More than 70 decorative examples to adopt the timeless celadon green in your interior

Whether emerald, turquoise or pastel, we love green in all its pretty shades. These fresh and vital hues remind us of natural landscapes and it is no coincidence that modern man gets carried away for all these paradisiacal places, far from the big city and the little daily worries. Sometimes we even dream of staying there forever, in this nature that always welcomes us with open arms. It is because of this feeling of peace and security that we like to introduce green into our interiors. In recent years, we have particularly fallen for one of these more muted and refined shades – celadon green.

Celadon green sofa and stool in a majestic vintage living room

celadon green living room in white wall paint color and gray green sofa, brown parquet, green plant, pink, burgundy, green and colorful cushions, minimalist black table

  • Definition – how to distinguish celadon from other shades

Each color comes in several tones and sometimes it becomes really difficult to spot the small nuances. So what is celadon green? In most cases, it is defined as a verdigris slightly tending to blue. This is a very pale shade of green and a pastel strand that is suitable for many decorative styles. This because of its neutrality and its timeless character.

The celadon green shade combined with a vegetal decoration. A marriage that gives a decidedly fresh result

celadon green wall with a plant storage unit with several shelves, decoration of plants and green leaves, light parquet

  • Back to ancient origins

To introduce this nuance, we see ourselves obliged to start from its origins which go back a long way in time. The color itself, takes its name from that of a character in Honoré d’Urfé’s pastoral novel L’Astrée (1610), whose dress involved green ribbons. At the same time, “qingci” – traditional Chinese porcelain, reach France and conquer minds with their natural beauty. With a translucent glaze of a green tint, the color of these ceramics is very reminiscent of the ribbons of the famous character. So by analogy, we borrow its name which is now used to also designate this type of porcelain. Then, by extension, we start using the same word for the grayish green hue that is the subject of our article.

Celadon green – a trendy color in the world of decoration, interior design and fashion

how to adopt celadon green, trendy color in fashion and interior design, ceramics, fabrics, furniture, woman's fashion accessory color verdigris

  • Decorative styles that combine celadon

Celadon is one of those go-anywhere shades suitable for any decorative style. It does, however, contain a rustic touch of yesteryear, making it very suitable for vintage and country chic settings. Its natural side perfectly combines the warmth of wood, which is the top material to combine with this color. Scandinavian design being the biggest lover of wood, celadon becomes a solution that Nordic decor approaches quite often. In an industrial-style decor, this pastel shade will appease and personalize the raw materials..

A celadon green kitchen cabinet paint for a charming retro chic touch

pastel green kitchen front, celadon shade, wooden table and chairs, whitewashed parquet floor, emerald green chair gray marble splashback, vintage furniture

  • Verdigris – in which room ?

The same goes for the types of parts that can support celadon green. The latter is a suitable solution for any of them. In the kitchen, celadon will play the card of freshness and give a little country chic side to the decoration. On the facade or credenza, it is often seen combined with the range of whites, beiges, grays and wood which make it stand out against a neutral background..

In the bedroom, celadon green has a soothing character that will allow you to sleep in peace. You can combine it for example with pastel tones – a top solution for addicts of the cocooning trend. Either, go again for the neutrals… it would be a solution in accordance with the character of the room which must remain as quiet as possible. In the bathroom, celadon evokes the color of water and lagoons. Therefore, the color will adapt successfully to the decor and the vocation of this type of room..

Gray walls of green, celadon hue in an eclectic bedroom

designer bedroom with verdigris colored walls, as a headboard, original chandelier, wooden bed with white bed linen, blue, red and white cushions, oriental rug, white shelf storage for small plants

  • Successful decorative schemes

We have already suggested some great combinations and yet, let’s recap to present an inventory of the best decorating ideas. First of all, you have probably noticed the presence of the neutrals which take a little fresh a little green touch next to the celadon green. Shades of green are an alternative solution. These are associations that combine celadon green with other close shades, such as verdigris, almond and asparagus and especially lime. Celadon is associated with the same success with all shades of green and blue, sometimes to remind us of the magic of forests, sometimes of maritime landscapes. In the latter case, think of navy blue and turquoise..

Game of green and blue shades in a dining room repainted in pastel green tinted with celadon

pastel green dining room model, celadon hue, wooden table with marble top, duck blue chairs, gray carpet, rustic fireplace, white and green bed linen, light white parquet, electric bulb chandelier

An example of a living room, Scandinavian dining room color verdigris with white furniture in neutral, Nordic tones

celadon verdigris painted walls in a Scandinavian living-dining room, light wood parquet, original pendant lights, gray sofa and stool, black and white chevron rug, leather chair, white table and black chairs

Mustard yellow on the other hand is the best solution for warming celadon and emphasizing its green side rather than gray shards. However, by placing a yellow sofa against the backdrop of a repainted celadon wall, it will undoubtedly be the piece of furniture that will act as the focal point. Finally, you can even dare a combination with colors that are a little scary in decoration, such as red. Remember that the greatest asset of greyed green is its property to lighten the character of colors with a strong presence.

Finally, stay with us to find more pretty decorative suggestions in the following gallery. Maybe the best design solution for you is waiting for you.

Celadon background color to bring out the salmon sofa

example of a green gray paint wall decoration with a design red sofa that stands out against the background, white ball pendant, brown marble parquet, white screen

An example of a sea-green living room, with a celadon shade in the mural. Gray sofa and light parquet to create a minimalist decor

sea ​​green living room, celadon shade in wall paint, gray sofa, light wood parquet, minimalist coffee table, wooden and metal shelf, Scandinavian design

A celadon green sofa, vintage style with a bookcase on the background. A great idea how to give character to a Nordic decor

celadon green sofa in a scandinavian living room with white bookcase with several shelves on the background and brown parquet

vintage pastel green cabinet, celadon hue on the background of a white mirror, original pendant light, white table and wooden and metal chairs

Nordic living room with off-white sofa, coffee table on casters, industrial style, light gray carpet, gray blanket, original white pendant lamp and wall decoration of graphic designs on a celadon gray-green wall

sea ​​green living room, celadon color, with gray marble effect wall section, pearl gray sofa, green ottoman, pink cushion and blanket, gray lamp, white exposed beams, white coffee tables

model of hall entrance house, furniture, wingless and doors in celadon color, wood floor covering, decor and white staircase

sleek design, wall paint and celadon verdigris painted door, light parquet, navy blue stool, graphic design wall decoration

Celadon color for your wallpaper. Superb kitchen model in white and wood

celadon colored wallpaper, white kitchen front with wooden worktop and bar, light parquet, copper pendant light, white metal chairs

adult bedroom decor gray-green walls, vintage black metal bed, off-white floor covering, wooden bedside table, minimalist style

verdigris colored walls in a designer adult bedroom, light wood parquet, gray bed linen, vintage storage chest, scandinavian bedroom

Gray green sofa standing out against the background of a wall dressed in dramatic black floral wallpaper

celadon green sofa on a background wall with black floral wallpaper with small blue and red flowers, black decorative side table, marble top coffee table and black metal legs

gray adult bedroom model with gray curtains and light wood parquet, celadon-colored bed and end of bed, multi-light ceiling lighting water green living room model, gray green shade, gray sofa, exotic plant pattern cushions, wooden side table, pistachio green floor, emerald green suspension, palm tree pattern frame wall decoration

Scandinavian design bedroom that introduced gray green on the walls

Celadon blue bedroom layout with shades of yellow, green and gray, gray bed linen, light parquet, Scandinavian bedside table, original pendant light

Celadon green dining room set, wooden and black metal table, black Scandinavian chairs, light parquet, green plants and industrial style pendant lights

green celadon blue, gray, green and blue bed linen, original exotic pendant light, light parquet

Verdigris and yellow-green paint wall in a retro kitchen with several black accents

Celadon green kitchen layout, with touches of black and white, stools and bar with black worktop, black and white crockery, raw wood flooring

dining room idea with verdigris paint walls, celadon shade, table and wood and black chairs, ball pendant light, light parquet

gray-green wall in a Scandinavian living room open to a Nordic bedroom, whitewashed parquet floor and white sofa, wooden crate shelves, open dressing room

pastel green living room layout with shades of gray and green, celadon shade, gray chair, white tiles

gray green cabinet in a Scandinavian dining room with round table and white chairs in wood and metal, black and white decorative panel, light parquet

Idea how to introduce celadon green with small decorative accents. Bluish green mattress and cushions combined with yellow accents

wooden sofa with celadon color mattress, decorated with cushions, blue, green and yellow, light gray cover, windows with yellow frames, white background wall

lounge chair and decorative cushions celadon color on a gray background in wall painting, green plande in a brown basket, charcoal gray blanket

dark gray green walls in a designer adult bedroom, gray and black bed linen, wooden nightstand, fixed to the wall, wall of decorative frames at the headboard

sea ​​green living room, celadon shade, gray corner sofa, wooden chair, light parquet, refined living room furnishings

Gray green color in association with salmon cushions – a cocooning decor idea par excellence

Scandinavian bedroom with walls repainted in verdigris color of Celadon hue, white bed linen with small black stripes, pink cushions, original pendant lights

work area, home office, scandinavian desk with several white shelves, wooden chair and light parquet, celadon green wall

vintage chest of drawers and celadon gray green dressing table, stack of books, round mirror in gold frame, toiletries, white wall

sea ​​green living room, Scandinavian style with celadon colored walls, gray sofa, wall decoration of frames with black and white drawings, gray carpet, wooden stool, black coffee table with marble top, leather stool, white pendant light

celadon green kitchen with wooden worktop and white sink, white open shelf, exposed beams

how to arrange a child's room, blue gray wall paint with a celadon green wall, gray cabin bed, light parquet, blue and gray bed linen, Scandinavian design

celadon color water green small kitchen decor, off-white tiles, white worktop, white splashback and tiles, vintage design

Small celadon green accents in a green wood country kitchen

celadon blue deco accessories, white kitchen cabinet with wooden worktop and wooden shelves, several green plants, curtain with blue, green and purple feathers

staircase repainted in celadon color, entrance hall layout house, wooden coat hook, white shoe cabinet

bedroom with celadon blue walls, scamdimabe deco, light parquet, white bed with gray bed linen, white bedside table

verdigris paint for the kitchen front of a vintage kitchen, wooden table and chairs, simple retro design

vintage gray green wall deco with worn wooden furniture, faded, green plants, white floor, retro chic atmosphere

Celadon color to choose for its walls and for its furniture and then combine with wood to emphasize the natural character of the decor

celadon blue wall color, tinted green, and gray-green furniture, light parquet, gray carpet, white chair and frame, decorative picture with black letters on a white background

wall repainted in pastel green color, celadon shade in a designer living room with ivory sofa, decorated with blue, gray and black cushions, wooden coffee table, light gray carpet, wall of decorative frames, green plants

celadon green living room decor, charcoal gray sofa. green and light brown cushions, golden coffee table, metal screen, bouquet of flowers

metal shelf on casters with baskets, books, green plants, light wood flooring, rustic wood table

gray green wall painting idea, wooden bed, white bed linen, gray, yellow cushions and bleached wooden table

Celadon color idea for kitchen cabinet with white worktop, copper tubes to display crockery, light bulb suspensions

Celadon blue kitchen facade idea, gray splashback, marble worktop, off-white table, beige, blue and green chairs, green plant leaves in a basket

dining room decor with light celadon green walls, Scandinavian style dining table and chairs, vintage wooden cabinet, elegant chandelier

Celadon blue pulling towards green – a magnificent elegant country kitchen with golden accents

gray green kitchen facade, celadon tint, light parquet, anthracite gray oven, white wall, gold knobs

verdigris colored wall, white table and bench, black chairs assembled as a bench, worn wooden floor, original pendant light

Wall section repainted in Celadon blue and the rest of the white walls, gray sofa, brown carpet, designer chair, colored decorative cushions, decorative bamboo ladder

Celadon green dining room model, light parquet, wooden table with gray top, white Scandinavian chairs and a black chair, black suspensions, white cabinet with several shelves

Bathroom in pastel green, celadon hue which alludes to water and the role of this room in the house

celadon blue bathroom, water green shade, shower cubicle with glass doors, brown wooden bathroom cabinet, rectangular mirror

Celadon green living room layout, off-white corner sofa, gray cushions, gray and white carpet, light parquet and green open shelf, storage for Buddhist decorative accessories

water green deco, bluish celadon shade, light aprquet, gray sofa, beige, gray and blue cushions, black side table, leather chair, green plants

vintage crockery in celadon color, white shelf overloaded with crockery in pastel green, brown wood worktop

celadon blue kitchen facade, black and white dining table, white chairs and brown chair, wooden shelves

bedroom layout with gray green wardrobe, white and gray bed linen, light parquet, white walls

water green deco, celadon shade, gray furniture, marble floor covering, salmon chairs, black and gold table, original pendant light

verdigris colored wall in combination with yellow accents, oriental mosaic floor covering, red armchair, green plants, cushions with colored triangles, yellow chest of drawers

water green deco, celadon sofa and gray and dark green wall, original pendant light, minimalist tables designm artistic deco deer antlers sculpture

water green deco wall paint, celadon color and accent wall with geometric figures in orange, brown and green, navy blue bed, chair and original orange suspension

Celadon ceramic, and celadon green chair cushions, woven basket and a table entrance to the house with golden decoration, book plants, baroque mirror, colonial style, seaside