Magnificent designer iron wall decoration – 68 metal creations for every taste

Sometimes the interior is transformed with small decorative elements – original, symbolic, modern or antique. If you have a strong passion for decor trends, you may already know that metallic finishes are really on the rise. Impressed by this authentic yet futuristic design, we’ll show you how to adopt a design iron wall decor metallic. For all those looking for a change of mood, welcome to us and discover below a rich selection of the best creations in iron and other metals to beautify your walls with a note of good taste and personality..

Dress the walls with elegance by choosing a design iron wall decoration

examples of metal wall decoration in square mirror version with wrought iron frames, iron design with circles and tree branches below dark wood cabinet

Iron has long been used as a favorite material for making exterior constructions such as gates and fences. Curious to see some examples? Do not hesitate to take a look at the article: wrought iron door … But iron is not long in coming to our interiors too. In various shapes – mirrors, picture frames, shelves, lamps, sculptures and many other creations, iron brings a robust and artisanal accent to the decor.

Rest area in earthy colors and metallic finishes for adventurous souls

resting corner furnished with wooden chair covered with striped plaid and cushions in earthy color with metal design wall decoration

Often seen as a key element in modern and traditional styles (country, industrial, Moroccan or minimalist decor), iron combines perfectly with a large number of materials to create an original decor. It is not uncommon to see an impressive combination of iron and other metals or the iron-wood duo. So, for example, you can embellish your home with an original creation entirely made of iron or opt for a decoration in a mix of metals: copper, gold, silver, iron etc. In addition, it is possible to paint the objects in various colors to adapt them to the already established mood.

Different models of creations in iron and other metals to quickly transform the decor

wrought iron wall decoration models in the shape of a zebra animal design sculpture, white and black living room interior with green plants

Among the favorite alternatives for an iron wall decoration we see especially the maps of the world. This pretty accent can reveal our passion for geography or travel. In addition, by combining it with some iron photo frames we create a world map of unforgettable memories. Take the modern design of this living room as an example. The paint in gray tones refers to the industrial style, while the white ceiling with wooden beams and the bookcase add a rustic note to the ambience. The floor lamp and the sofa remain in the palette of neutral shades to give a rather monotonous and stylish look to the space. The result – a modern piece that mixes different styles. But how do you bring a taste of personality and uniqueness into the atmosphere? The fantastic iron world map design decoration and black framed family photos help us accomplish the task successfully..

Modern and stylish atmosphere with a pretty wall decoration in iron and white-black photo frames

modern interior design with gray walls and brown parquet with beige corner sofa and iron deco world map with photo frames

To prove to you that iron objects are distinguished by their versatility and adapt to each style and decoration, we turn our gaze to another photo, this time with an iron “bottles and glasses” design. A nice original accent to adorn the walls of the kitchen, the dining room and why not the garden (and any other corner according to your preferences). Apart from its impressive design, the dark color of the iron creation contrasts perfectly with the beige walls which makes it visually stand out. In addition, the small colorful touches with metallic reflections bring a burst of cheerfulness and good humor into the space..

Deco that will quench thirst for stylish design

beautiful iron creation to hang on the wall design of champagne and wine bottles with wrought iron glasses

Floral design to revive white walls

decorating idea in a room with white walls with white cabinet furniture and metal wall ornaments

Some great ideas for decorating the walls with candle holders in iron or other metals

interior design and decoration with metal objects, metal design wall decoration in the shape of circles iron candle holders

The tree of life to create your own family decor

old cabinet model in dark raw wood decorated with flower pot and wooden candle holder, example of metal wall decoration in the shape of a family tree with photo frames

Mirrors are a perfect decorative element that adds aesthetics and visually expands the space

idea how to arrange a living room bedroom or hallway with living room wall decoration in metal mirror design

Fantastic eternal combination of wood and iron

wall decoration living room with powder pink walls with light wood furniture with wrought iron legs and pretty wooden frame with wrought iron

This is how this object with a classic design gives character to the space

wrought iron and raw wood deco model to hang on the walls, example of interior design style in dark wood and black metal

Bird cage for a decoration in the natural spirit

romantic atmosphere in a room with pastel yellow walls with wooden cabinet and white vase, metal wall decoration in the shape of an iron bird cage

Stylish decoration template with geometric lines and dark tones

elegant design wall decoration template with square brown frames and branches and birds in dark shades

Stylish interior with contrasting white-black tones and a touch of green 

stylish interior design with black walls with white sofa cabinet and green plants, how to decorate a living room with metal wall object

Iron creation with portal design with scrolls and floral motifs

interior design object with wrought iron doors design with scrolls and floral patterns, idea of ​​creation in iron for interior

Another idea to embellish the walls with a metal world globe design decoration

example of a deco world map with dark walls with cabinet cabinet in raw brown wood and black metal

Second version of the wall decoration with metal birdcage design

romantic interior with beige walls with metal design wall decoration in the form of wall suspension with iron bird cage

Luxurious and stylish interior with metallic accent on the white wall

luxurious and modern interior design with white walls with large flower pot in anthracite gray and metal wall decoration

Romantic industrial style element

original interior decoration object with a metal heart design, creative iron model to hang on the wall

Pretty stylish and elegant design in this dark hallway with gold finishes

stylish decorative idea in a hallway with dark walls and wooden floors furnished with wood and gold furniture, nice metal decoration with triangular patterns

example of oriental wall decoration in iron with golden reflections, metal wall creation with scroll patterns

Industrial clock with visible metal mechanism

industrial style interior with light gray walls with red vase and metal clock model with mechanism

metal wall decoration object with animal design, example of a metallic creation for interior decoration in the shape of a horse

Tropical spirit with this metal decoration

stylish tropical atmosphere with a metal wall decoration with flamingo motifs, metal creation to hang on the wall

wall decoration object for culinary space or living room with design bottles and glasses of alcohol with ornaments in metallic leaves

Splendid model of metal shelf to adorn walls with style

idea how to decorate a wall with metal design storage cabinet in the form of wrought iron shelves and scroll pattern decoration

modern and stylish interior design with walls and white parquet with white sofa and black round table, decorative accent with iron decorative world map

idea how to arrange a living room open to the dining room with beige walls and white ceiling with black metal wall decoration

Abstract art creation in silver finish

magnificent object of art to decorate the walls with abstract metal design, creation in silver finish for stylish decoration

stylish interior with beige walls with metal wall decoration with floral design and golden leaves with dark metal frames

With a coat of paint you can adapt each object to the chosen interior design

vintage style decoration with a piece of furniture in gray and white paint decorated with a metal creation painted in white and beige

decorative object of Westerne spirit with metal design, creation in metal with welcome words and stars to hang on walls

Inspirational metal words at your fingertips

idea of ​​personalized interior decoration in a corner with taupe walls with vintage wood cabinet and metal letters

personalized decoration in a hallway with white walls with golden design curtains and dark wood cabinet, metal wall decoration with photo frames

Inspiration for metal design iron wall decoration

retro interior design with decorative metal creations, dark round clock model with mechanism and white numbers

rustic interior with beige walls and carpet with dark leather sofa furniture and small wall decoration in the shape of iron circles

Metal world map – decorative element that attracts attention from the first glance

idea how to decorate a brick wall with iron design deco world map, corridor or entrance layout with metal wall decoration

iron deco world map as an art deco idea in an industrial style room with white brick walls

idea how to decorate a hallway or an entrance with style, room with beige walls with iron wall decoration with scroll patterns

Simple and stylish decoration to add character to the bedroom

bedroom decor with brown wood headboard and a mandala design iron creation hanging on a white wall

stylish interior design idea with metallic finishes, wall covering model in silver design with pretty metallic creation

Pretty headboard with metallic gold leaf patterns

Bedroom layout with dark green walls with original headboard in metallic leaf design with golden reflections

storage cabinet idea with dark wood and iron design with scrollwork ornaments, wall decoration model with luxurious traditional shelf

Wall storage for bottles

rustic interior design and decoration with red walls with wall decoration design vertical metal storage for bottles

example of metal wall decoration with a motorcycle sculpture hanging on a light wood wall

Industrial touch with this impressive emergency exit design shelving unit

living room wall decoration with white brick walls with original storage in the form of a shelf imitating a metal emergency exit

traditional interior design with taupe walls and dark parquet with wooden furniture and wrought iron, example of metal design wall decoration with scroll patterns

Golden leaves that blend perfectly with the paint on the walls

idea how to arrange a hallway with taupe and white walls with a decorative piece with a golden finish in the form of painting and leaves

living room wall decoration idea with a metal creation with golden and silver copper leaf patterns, metal wall decoration object

Ultra original and creative hallway coat rack model with colorful mini parasols design 

original hallway decoration with white walls with iron coat rack model with mini colored parasols

metal wall decoration in the form of creation in metal wire with lotus design hanging on beige walls, interior with stylish decoration

stylish candle holder model with dark metal design and rectangular frame, idea how to decorate walls with metal sculpture

Rest and relaxation area with a decorative element in mandala design

decoration of a room with powder pink walls furnished with dark wood furniture and a pretty iron wall decoration

industrial style interior design in a room with white walls with red brick wall section and iron decorative object

Elegant and stylish wrought iron candle holder with scroll patterns

example of a metallic creation with a candlestick holder for a metal design wall decoration with scroll patterns

example of modern and traditional decoration in a room with wooden cladding walls and copper-colored metal wall decoration with flowers

Awesome fairy butterfly model in metallic design

metal creation in the shape of a black butterfly with colored wings as an example of metal design wall decoration

rustic interior design with brown wood wall covering and wood and iron furniture, example of living room wall decoration with iron creation

clean interior design with white walls and furniture in neutral colors with burgundy and gold fireplace, minimalist metal wall decoration model

Clean and modern design in two-tone look – white and black

modern interior design with clean lines with white walls and large windows, decorative world map in metal

idea how to arrange a hallway with yellow wall paint and dark wood furniture, example of wall decoration in the form of an iron frame mirror

Cute wall decoration with green and blue metal fish figurines

cozy interior design with white walls with large soft carpet and decorative cushions, metal wall creation model with fish design

industrial style decoration in a room with white brick walls with black metal wall creation in the shape of an elephant

For a more subtle effect, we opt for a headboard and a metal design wall lamp

Children's room decoration with two iron-framed beds and wooden parquet, metal wall decoration with wall lamp

stylish hallway decoration in retro style with dark wood furniture and door design wall creation with golden scroll ornaments

Very cool idea for a cheerful DIY accent for the child’s room

DIY decorative object idea for children's room, wire mesh wall creation with photos and images made of iron with light garland

abstract design metal wall sculpture model, example of metal design iron wall decoration with charcoal gray reflections

Corner shelf with scroll patterns as a superb metal design iron wall decoration

stylish interior design idea in a corner of beige walls furnished with an iron corner shelf with scroll patterns