Low-cost kitchen makeover – how to succeed with our 64 tips and simple ideas

A very convivial room, in the house the kitchen is affirmed as a point of attraction for the whole family. In the evening, after a hard day at work or school, you are drawn to the tasty aromas that emerge. The appetite kicks in, the conversation lifts your spirits – we get our daily dose of stress reliever. The importance of this room is then indisputable and hence also the need for renovation or kitchen makeover periodic also becomes.

Undertaking more substantial work requires quite a bit of effort and investment which is nevertheless quite significant. However, it’s better not to worry too much because today decor experts have found several ways to give a kitchen a makeover without breaking the bank and without having to undo everything. Inspired by “home staging” techniques, today we are going to show you some tips and advice to completely change the atmosphere in your kitchen at a lower cost.

Kitchen makeover idea in pastel tones to create a cozy and warm country chic atmosphere

kitchen makeover idea in pastel tones, wooden worktop, table, bench and chairs, pastel green shelf, pink, green and pastel blue crockery, gray and white wall decoration

Repaint the kitchen walls

A coat of paint will give your kitchen a good facelift. Be aware, however, that the choice of paint is not done by chance. Because the kitchen, like the bathroom, is a little more humid and exposed to several risks. Splashes, grease stains … the first steps in the art of cooking are often unsuccessful. For all these reasons, the paint you choose to repaint the walls must be suitable for all of these conditions. That is to say, it must be washable and resistant and above all specially designed for such types of parts. There are actually quite a few manufacturers who have already come up with such types of proposals..

Nevertheless, acrylic paint is emerging as the most suitable solution because it meets all these specificities of the kitchen. Again, prefer satin finishes which stand out for their strength and ease of maintenance.

Repaint your kitchen in yellow and combine it with red accents – a great kitchen makeover idea

repaint the kitchen, yellow walls, cupboards and splashback repainted in white, brown parquet, red vacuum cleaner and stove, pale green worktop

When it comes to colors, it all depends on the mood you want to create. Still, neutrals are a nice idea, even more so if you want to visually expand the space. Kitchens that focus on whites, beiges, grays and browns are not a rare phenomenon. For an ultra modern and chic style, consider a kitchen in white, red and black. For a rather country or shabby chic atmosphere, bet once again on white and pastel tones. Two coats of paint should usually suffice.

Kitchen makeover idea in gray with small touches of white. The result is a modern kitchen with clean lines

repaint your kitchen in gray, walls, central island and kitchen facade in anthracite gray, splashback and light gray concrete-look floor covering

Repainting kitchen furniture in mint green – a key, favorite color for kitchen makeovers

repaint kitchen cabinet in mint green, central island, kitchen front, green cupboard, stainless steel appliances and white and gray floor

Refresh cupboards

Another makeover solution is to give new life to your closets by repainting them. Here too, we will not use just any type of paint but a furniture renovation paint. Again, it is best if it is washable and durable. Prepare the substrate first by sanding the surface first in case it is not lacquered or already repainted or you can also simply apply an undercoat for the substrate instead of sanding. We also recommend here acrylic paint or resin paint. Otherwise, another solution to save money and time is the decorative stickers and adhesives for furniture which are very suitable in case your cabinet surface is flat. They are easy to put on and take off and will produce the same effect as paint.

Repainting your kitchen sometimes means repainting the cupboards. They might just change the mood on their own

repaint kitchen cabinet, remove and paint white cabinet doors in the kitchen, idea how to renovate your kitchen

Renovating your kitchen is often linked to choosing a stronger color scheme. Here is a good example of how to refresh the atmosphere

repaint kitchen cabinet, cupboards repainted in green and pastel blue, central island and wooden table, wooden worktop and splashback decorated with drawings

Renovate the credenza 

The splashback is another surface that could take paint. Tile paint is distinguished by its extreme richness in terms of tones. Several stores sell it and you won’t have a hard time finding it. An alternative solution are new self-adhesive adhesives which will also add some pep to your kitchen. These allow you to adorn your splashback with a pretty landscape or an oriental patchwork or mosaic.

Successful kitchen makeover thanks to this magnificent splashback in tiles repainted in aqua green

idea how to repaint the splashback in water green, white kitchen front, vintage handles, rustic raw wood shelf, plants, copper-colored utensils

Tile stickers with floral and geometric patterns. Pretty Portuguese-inspired mosaic. A great idea to revamp your kitchen

Portuguese tile stickers, patchwork mosaic of adhesives with different floral and geometric patterns, white crockery and light wood worktop

You can also opt for a pretty border of stickers with a modern print. Here is an interesting suggestion to renovate your kitchen

renovate your kitchen, example how to relook in tiles, tile sickers, flamingo pattern in frieze, concrete effect worktop and cupboards, repainted in dark blue

And the work plan?

If your countertop is wood as in many cases, consider sanding the surface and repainting it and finish with a layer of resin on top. Or you can skip these steps and simply put on new plaster or a coat of waxed concrete. A last solution is to put a brand new work plan, on top of the one you already have but you must take into account the modification of the dimensions which is inevitable..

A wooden worktop to create a chic country atmosphere. Interesting suggestion to redo your kitchen without breaking the bank

Renovated raw wood worktop, idea how to revamp a kitchen, white tiling, light bulb suspensions, baskets with fruits and vegetables, wooden storage crate

Renew knobs and handles

A tiny change can transform the mood in the kitchen as well. So replacing old knobs and handles could also play a decisive role in your kitchen makeover project. You will be fascinated to find that there is actually a very wide variety of knobs and handles designs that adapt to any style – vintage, modern, rustic, etc..

Change the knobs and handles to add a touch of splendor. Here’s how to renovate your kitchen with little touches

change the knobs and handles with gold pieces on a light gray kitchen cabinet, give your kitchen a makeover

A rustic white kitchen with vintage handles. Very nice kitchen makeover

idea to renovate your kitchen, how to change the handles of furniture, kitchen facade repainted in white, oven in pastel blue, vintage kitchen

Add a designer lighting, shelves, retouch your furniture or appliances

In the kitchen, having proper lighting is a must and should be oriented towards activity areas like the countertop and kitchen island, if available. Add some designer suspensions, spots or integrated LED lighting to your splashback. You will thus create a beautiful setting in scene with different focal points.

Idea how to redo your kitchen without changing the furniture? Opt for original suspensions

idea of ​​metal suspensions, idea how to redo your kitchen at a lower cost through lighting

Another decorative element, likely to change everything, are the shelves. Why clutter up your closets, when you can optimize space by adding a few shelves. Aside from their functionality, they are a decorative element that allows you to display your pretty collection of shabby chic tableware, for example. You can even make such a shelf yourself using a wooden crate or maybe a recycled skateboard. You can also think about installing hanger bars – another handy tool for storing your kitchen utensils.

A wooden and metal shelf, rustic design – a small decorative element that could give a kitchen a makeover

rustic wood and metal shelf, storage for kitchen utensils, crockery and cutlery, ingredients stored in glass jars

Sand, repaint and lacquer your dining area furniture to bring it back to life. Note that renovation paints for appliances exist as well. Otherwise, another option is to revamp your cabinet with washi tape or again with stickers that could also hide some imperfections, due to wear.

A fridge repainted in yellow – a contrasting piece in an all white kitchen

how to repaint a fridge, appliances, clean white kitchen idea with a yellow accent

Do the same with the chairs in the dining area… one, two coats of paint and they will be brand new

repaint kitchen cabinet, repainted yellow chairs, central island and mint green kitchen front, wooden worktop, original pendant lights

Small charming accessories

Lately, pay attention to small decorative accents. Small shabby-style storage boxes, pretty glass jars to store your ingredients and herbs, flower pots if you want to bring a touch of freshness. You can repaint a section of wall or the door of a cupboard with chalkboard paint where you can chalk your shopping list or the ingredients of a recipe you would like to try.

Plants are a great decorative idea to invite the outdoors into the kitchen. Fresh idea to revamp your kitchen

idea to revamp a wooden kitchen, beige worktop, white tiles and several green plants to refresh the atmosphere

An example of a renovated kitchen – how to do it?

Finally, a small case study that uses some of the techniques already mentioned above. What we did to freshen up this slightly dark kitchen was to simply repaint the cupboards white and add some tile stickers. As you can see in the photo below, the difference is obvious and on top of that it cost almost nothing.

Example of a charming kitchen makeover. The light color of the kitchen cabinet will invite light and create the illusion of space

repaint your kitchen before after, a wooden kitchen cabinet, repainted in white, tiling revamped with adhesive stickers

Renovate your kitchen thanks to the advice of the pros. Here are some interesting videos that will help you

Repainting your kitchen has never been so easy. Here are some makeover ideas that prove that painting could totally transform your kitchen

repaint kitchen cabinet in pastel blue, white wall paneling and open white shelves for crockery storage

repaint kitchen cabinet in anthracite gray, splashback and white worktop, chic country decor and wooden and metal shelf

repaint the kitchen in mint green for the kitchen facade, back wall in blue, stainless steel appliances, wooden table and metal chairs

suggestion how to repaint your kitchen in gray, gold handles, white tiles and pink door, black and white carpet

repaint kitchen cabinet, example central island repainted in yellow, customized tiling with white and blue stickers, wooden worktop, white shelves, ball pendant lights

An accent wall in duck blue to create contrast in this classic white kitchen

repaint your kitchen in duck blue, facade, white cupboards, stainless steel appliances, gray parquet, modern kitchen

renovate its kitchen, cabinet repainted in light green, beige tiling on the floor and white on the splashback, dining area with round table and vintage chairs

kitchen repainted in black and stainless steel appliances, kitchen makeover idea, white splashback, wooden shelves, oriental rug

classic kitchen makeover idea, white kitchen facade with wood worktop, amrron wood parquet, white tiled splashback

repaint your kitchen, kitchen model repainted in raspberry color, gray splashback, white and brown carpet, hanging crockery

Makeover a kitchen by keeping the wood for a warm appearance

revamp a vintage wooden kitchen with folded surface, marble worktop, light wood parquet

redo your kitchen, facade cupboards repainted in anthracite gray, brown parquet, oriental carpet, marble worktop and white shelves

Repaint your kitchen before after – here are some photos that will encourage you to get started.

repaint his kitchen before after, wooden kitchen repainted in white, central island changed, darker parquet, sky blue accents

repaint her kitchen before after, cupboards upstairs repainted in white and cupboards downstairs, repainted in gray

repainting the kitchen before after, wood kitchen facade, repainted in gray, beige tiles, anturelle stone splashback

wooden kitchen makeover idea, repainted in white, light parquet, guarded wallpaper wall, wood worktop

kitchen makeover, repaint the bottom of the kitchen in charcoal gray, white kitchen furniture, and central island in light wood

redo his kitchen, painted cupboards in light gray and changed handles, wooden worktop, light parquet,

Repaint the splashback in gray to match the color of the cupboards – a charming kitchen makeover

revamp a kitchen, tiled splashback repainted in gray dark blue kitchen facade, white worktop and white and blue floor tiles with floral patterns

revamp a kitchen, furniture repainted in off-white, central wooden island with wooden worktops, brown tiling, British style decoration

redo your kitchen, example kitchen facade repainted in blue and worktop repainted in mauve, dining area with wooden table and bench and Scandinavian chairs

Furniture repainted in charcoal gray and gray, black and white tile stickers for a graphic atmosphere

kitchen repainted in navy blue, white worktop, gray, black and white tile stickers, fresh flower decoration

Consider decorating the back wall behind the shelves – this will create a very interesting effect

white shelves with a customized wallpaper background, black and white female face patterns, white splashback tiles, marble worktop

Sections of the wall, decorated with slate paint, are still a very popular solution for renovating your kitchen.

idea of ​​a wall repainted in slate paint for a blackboard, planning chalk drawings, black metal stools, white tiles, redoing your kitchen

idea of ​​a whole wall repainted in slate paint blackboard with chalk, white fridge, light parquet, pink pompom garland, utensils storage table

Copper tubes as handles … or why not use them to create a shelf like this one

door handles cupboards and shelf in copper tubes, kitchen facade repainted in light gray, white tiling, small green accents, renovating the kitchen

copper tube door handles, worktop, white kitchen facade, idea how to renovate a kitchen

Small decorative accents in green and pastel blue to create a chic country atmosphere. A simple tip for renovating your kitchen

kitchen decoration idea, country chic decorative accents, flowerpot vase, kettle, pastel blue, white curtain with colorful feathers, white facade

clever storage idea in the kitchen in glass jars, hung at the back of a cupboard, makeover a kitchen how to do

Changing the faucets is another option to consider to revamp your kitchen

change the faucet, easy kitchen makeover idea, a worn white faucet, changed with a stainless steel part

easy kitchen makeover, vintage faucets, white tiles, rustic wood cutting board

A wall decoration for a successful kitchen makeover 

how to revamp a kitchen, put art, frame with black and white photos as a splashback, white kitchen cabinet

Display your kitchen utensils to make the decor more captivating. Opt for open storage!

hanging kitchen utensils on golden tubes, wooden table and chairs, book shelf, industrial rustic kitchen

makeover kitchen with a wooden shelf and hooks to hang kitchen utensils, tableware storage

repaint kitchen cabinet, kitchen cupboards and drawers repainted in ocher yellow and pastel pink, wooden wine bottle storage and utensil holder tube

makeover a kitchen, kitchen utensils storage idea, grid suspended from the ceiling in a yellow kitchen

Put a rug on the floor to introduce a warm accent

arrange a carpet, idea how to redo your kitchen at a lower cost with small decorative accents

Adhesive wallpaper to hide the wear and tear that has seized our fridge

self-adhesive wallpaper to revamp your fridge, idea how to renovate your kitchen at a lower cost

Repainted or customized fridge with washi tape strips – a great idea to redo your kitchen without changing the furniture

vintage fridge repainted in yellow and small storage shelf, kitchen makeover idea through the transformation of appliances

idea of ​​custom fridge with washi tape strips. white kitchen with wooden worktops and beige tiles

Hide areas you don’t want exposed with a cheery patterned curtain 

install a curtain to hide storage, wooden worktop and furniture repainted in white, white shelves, brown tiles, vintage decoration