Nice ideas for your DIY with egg carton

There are so many variations for recycling and reusing materials that we no longer need. DIY Egg Carton is an original way to reuse egg cartons made up of a multitude of cardboard shapes. The material is light and the texture of the cardboard ensures a pleasant feeling when you touch it. You will be delighted with the many animals, flowers, toys and decorations you can make. For these projects you will only need a few simple materials like paints, glue, toy eyes, paper baking molds, pipe cleaners and more. We have prepared for you a series of photos illustrating fun DIY variations with egg carton.

DIY egg carton is fun, easy and helps you spend time with your kids

manual activity with egg box, candle holder and flower pot holder

For these egg carton blue whales all you need is cardboard, a few pipe cleaners, eyes or markers, paints and a bit of paper. You will also need glue. Drill through the top of the painted shapes and pass the cleaners as shown to form a fountain. Glue the eyes, or if you don’t have eyes like the ones shown, draw them. Then cut out the fins and glue them to the body, your quick and super easy whale is ready..

Easy whale to make with your kids – craft with fun egg carton

manual activity with egg box, blue whales in egg carton

To make a cardboard caterpillar you will need:

  • a cardboard box of eggs
  • a pair of scissors
  • paint – orange and green
  • markers
  • plastic straws or pipe cleaners
  • a puncher

How to create them:

  1. Take the egg carton and cut it so that it leaves you with a row of at least six shapes intact
  2. Paint the row with green acrylic paint
  3. Using a hole punch or a sharp object make two small holes at the corners of the first shape
  4. Take a piece of pipe cleaner and pass it through the holes
  5. Then straighten the ends of the cleaner and twist the ends to form the horns
  6. Glue the eyes or draw them with the markers
  7. If you want you can drill holes to fit feet

Colorful caterpillar – DIY with egg carton

DIY with egg carton, fun green caterpillar made with six egg shapes

A multi-colored caterpillar with feet

DIY with egg carton, multicolored chenille with simple materials

There are many different ways to make a flower from egg carton since there are many types of flowers. But for these pretty daffodils you will need:

  • cardboard egg box
  • pipe cleaners
  • yellow crepe paper
  • colored scotch
  • scissors, it is better to take a pair of curved scissors to succeed in creating realistic shapes
  • acrylic paint – white and yellow
  • glue
  • a tool to drill

First you need to:

  1. Take two different cardboard boxes
  2. Cut out the shapes of the egg cartons
  3. Form the petals from the egg shapes. Draw lines with a pencil and divide the shapes into six or more equal sections, then cut them
  4. For the crown in the center of the flower use the triangular shape and cut small Vs in the upper part

Then you have to paint the shapes yellow and white or whatever you want and put some glue at the bottom of the first shape and below the second to glue them together.

To make the rod:

  1. After the glued shapes dry pierce the back of the flower and coat a pipe cleaner with scotch tape
  2. Take a small part of the crepe paper and put a little glue on the end of the rod. Then pack with the paper
  3. Insert the stem into the hole of the flower and your radiant daffodil is ready.!

After creating some daffodils you can put them in a vase or in a paper bag to create this beautiful decoration.

Do-it-yourself artificial daffodil – lthe stages of creation:

DIY egg box, the steps to create egg carton flowers

Egg cart trucks are easy to make and very friendly.

  1. Take a box and cut out from the bottom a row with two shapes and one with six shapes (If it’s an eight egg box you just need to cut a small line with two shapes and your two parts are ready)
  2. From the top cut a piece once bigger than the small row and once smaller than the big one
  3. Take the piece with the six shapes and glue the other two pieces from the box so that they form the truck

Make trucks in no time

manual activity with egg box, colored trucks in egg boxes

Creative and friendly, this little rooster can be tinkered with an egg carton. If you cut a piece of the cardboard and change the natural shape a bit, you will create the impression of a set of head and wings. To create this craft you will need cardboard, glue and paint. For the crest and the beak you can also use materials to recycle. When you are finished you can paint the roosters in different colors to give them a colorful look. It will be a wonderful decoration for Easter.

A rooster carrying an egg

DIY with egg carton, easy rooster with yellow beak and red crest

For each crocodile you will need:

  • three egg cartons, two for eight eggs and one for six
  • crepe paper or other colored paper
  • cardboard
  • glue

How to make the crocodile

  1. First of all paint the boxes green and wait until they dry
  2. Take the two eight-egg cartons and turn them face to face. Then glue or tie the boxes but without fixing the part with the first four compartments. It will be the mouth
  3. Adjust the six-egg box so that it covers the upper part of the crocodile leaving the mouth free.
  4. Draw the nose and eyes
  5. Cut out a line from the colored cardboard and make triangles to mimic a beast fin if you want.
  6. Cut out one or more strips of the paper to make the tongue and glue it

DIY crocodiles with green painted egg boxes

DIY with egg carton, DIY green crocodiles

With these pretty flowers created from egg carton we can make a beautiful light garland

box of eggs, colorful dinosaurs crafted with pipe cleaners

Awesome witch mask – the triangular shapes perfectly mimic the relief of the monstrous face

egg box, very original green painted witch face mask

manual activity with egg box, flowers created with niches for eyes

manual activity with egg box, apple with caterpillar cahcée

A cool idea – make a palette with an egg box

manual activity with egg box, egg box pallet

manual activity with egg box, Christmas trees, DIY decorations for Christmas

manual activity with egg box, green turtles in egg carton

manual activity with egg box, a chick and a rabbit created with egg niches

Make bouquets of flowers by cutting and coloring the boxes

manual activity with egg box, vase with flowers and toilet paper roll

manual activity with egg box, decoration of artificial colored flowers  DIY egg box, penguins made with cardboard and paper

egg box, make a crocodile with toilet paper rolls and cardboard

DIY decoration for Halloween

egg box, DIY for halloween pumpkin in egg carton

egg box, flowers made with egg carton, different colors

egg box, small DIY mills with egg wrappers

egg box, original coffee mugs made from egg boxes

egg box, owls created with feathers and egg carton

Small helicopters super original

egg box, colorful cute helicopters with multicolored paints

DIY with egg carton, garlands with painted cardboard flowers

craft with egg carton, make boats with boxes

You cut, paint, glue, decorate and you have your little chickens 

DIY with egg carton, colorful roosters made with egg carton   DIY with egg carton, mask from egg packaging

DIY egg box, red dots mushrooms, fun crafts  DIY egg box, green crocodile with eyes and teeth

DIY egg box, crocodile with yellow teeth from recycled materials    DIY egg box, panda created with egg carton

DIY egg box, three penguins with beaks, feet and eyes

DIY egg box, orange fish with blue fins