Magnify your interior with a baroque decor – several tips and impressive photos

Baroque made its appearance in the 17th century. It is essential in all branches of art and architecture. The style has since become an eternal trend. Today the baroque decor is often combined with other styles – shabby chic, bohemian, traditional or modern. But it always aims to highlight the high status and wealth of the owners. Its distinctive features are complexity, demonstration and pomp.

In order to adopt the Baroque style in your interior, there are some essential principles that you must take into account. Above all, the baroque makes an impression with its strong emphasis on valance, marquetry and crests. In the beginning, the color palette used includes bold shades like dark red or green. The lavish gold decoration is at the center of baroque trends. It is used to adorn furniture as well as all types of accessories – mirrors, picture frames, bedside lamps, candlesticks, pottery etc. Pastel colors spread later with the birth of the Rococo style which continues to be inspired by the Baroque.

If you admire the Baroque era and want to adopt this unique style in your interior, we come to your aid. Let’s take a look at all the key features and details to get a dazzling result:

  • Opt for a floor constructed from high-end materials – such as solid wood or marble.
  • Decorate the ceiling with images of putti (paintings or sculptures of a child) or plaster ornaments. Plant patterns are suitable for walls. You can see lots of ideas for decorating Baroque walls in the following article.
  • The furniture is distinguished by curved legs, sculpted details and an abundance of gilding. If you want to add a touch of Baroque fascination to your existing decor, consider small items like mirrors, console tables, bedside tables or coffee tables. Crystal chandeliers are a mandatory item.
  • You can also go for carved wood details matched with luxurious textiles for the upholstery of furniture, walls and windows. The most typical fabric is damask.
  • To soften the space, place large hand-woven rugs.

Baroque decor – the perfect choice for those who like a pompous atmosphere

baroque decor, ceiling with gold decoration, round carpet, marble floor

Bedroom with gold decoration – key element in the Baroque style

baroque bed, bedroom, golden bedside lamp, black fireplace, brown curtains with floral patterns

Enhance your living room with a massive fireplace in magnificent ornaments

charming furniture, crystal chandelier, baroque decoration, fireplace with plaster decoration, golden lamp

Kitchen in typical colors for baroque decor – red and gold

baroque furniture, red kitchen, baroque decor, marble backsplash, black and gold chandelier

The decoration of the entrance. The house in baroque style makes an impression from the first steps in its interior. The entrance walls are richly adorned with golden patterns. The ceiling is also distinguished by an original shape or by a decoration in gold and plaster. Let’s not forget the crystal chandelier and wall candle holders. If you aim to elicit the admiration of your guests, impress them with an ambience in saturated colors.

Modern entrance in baroque inspiration – purple walls with gold decoration

baroque furniture, ceiling with plaster decoration, crystal chandelier, floral patterned carpet, charming furniture

Beige wallpaper with floral patterns to give more authenticity to the interior

baroque furniture, brown parquet, blue walls with golden decoration, large candlesticks, large mirror

Flowers bring a fresh, modern feel to the classic interior

baroque decoration, tropical flowers, white ceiling with plaster decoration, marble floor, charming furniture

The decoration of the living room. The words that best describe this room are: grandeur and splendor. The highlight of the Baroque decoration is the large pieces of furniture. Golden undertones make the space truly pompous and luxurious. Very often, the color of the fabric used for the upholstery matches perfectly with the wood linings. Thus we create a royal atmosphere. Nowadays, we are passionate about combining different styles to ensure a unique and original atmosphere. You can therefore mix the features of the baroque style with some of the current trends. You still have to keep harmony and symmetry in the living room.

Living room that combines styles – rustic brick wall with baroque marble floor

charming furniture, brick walls, marble floor, black cabinet with golden decoration, baroque decoration

Red is the favorite shade to create a royal space

charming furniture, large floral patterned carpet, baroque decoration, black ceiling, baroque living room

The obligatory accessory – crystal chandelier

baroque furniture, floral patterned carpet, gray walls, crystal chandelier, baroque decor

Beige living room with long and massive curtains – typical for the Baroque style

baroque living room, marble floor, marble fireplace, long curtains, baroque decoration

Ceiling with plaster scroll shapes

baroque decoration, white ceiling with plaster decoration, charming furniture, sofa in golden decoration

Modern spirit in the baroque interior

baroque decor, suspended ceiling, floral wallpaper, charming furniture, silver coffee table

Royal salon in red and gold

baroque living room, white walls with golden decoration, dark wooden floor, charming furniture, black ceiling

Sofa in luxury design – ideal for the baroque decor of the living room

baroque decoration, beige carpet, dark wood parquet, gray wallpaper, decorative columns

baroque living room, crystal chandelier and candles, ceiling with plaster decoration, large mirror, white sofa, round carpet

Pastel colors are very typical for the Rococo style

baroque decoration, suspended ceiling, crystal chandelier, charming furniture, coffee table

baroque decoration, pastel pink walls, baroque curtain, suspended ceiling, charming furniture

Dark purple goes perfectly with black undertones to create ambiance sumptuous

charming furniture, dark wood parquet, suspended ceiling, crystal chandelier, baroque curtain

charming furniture, soft carpet, baroque armchair in red, white walls

Wooden parquet is a practical solution for the choice of flooring

baroque living room, wooden floor, brown curtains, charming furniture, baroque decoration, dark wallpaper

baroque decoration, coffee table, golden frame painting, baroque living room, charming furniture, long red curtains

Decorative cushions with floral motifs are also important elements

baroque curtain, cushions with floral motifs, baroque living room, charming furniture, candle chandelier

baroque decoration, red armchair, white and black floor, golden mirror, suspended ceiling, crystal chandelier

The decoration of the kitchen and the dining room. Even though this is a 17th century style, Baroque cuisine can feel modern. Just draw a parallel between the past and the present. In the typical Baroque sense, the key elements in the kitchen are the cabinets and the backsplash. Choose colors and designs that make the atmosphere majestic and massive. The most preferred combination for the color scheme – white / beige and gold. To add a contemporary touch, you can use metallic shades. Crystal chandeliers and lighting are also part of the baroque trend.

Open kitchen in baroque style with beige and white shades

baroque decoration, white kitchen with golden decoration, marble floor

Cabinets with gold decoration and marble backsplash

golden kitchen, suspended ceiling, baroque decor, central marble island, decorative column

baroque decoration, white kitchen, baroque furniture in golden decoration, white orchid

Baroque traits adopted in modern design

baroque decoration, light wood parquet, central marble island, ecru wallpaper, crystal chandelier

charming furniture, golden kitchen, marble backsplash, crystal chandelier, baroque decoration

Give a baroque look to your white kitchen with a golden decoration

baroque decoration, charming furniture, white kitchen with golden decoration

charming furniture, baroque decoration, marble floor, marble backsplash

baroque decoration, suspended ceiling, white kitchen with golden decoration, baroque furniture

Install a majestic chandelier above the central island

baroque decoration, central island, ceiling with putti deco, white kitchen

baroque decoration, wooden floors, central island, crystal chandelier, white kitchen with golden decoration

charming furniture, crystal chandelier, ceiling with plaster decoration, marble backsplash, baroque decoration

For a more contemporary decor, paint the walls yellow

baroque furniture, crystal chandelier, marble floor, long curtains, yellow walls

baroque decoration, charming furniture, open kitchen in ecru, white ceiling

Dining room in opulent design

charming furniture, dining room, baroque decoration, piano, floral wallpaper, white ceiling

baroque furniture, baroque decor, wooden floors, ceiling with golden decor, decorative columns

Mix the baroque style with the trendy top shabby chic for a splendid effect

baroque decoration, charming furniture, floral wallpaper, long curtains

baroque decoration, large mirror, wallpaper, charming furniture, ceiling with plaster decoration

The decoration of the bedroom. Still the same key details – twisted pillars, intricate spirals, large irregular curves, oversized moldings, luxurious fabrics and inlaid wood floors. The golden color is at the center of the decoration. It is combined with shades of pink, dark green and red-brown. For a more contemporary look, combine classic decor with luxury modern furniture. The wooden floor guarantees a warm atmosphere. The large windows provide enough natural light. The high ceiling increases the space in the room. The main element in the bedroom is the king size bed. By adding a piece of furniture or a valuable accessory – a well-proportioned chair or a huge mirror, you can turn every room into a royal corner..

Sleeping area in the bedroom

baroque decor, golden mirror, golden decor walls, baroque bedroom, charming furniture

charming furniture, dark wood parquet, black ceiling, long curtains, baroque decor

Aim for contrasts with white walls and black ceilings

baroque decor, long curtains, white walls, black ceiling, baroque bed, baroque bench

baroque decor, floral wallpaper, black ceiling, baroque bed, charming furniture

The King Size bed is the key element in a baroque bedroom

charming furniture, baroque bedroom, king size bed, decorative columns

baroque bed, baroque bedroom, white walls, soft carpet, golden bedside lamps

Combine pink shades with rich gold decoration

baroque curtain, large mirror, ceiling with plaster decoration, baroque furniture

baroque furniture, soft carpet, ceiling with plaster decoration, gilded mirror, baroque bedroom

White bedroom in modern design mixed with some essential features of the baroque style

baroque bed, golden mirror, white and black painting, suspended ceiling, charming furniture

charming furniture, dark ceiling, soft carpet, baroque bed, large window, baroque decor

Works of art play a major role in the Baroque interior

baroque decoration, ceiling with plaster decoration, crystal chandelier, yellow wallpaper, baroque bed

baroque bed, white and black carpet, golden mirror, charming furniture, cheap baroque armchair, baroque decoration

Solid wood is a high-end material

baroque bedroom, ceiling with plaster decoration, baroque bed, gold decoration, baroque furniture

baroque bedroom, gold ceiling decoration, wallpaper, baroque furniture, long green curtains

If you want to feel like a queen …

baroque decoration, baroque bed in pink, large golden mirror, soft white carpet, baroque bedroom

baroque bedroom, wooden floor, long curtains, crystal chandelier, gold decoration, baroque bed

baroque decor, white walls, scroll pattern wallpaper, sky ceiling, baroque bed

Furniture upholstery in beige fabric with floral patterns

baroque bedroom, round carpet, long curtains, large golden mirror, baroque furniture

baroque bedroom, black ceiling, beige walls with golden decoration, baroque furniture

charming furniture, dark floor, soft carpet, baroque decoration, white walls

Red shades give a splendid air to the bedroom

baroque decoration, crystal chandelier, baroque bedroom in red, painting, baroque bed

baroque bedroom, long curtains, candlesticks, gold decoration, baroque furniture, coffee table

white baroque bed, oval mirror, baroque decoration, crystal chandelier, white walls, baroque bedroom

 The black walls go wonderfully with the red and white decor

baroque bedroom, black walls, charming furniture in red and gold, wooden floors

charming furniture, suspended ceiling, baroque decor, beige wallpaper

Idea for a luxury design of your office

baroque decor, long curtains with golden floral patterns, baroque bench, green flowers

The decoration of the bathroom. In order to have a baroque corner, you have to opt for luxury materials – marble and gold. For an opulent look, install large mirrors and crystal chandeliers. The wrought iron decoration is also suitable. If you like the baroque style, but you don’t have the resources to transform the bathroom, there are some techniques that will come in handy. You can, for example, paint the legs of a chair or some of the elements in gold.

The bathroom can also have a lavish look

Baroque decor, bathroom, golden mirrors, long curtains, bathtub with golden feet

baroque decoration, bathroom, bathtub, crystal chandelier, white ceiling

Several key Baroque elements – marble bathtub, crystal chandelier, gold ornaments

Baroque decoration, bathroom, marble bathtub, wrought iron frame, ceiling with plaster decoration

baroque furniture, bathroom, crystal chandelier, floor in golden decoration

The large mirror is also present in the baroque decoration of the bathroom

baroque decor, long curtains, bathroom, large mirror with golden decoration

baroque decor, soft white carpet, crystal chandelier, round mirror, green plants, black bathtub