Opt for a cocooning bed decoration and spend the winter in the warmth

With the arrival of autumn, we begin to dream of a cozy and warm place that will welcome us and help restore our strength. The bedroom is the room that appeals to us on long winter evenings and where we take shelter to read, watch TV or just relax. She visits the small center of the dwelling which attracts us and invites us to peace. But how to arrange a beautiful corner with a cocooning bed so that you don’t want to leave it during the cold season? The Scandinavian theme becomes very current whenever the cold is there. Here are the most important characteristics of the cocooning room – it is white, it is bright, it makes you dream. Spaciousness and minimalism are enhanced by the accumulation of shiny objects, pastel-colored fabrics and accessories with golden or silver patina. Faux furs and chunky knit blankets complete the room’s clean geometry and balance the atmosphere. The cushions are mint green, turquoise, pale pink or light gray. Nothing should stand out aggressively and you should feel submerged in the soft light of a cozy and calm space. The combination of textiles and specific colors creates the illusion of a homogeneous space, effortlessly equipped.

Cocooning bed in light colors, surrounded by a light garland

garlands of small balls and electric lamps, white cushions, pastel colored faux fur throws, white sheer curtains, small rustic stool

What are the ways to decorate a pretty Scandinavian bedroom with a cocooning bed? First, think about using all the available space but not overloading it. White frame shelves are almost magical storage accessories. On these almost invisible rays you can accumulate green plants, photos, paintings with a simple subject, or sketches in black, gray and white, since these are the colors that go well with the pastel shades of the Scandinavian bedroom. Build on the principles of minimalism. The headboard, preferably in light and smooth wood, can also house an appropriate decoration, such as a light garland that will add warmth with the emitted glow. Don’t forget the floor – rugs are meant to be light but warm, easy to move, plush, and made from authentic materials like wool, cotton and natural fibers. Berber rugs and geometric patterned rugs are a classic. Layering is a current decorating principle that helps you incorporate colors and textures into your decor. A rocking chair covered with fur and a woven rug in soft colors will be the perfect complements for your cocooning and cozy bed.

Create a cocooning bed near the window of your attic room

cozy bedroom, cocooning atmosphere, welcoming gray bed, light garland, sloping window, large vase with dried flowers

And how to decorate the bed? With faux fur of course – warm and easy to care for, available in various colors to suit all tastes. Choose powder pink or nude pink, pale gray, white, cream. Use your bedside tables, recommended in raw wood, light wood or shabby, to arrange decorative objects that will add a certain chic to the place – fairy lamps, luminous vases, flower pots, anything that emits light and that is melts into space with grace. The breakfast tray is an essential element in the cozy bedroom. For a sublime effect, take a wooden tray or with a metallic finish. Use geometric duvet covers with gold or silver prints, buy throws and sheets with pom poms. Create a little paradise by accumulating different bed throws in pastel colors, furs and soft cushions. Your bed should have several layers of soft blankets to give you a feeling of comfort and security. You should be able to touch soft fabrics, smell the scent of aromatic candles and contemplate the beauty all around you.

Cocooning bed decorated in feminine style with white fur and pastel sheets

pink and gray bedroom, white table lamp, vintage soft colors suitcases, powder pink duvet cover

White equipment is not mandatory. Your cocooning bed can be found in traditional, industrial, modern or vintage equipment. You just have to place objects on your furniture that communicate with the decoration of the bed and take care of having a clean decor to make the bed stand out and become the focal point of the interior – a little refuge that pampers us and that we attracts with its beauty. Install dim lighting, prepare your hot drinks and embark on the adventure of the slow life!

Dream room with cloud suspensions, white brick wall and Greek lanterns

cocooning bed, cloud lamps, Greek lanterns, white brick wall, vintage chair, a couple

Monochrome bedroom with rustic elements and workshop windows

pretty cocooning decoration in a room, raw wood bench, wooden stool, large artist's windows, candlesticks, knitted plaid

Invite color in the Scandinavian bedroom

lilac and blue bed, large gray blanket, round table, white wall paint, lilac candle holder

Elegant bedroom in industrial style

large bright bedroom, artist's windows, white brick wall, cocooning bed on the floor

Monochrome bedroom with pink bedding

large cocooning bed, gray fur rug, decorative cushions, what color for a bedroom, white painted door

White bedroom with touches of pink

white bedroom wall color, brick wall and large cocooning bed, bed throw with pompoms, white floor

Duvet covers dotted lines and decoration with light garland in a chalet-style bedroom

small cozy bedroom, attic interior, light garland, small window, gray dotted bed sheets, white paneling

cocooning bed in gray and white, gray painted wall, white ball ceiling lamp, arched window, small shelf

cocooning monochrome bedroom image, ash pink plaid, monochrome painting frames, large magical ceiling light

Decorative idea for a teenage bedroom

white wall paint, pink chest of drawers, gold frame paint, script on the wall, soft cushions

Large Scandinavian stove and a cozy bed – Scandinavian bedroom decor

wooden plank floor, bed covered with soft throws, white plank floor, Scandinavian stove, picture frames

cozy and beautiful bedroom in Scandinavian style, gray knitted plaid, fur rug, white ladder, picture frame

ashy pink quilt and Berber carpet in a cocooning room, woman in her bed, two round bedside tables

white bed, leather bench, knitted plaid, lotus lamp, sloping ceiling, cocooning atmosphere

Add contrasting colors and materials

cocooning duvet cover, book and breakfast with a coffee on the bed, yellow pillow, plaid pillow, light garland

Monochrome room with a green plant

white bedroom wall color, large pot with green plant, black teapot on the floor, soft cushions

gray knitted plaid, woven bed bench, small wooden bedside table, industrial design lamp, cocooning bedroom decor

cocooning decor in the bedroom, rattan ceiling light, large white bed with several cushions, plank floor, back-to-back mirror

Cozy and warm bedroom

how to decorate your room, rustic basket, light garland, wooden stool, gray headboard

cocooning bed, Scandinavian style decor, decorative cushions, copper tray, candlesticks

large cocooning bed, white canvas ceiling light, workshop windows, industrial clothes rack, white curtains

The wooden or painted white beams add a touch of rustic character to the interior

how to decorate your attic room, low wooden platform bed, gray bed linen, white painted wooden floor

rustic basket with logs in a cozy room, garland of light bulbs, cocooning duvet cover, wooden headboard

flat-woven rugs, queen-size bed decorated with brown and cream linens, string lights, charcoal gray headboard

cocooning image, pale gray bed, wooden floor, wall script, small white desk and tolix chair

cozy bed, gray bed cover, wooden bench seat, rattan basket, fluffy gray rug, ethnic print cushion, monochrome paintings, rustic bedroom

Romantic cocooning bed with pink accents

cocooning deco, cushions in pink and gray, abstract painting, two pendant lamps in copper finish, wooden bedside table

four-poster bed, cocooning image of a welcoming bedroom, white wall paint, several lamps above white curtains

fur rug, decorative lantern, fireplace, fur rug, vase with dried flowers

Decoration with stylish accessories

gray bed, white paint and white vase, cocooning Scandinavian style bedroom image

Magnificent chunky knit throw and fur rug for a soft stay

large knit plaid, wall hanging, white pillows, white wall painting, framed portrait

bedroom in pink and white, rustic ceiling light, large pot with green plant, cozy bedroom

girl wall painting in pastel colors, cocooning teen bedroom, small industrial office, golden light fixture, colorful bed cover

cozy bedroom and cocooning bed, large knitted plaid, white faux fur, geometric pillowcases

Brighten up your place with led candles and fairy lights

plank floor, cozy bed decorated in hygge style, led candles, padded headboard, small Scandinavian desk

double bed in red and white, light garland, white wall paneling, white wooden bedside table, cozy Scandinavian-style bedroom

chalet-style wooden bedroom, gray faux fur, gray cushions, monochrome paintings

How to illuminate a dark decor

garland of light balls, framed mirrors, charcoal gray paint, wall shelf with bulb lamp and vase

Berber carpet, pink and gray bed, industrial lamp, flowerpots, skylights, pastel colors cocooning deco

hanging cage lamp, cocooning bedroom decor, wood wall shelf, abstract painting frames, dove color wall painting

cocooning bedroom decor, geometric cushions, cage wall light, large bouquet of white flowers, wooden bedside table

Gray bedroom with black and white accents that is not actually dark

what color for a bedroom, black and white bed, light garland, original wall decoration, chevron parquet

cocooning atmosphere, wooden and metal tray, cookies and cupcakes, pink faux fur, gray knitted plaid

white and gray bed, white bedside table, fur rug, painted frame, wood plank floor, light colored wall paint

chunky mesh plaid, light gray wall paint, wooden stool, black table lamp, large framed landscape, gray rug, cushions

Large pom poms, scripts and light objects will complement any Scandinavian decor

cushion with script, glass lantern, decorative star, garland, large glass jar, wooden plank floor

comfortable bed decorated in Scandinavian style, knitted plaid, pendant lamps, white wall painting, simple and cozy decoration

pale gray bedroom, wood stool, wall shelf with wood candle holder, geometric duvet cover

Fantastic bedroom decor that blends in with the outdoors

cozy bed in a bright white bedroom, rustic planter, gray and white paint frame, green plant, white table lamp

Refined decoration, fine suspension and paintings framed in blue and white

cloud pendant light, garland of light bulbs, white floating bed, dark wood floor, two wooden bedside tables, cushions

geometric curtain, large window, burning candles, hot cup of coffee, cushion and gray plaid

white fur on a bed, paper suspension, white cushions, small woven basket, white table lamp

decorate your Scandinavian bedroom, charcoal gray knitted plaid, cup of coffee and croissant, white cushions

Soft and romantic atmosphere in gray and nude pink

Scandinavian decorative bed, nude pink knitted plaid, cushions, paintings, small white stool

chunky mesh plaid, rustic pendant light, wooden tables, fur rugs, white floor, cushions

ethnic rug, rustic basket, round mirror hanging on the wall, red lamps, simple clothes rack, ethnic rug, large rustic basket

cozy white bedroom, pink chair, pink floor lamp, painting hanging on the wall, two windows

wolf paintings frame, light bulb garland, wooden floor, large window, hanging chair, gray tassel bed set

duvet covers in soft colors, bed cover geometric patterns, scented candles, wooden floor

pastel pink large mesh plaid, small white stool, gray flowerpot, pink and gray cushions, painting frame

bedroom in gray and blue, hanging lamp, padded headboard, gray paneling

cocooning room, large workshop door, hanging lamp, white armchair, fabric headboard

macrame rug, white walls in a large cozy bedroom, rectangular mirror, white ceiling lamp