice and plenty of possibilities. Mix bright and warm colors, aim for contrasts. Give voice to your creativity, to your imagination. Use ethnic patterned rugs, killim throw pillows, faux fur plaids and blankets. Hang a indian tapestry above your bed. Antique furniture that has not yet lost its charm is welcome. You can also customize them a bit with a few touches of fresh paint.

In terms of decoration. Opt for original elements and items of sentimental value. Photos with wooden frames, murals, portraits … To transform the place and give it a mystical or magical air, install light garlands. Spend a few fun hours indulging in a productive manual activity – the macrame technique and especially wall dyes. You can also use Moroccan rugs to decorate the walls. Add some rattan objects. Green plants refer to wild life. Brighten up the space with natural elements and several aromatic candles.

Cozy design of a typical hippie bedroom

hippie bedroom, Indian wall dye, wooden chest, plush carpet

Choose natural materials

bohemian decor, ethnic rugs, decorative cushions, wooden walls, rocking chair, photos

Fairy lights create a magical atmosphere

hippie decor, four-poster bed, books, soft carpet, light garland

Indian paintings are very suitable

bohemian bedroom decor, elephant painting, bohemian girl, large window

Use several valuable objects and photos sentimental to decorate the walls

bohemian decoration, multicolored carpet, dark wood parquet, wooden photo frames

Rattan chair and ceiling with surfboards

bohemian rug with ethnic patterns, white ceiling, surfboards, round rug, green plants

Indian or mandala motif wall dyes

hippie bedroom, faux fur pillow, dream catcher, indian rug

Bright colors are typical for hippie decor

bohemian living room, turquoise chairs, crystal chandelier, floral tapestry, candles

White painted brick walls with hat decoration

hippie room, brick walls, rattan chair, green plant, dark blue sofa

Original model of a multicolored sofa

bohemian decor, wooden walls, multicolored bohemian sofa, large window

Mom and daughter in the bohemian atmosphere of the living room

bohemian bedroom decor, little blonde girl, sofa with ethnic patterns, green plants, bookcase

Ceiling with wooden beams and white walls

hippie decor, pink stool, carpet with fringes, wooden ceiling, crystal chandelier

Canopy decoration and curtains for the wooden ceiling

bohemian decoration, wooden bed, wooden floor, white bed throw, flower wall stain

Relaxation and reading corner in warm and natural colors

bohemian living room, beige stool, books, green plants, carpet with fringes

The dream catcher is one of the mandatory symbols for the hippie style

bohemian decor, large mirror, light garland, dreamcatcher, wooden cabinet

bohemian bedroom decor, wooden ceiling, white walls, blue carpet

Western inspiration for a cool design of your bed

hippie decor, Indian wall dye, canopy bed, light garland

Macrame wall dye and lots of green plants

bohemian decoration, wooden ladder, macrame wall stain, books, plants, white walls

bohemian rug, green plant hanger, soft rug, white walls

Music is the favorite art of many bohemian minds

hippie bedroom, round wall stain, diy chandelier, guitar, wood shelf

bohemian decor, wooden and brick walls, large window, multicolored cushions

The hippie room in all its splendor

bohemian bedroom decor, green plants, bedside lamp, Indian rugs

hippie decor, multicolored carpet, green plant, rattan chair

Cozy bed with faux fur cushions and fringed plaid

bohemian decoration, wooden parquet, faux fur cushion, Indian dye

bohemian sofa in dark blue, light garland, fluffy carpet, tassel tassel wall decoration

bohemian decor, ethnic rugs, decorative cushions, round table, long orange curtains

bohemian bedroom decor, green plants, long curtains, faux fur cushions

Private place in dark shades and multicolored light garland

hippie decor, bouquet of flowers, wrought iron headboard, Indian carpet

bohemian decoration, ceiling fan, light garland, cushions with elephant

hippie room, ceiling with wooden beams, light garland, hanging lamp

bohemian decor, desk with shelf, light garland, wall decoration with photos

Original idea for your exterior as well as for the interior

hippie decor, red stool, ethnic sofa, long orange and blue curtains

bohemian decor, soft carpet, white chair, candlesticks, butterfly painting

Hippie pieces are distinguished by an abundance of colors, patterns and sentimental objects

bohemian decoration, green plants, ethnic rugs, decorative cushions, long curtains

bohemian living room, exotic plants, soft rugs, hanging lamps, wooden shelf

bohemian decor, green plant, wooden parquet, rocking chair, decorative cushions

We are always looking for harmony with nature

bohemian bedroom decor, large window, green bed throw, light garland

hippie decor, red cushions, plaid in ethnic patterns, wooden bedside table

Hippie design for your bathroom

bohemian decoration, bathroom, sink, long curtains with floral motifs

bohemian bedroom decor, killims cushions, ethnic pattern cushions

bohemian decor, green hammock with fringes, decorative cushions, multicolored carpet

Transform the bedroom with a super impressive bed frame

bohemian bedroom decor, wooden bed frame, long green curtains, red and white carpet

hippie decor, beige walls, multicolored carpet, long curtains, green plants

hippie bedroom, yellow bed throw, red plaid, white wooden headboard

Install a wooden bench in front of the bed for more cozyness

bohemian decor, white walls, ceiling with wooden beams, empty photo frames

bohemian bedroom decor, dreamcatcher, light garland, green plants

Rattan chair on soft carpet – the perfect corner for reading

hippie decor, rattan chair, soft carpet, dark walls, hippie room

bohemian bedroom decor, wooden ladder, green plants, wooden shelves

hippie decor, round rattan chair, soft plaid, orange carpet, green plant

Large windows provide enough natural light in the bedroom

bohemian decoration, tropical plants, large window, wooden shelf

hippie bedroom, green bed throw, ethnic tapestry, light garland

bohemian decor, wall dye, light garland, dreamcatcher, round table

Customize the interior with a DIY garland or a killim cushion

hippie decor, wooden headboard, mini cactus, ethnic patterned cushion, white bed linen

bohemian decoration, khaki bed throw, photos, decorative cushions, wooden parquet

hippie room, large mirror, hanging lamp, roof window, candle holders

Hippie style living room with cushions and carpets in ethnic patterns

bohemian living room, ethnic carpet, white walls, green plant

hippie bedroom, light garland, book shelves, dreamcatcher

bohemian bedroom decor, beige bed throw, ethnic pattern cushions, light garland

Hippie room full of color and good humor

bohemian decoration, multicolored curtains, round orange carpet, wooden walls

hippie room, ceiling with wooden beams, red sofa, ethnic rugs

hippie room, ethnic rug, green armchair, bouquet of orange tulips

Express your personality through all the objects in the room

bohemian decor, green plant suspension, ethnic carpet, hippie room

bohemian bedroom decor, black chandelier, soft carpet, red cushions, black headboard

hippie room, chests, rugs with fringes, decorative cushions

Consider making a DIY garland with photos of unforgettable moments

hippie decor, ethnic patterned bed throw, Indian wall dye

hippie room, dark worm walls, multicolored carpet, wooden picture frame

bohemian bedroom decor, wooden beam ceiling, wall stain, hippie decor

hippie room, large window, wall dye, ethnic pattern cushions

Multicolored armchairs and green cabinet in shabby chic style

bohemian decor, red carpet, ethnic patterned armchair, decorative cushions, candles

bohemian decoration, wooden chairs, ethnic rugs, books, wooden photo frames

hippie room, wooden walls, ethnic rug, modern fireplace, dark blue armchair, large window

bohemian decoration, green plants, wooden photo frames, red stool, bohemian living room

Pure and white vibe in modern hippie style

hippie room, white walls, wooden floors, ethnic rugs, stools, rocking chair

bohemian bedroom decor, ethnic carpet, round mirror, white wooden armchair, coffee table

Poufs on brick walls

bohemian decoration, gray sofa, multicolored carpet, wooden table, red pouf

hippie room, wooden floor, red wall, ethnic pattern cushions

Cushions are never enough

hippie room, white walls, crystal chandelier, large windows, round table, red sofa

bohemian bedroom decor, ethnic carpet, wooden chair, macrame wall dye

bohemian decoration, large window, multicolored carpet, ethnic sofa

Hang an Indian rug on the wall to adopt the hippie style in your interior

hippie room, turquoise armchair, wooden table, beige carpet, wall dye

bohemian bedroom decor, tapestry, book shelves, light garland

hippie room, oval mirror, large window, green wall, ceiling with wooden beams, straw basket

hippie room, ethnic carpet, green plants, white ceiling, large window, straw basket