Mauve color – 50 shades of purple

From the violet family, mauve, or “French purple” in 18th century England, became popular from the 19th century, a period during which its pigment could be synthesized. Mallow and its derivatives, such as parma, eggplant or lavender, fall into the category of cold colors, allowing, through their floral side, to bring a certain freshness, like a bouquet of lavender. Due to its proximity to pink, mauve takes on a romantic and sometimes even childish aspect, matching traditional vintage decorations, like a princess bedroom. The shade of purple being wide in itself, it allows mauve to easily combine with a large number of neighboring shades, but also with other light and nuanced colors, such as beige or taupe. Wise color, it is ideal in a bedroom, allowing adequate relaxation, with this wise and childish aspect. If it can sometimes suffer from a slightly outdated image, the purple colour knows how to renew itself, thanks to deeper and more modern colors, especially in terms of finish.

Bedroom decoration with predominantly mauve color

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VSbedroom mixing mauve and pale pink

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Romantic two-tone bedroom between white and shades of mauve

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Piece alternating two shades, pink and lavender

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Living room with high-end retro accents on a purple background

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Interior walls painted mauve

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Warm mauve room

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Purple and white girl’s room

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Entrance and interior of a house with purple walls

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Minimalist furniture but matched to the mauve wall

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Large bedroom mixing different shades of purple

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Modern purple and white living room

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Large plum-colored bedroom

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Retro dew room with sea view

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Children’s room with purple walls and white furniture

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Desk with retro mauve and purple decoration

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Modern and minimalist two-tone purple and white living room

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Large princess bedroom with purple walls and white vintage furniture

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Modern purple and white bedroom

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Scandinavian style living room with immaculate wall covered with frames and sofa with pink notes

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Bedroom combining purple and white

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Bedroom with eggplant-colored wall tapestry and other decorative elements as a reminder

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Warm and cozy room with pale pink accents

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Purple mauve bedroom with traditional wooden Asian bed

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