Office decoration – how to create the perfect office area

At home or at work, it’s the office that greets us every day when we have things to do. It’s important to organize it well to be more productive. And also important to create a beautiful office decoration. It can motivate us to spend more time in a good atmosphere and work more concentrated when everything is tidy. There are different ways to make a beautiful decoration. First, it’s good to know if your style is more modern or vintage, industrial or country, Scandinavian or shabby chic. All of this will give you a starting point when choosing the mural, the furniture and the decoration of your office area. Once you have the big things decided, it’s much easier to focus on the details that make up your office decor..

In this article, you will find a large number of inspiring ideas for making a pretty office decoration. We’ll start with 3 simple DIY projects that you can use as a creative hobby. Try these manual activities for a personalized decoration that you will love and that will make you happy with the finished project. We will continue with the photos of well decorated offices that can inspire you for your office area..

Do-it-yourself desk decoration – small rainbow organizer

Colorful rainbow decor diy organizer, office decor, simple office decor idea

Materials needed:

  • Polymer clay, rainbow colors + 1 for the base
  • Clay knife
  • Baking clay

Note that I used red and pink in my rainbow, so pink became the bottom room.

There are a few steps to carry out this manual activity project which gives a very good result.

  1. Choose the base color (pink in my case) and roll flat on a protected surface to about 0.5 cm.
  2. Use a round object, such as a mug or bowl, as a stencil. Cut a semicircle of the clay that is about 10 cm wide
  3. Then cut a small arch from the bottom to create a rainbow shape. Pass gently on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper.
  4. With the next color (red), roll it in your hands and then on a protected surface until it begins to form a rope. Keep rolling until the shape of the rope thins to about 0.5 cm
  5. Carefully place the rope on the base and position it on all edges of the rainbow shape. Pinch the ends together in a corner and press lightly so that it adheres to the base but does not change shape.
  6. Repeat this action with the remaining colors (orange, yellow, green, blue, purple), adjusting again if necessary to keep the sides vertical.
  7. Bake dish for about 25 minutes at 220 degrees C or according to package directions. Remove when the clay is a little hard. It will solidify further as it cools..

Cool do-it-yourself desk decoration idea – a box to pick up all your office supplies

Make an office organizer materials, white desk with storage underneath, diy office decor, diy office decoration do it yourself

Materials needed:

  • White foam board
  • Craft knife
  • Rule
  • Pencil
  • E6000
  • Pliers (optional)
  • Craft painting
  • Paint brushes
  • Washi tape

Measure and cut out all of your foam pieces. See image for measurements. For the cut, we recommend that you draw a light pencil line, then line up your ruler with the line and cut it with your craft knife. Make a first pass with the fairly shallow knife; this creates a perforation for the knife to follow. Press more firmly on subsequent cuts. It should take you 4 or 5 passes to cut through the foam core.

After the pieces have been cut, assemble the desk organizer. Use the image as a guide. Spread glue only on the edges of the pieces that will be inside the organizer and not exposed. Once the pieces are assembled, hold them together while they dry with tongs. If you don’t have a clip, you can have large books on either side of the organizer to prevent stuck pieces from slipping and falling..

Choose a front panel for your organizer. On the front side, paint a solid coat of craft paint. Let dry. When dry, mask a diagonal angle on the front of the organizer with masking tape. Paint a complementary color on top of the ribbon. remove the tape while the paint is still drying. If you prefer a third color, repeat step 4 after all of the paint is dry. Remove the tape and let the paint dry and harden overnight.

Arrange cards and photos that make you happy to see – idea of ​​DIY pins

DIY office corner wall decor, motivational photo and pictures storage, diy pints for office storage, home office decoration

Materials needed:

  • Cement powder
  • Diamond shaped candy mold
  • Flat-topped thumbtacks if possible
  • Sandpaper
  • Lollipop stick (recommended)
  • Disposable bowl (recommended)

This project is quite simple, as you can see in the photo above. Mix the cement according to the directions on the box. In a small, disposable container, mix the powdered cement and water with a lollipop stick or similar. Using the lollipop stick, spread the wet cement over the cavities of the gemstone and use the side of the stick to level the top and make it as flat as possible. Gently press the flat side of a thumbtack (pin) in the middle of each gem.

If necessary, use the craft stick to level the edges after the pushpin has been added. Repeat with all of the cavities and, when finished, use a damp paper towel to wipe off excess cement around the mold. You don’t want it to dry like that, or it will be very difficult to come down later. Let dry completely for several hours, then gently remove each piece from the mold.

Beautiful desk decoration in rose gold and marble

Cool idea how to organize your office, home office decoration, simple idea to decorate well

Inspiration photo, before and after project – how to create the perfect office area

Photo before after office corner, office decoration in the bedroom, create jovial atmosphere

Colorful office decoration – choose to glue different elements on all white surfaces

Colorful teenage girl bedroom decor, office storage, office furniture, office decor

Slate wall to develop your creativity and put your to-do lists

Black slate wall for drawing with colored chalk, office photo, office decoration, inspirational image

Or create a tropical atmosphere with green and pink painted paper – an idea of ​​a simple office decor and baroque-styled furniture with golden elements

Modern painted paper wall with large palm leaves, pink and green deco room with desk corner, office decoration motivation to work

White, wood and green plants – all you need to create the perfect office area

Palm trees wallpaper, adorable bohemian chic style bedroom, home office, office decoration, bedroom decor

Two options for Scandinavian office decoration – always the choice of green plants, wooden elements and white wall paint

Bohemian chic bedroom decor, scandinavian home office with shelving storage, office decor, ikea office storage

Different styles of storage in rose gold – cool original decor idea for the home office 

Original golden rose decoration, student office decoration idea, office decoration, modern home inspiration

Creative activities and the right office for them – how to organize your office and decorate it well 

Office creative office, office ideas, office decor, office photo in a bedroom

Living room and office layout in one – simple decoration to feel comfortable

Modern living room with bohemian decor, open storage, light garland, office decor idea, ikea modern office storage

Cheerful office decor in a teenage girl’s bedroom – get organized to study and work better

Adorable pink decoration for the Scandinavian office, pink and white paint wall, office decoration idea, office bedroom layout

Small office area nicely decorated

Colorful rug adorable office decor ideas, ikea office storage, office furniture

White office deco borrowed pajamas all day, work from home ikea storage office furniture and decoration

Scandinavian white shelf and desk, gray and black striped carpet, white and wood decor in a bedroom with office area, office decor, office organization

Creative office decoration that is a pleasure to see

Roses in a glass vase, feminine office fashion design, scandinavian office, office decor, office organization

Vintage wood desk, shelf with plants and a photo, shaggy white and black rug, scandinavian office storage decor, tumblr inspired office decor

Office layout idea, office photo, how to organize your office, the same Scandinavian bedroom, guitar on the wall

Office decoration idea, bedroom or office area, simple decoration, cactus and laptop, large table on the side

Nice idea for bohemian chic office decoration

Ikea white desk with black legs, office decor green plants and large white art photo board, desk corner in a scandinavian bedroom

White shelving unit with gold base, teenage girl bedroom, ikea office storage, modern office corner decor

Cute children playing in their room with small wooden bench diy desk area, gray world map drawn by them in black felt

La vie est belle white and wood stylish decor, ikea desk storage, modern desk decor

Green cactus in a small pot, cute scandinavian office decoration, nordic office corner

DIY wooden calendar, flowering cactus in mini stone pot, desk corner, modern home office decoration

World map on the wall – student room decor idea

World map wall in a bedroom with white floor, wood chair, white desk and reading lamp, photo desk, scandinavian style office decoration

Yellow cheerful decor details, white bedroom storage office shelves and cabinets, living room desk, professional office decoration

Idea how to organize your home office, professional office decoration, simple white desk

Gray armchair idea office, multifunctional bedroom picture painting on the wall art cool

Two paintings with pictures of cacti, adorable dogs on a cozy white carpet, office decor idea, home office decoration, hats on the wall for decoration

World map on the wall desk deco, scandinavian desk, simple deco inspiration, driftwood desk made of masion

Small office decoration space, office layout, be more productive, white miniature blue chair storage

Decoration with photos, green garland with polaroid photographs, office corner, office layout, idea how to organize yourself well

Pink chair cover, office photo, simple and beautiful decorative office layout, coffee on the desk, plan your motivated day

Gray and black carpet geometric pattern office living room, desk storage decorated with clean lines

Large window with garden view, Scandinavian bedroom with green plants and Nordic style home office furniture, desk storage, the beauty of simplicity

DIY home office decor, office storage, choose colors, motivation board, you can

Double teen girls bedroom, two white desks, student desk wall painting simply decorated for studying well

Colorful deco diy faux cupcake paperweight idea for office, well appointed bedroom scandinavian style

Scandinavian style office decor idea in wood and white, Scandinavian office photo, black and white photos in garland

Round rug idea how to organize your office area, office layout, white and black decor with lots of green plants

Woman drinking her coffee, wooden desk in the living room, small office area in the living room, office decoration, simple office decor idea

Wooden table and green plants office decor, DIY office decoration, wooden chair, beautiful view original idea where to install your office

Dark gray wall and light gray desk, cool idea for corner decoration home office, simple idea to decorate well

Black white and gold desk corner, office decoration in teen girl bedroom

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Hello sign for office, living room office, office decoration motivation to work

Eclectic home office decor, office decoration, golden bedroom decor details and leopard pattern rug

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Large windows loft nre yorkais with view of the river, brick wall living room ideas, office decor, office photo in a bedroom

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Shelves to store everything, professional office decoration, office decoration, yellow chair

Original office deco idea, ikea office storage and decoration, white and black scandinavian bedroom and green plants

White and gold scandinavian desk, teenage girl office decor, office organization, organization idea, golden stool on the floor

Magnificent view of chalet in the forest, glass wall, office sunny with natural light, office storage, tumblr inspired office decor

Scandinavian home office in driftwood, black low chair with golden legs, office layout, office photo, how to organize your office

Draw on your slate wall, office decoration, bedroom office corner, simple black and gold decoration

Pink and white wall, black and white decor, green plants, office decor, office area in a Scandinavian bedroom

Open black shelving unit, colorful chairs, ikea desk storage, modern decorative office area

White desk gray armchair and pink cushion, scandinavian office decoration, nordic office corner

Simple desk corner in a Scandinavian style children's room, modern home office decoration

Bookcase in the room with wooden desk, photo office room, scandinavian style office decoration

DIY garland photo, living room desk, professional desk decoration, green plant and jewelry box

White home office decor, professional office pink chair with golden legs

Pink delicate chair home office decor, student office idea, multifunctional bedroom

Rose gold decorative and storage elements, office idea, multifunctional bedroom image

Pyramid desk, office decor idea, professional desk decoration, storage shelf

White desk deco, scandinavian desk, simple deco inspiration, Moroccan carpet

Wood and white office storage decor, office furniture, office decor

White storage shelves office decoration, office room layout

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Photo storage with light garland, bedroom tumblr dark wall paint, office idea, well appointed bedroom scandinavian style

The joy of little things, white office photo office, simple and beautiful decorative office furniture

Shaggy white carpet, simple Scandinavian office living room decor, desk storage decorated with clean lines in white and green plants for decoration

Abstract art painting, six black and white photos photography cabinet decoration, how to decorate your office

DIY decoration in gold and black, vase of flowers, home office, office storage, the beauty of simplicity

  An idea for a teenage girl’s bedroom with corner desk with shelves and cute simple decor

Office with shelf, white corner desk, teenage girl bedroom, professional office decoration, office decoration