Pantone color 2021: meaning and use in everyday life

As you know, every year there are colors that predominate among others, in different areas. This is not an accidental phenomenon, but the result of extensive research conducted by the American institute, known for its color matching system. Every year it announces the color that sets the trends in many spheres of life and industry – the printing industry, the textile industry, manufacturers of varnish dyes and others. In this article, we present the Pantone 2021 color (there is actually more than one!) And the different ways to incorporate it into our business or into our daily life.

The complete winner from the previous year – classic blue 

the color of the year 2021 classic blue by the titled pantone

The presentation of the Pantone color for the year 2021

Pantone color 2021 – luminous yellow

Since the practice of choosing an annual color began, this is the second time that the Pantone Institute has chosen two different colors that will dictate the trends for the next year. In this first part of our article, we will therefore focus on the first color, especially bright yellow. It can be paired with the yellow of the buttercup flower, while Pantone describes it as “bright and cheerful.” They also add: “sparkling with liveliness” and “infused with solar energy”. Another novelty: this is the first time in more than a decade that a shade of yellow has been chosen. In 2009, when they chose a warmer yellow – Mimosa, they declared yellow to be the go-to color for bringing hope and comfort to everyday life. A lot has changed in 10 years, but it seems Pantone’s interpretation of yellow still holds true and we all need hope again..

Bright yellow, juxtaposed with the other color of the year

pantone code one panels with the colors of the year two people at the bottom

Another Pantone color 2021 – the ultimate gray

The other color chosen by Pantone for the year 2021 is the Ultimate Gray which is characterized by belonging to the strong and reliable elements that are eternal and serve as a base. The colors of the pebbles on the beach and the natural elements whose weathered appearance demonstrates an ability to stand the test of time. Ultimate Gray quietly assures, encourages feelings of composure, stability and resilience.

The selection of two colors wants to convey a message, a message of strength and hope, which is both lasting and uplifting, propagating an idea of ​​which it is not about one color or one person, but many. . This union between ultimate gray and luminous yellow expresses the message of positivity which is supported by force. One should feel encouraged and uplifted, this is essential to the human spirit. Now is the time to see how the color of the year affects the different spheres of life. Keep in mind that you don’t have to strike a balance between the two nuances. Be aware that one or the other color may take precedence whether for clothing, beauty, furnishings, product design or packaging.

Trendy colors also find their place in the design

pantone color of the year 2021 trends in graphic design copy 2

The interior design and Pantone 2021 color

Pantone’s colors for this year and their combination are the perfect way to set the mood in your home by adding positivity and sunshine. It’s harder to incorporate Bright Yellow and Ultimate Gray entirely into your interior, but you can still line them up using different elements. A pleasant way to do this is to juxtapose the two colors using details such as the tablecloth, the drapes or the cushions..

The more daring among you may consider the bright yellow paint for the front door which will convey a warm and welcoming message when supported by a solid and reliable ultimate gray in the exterior finishes. The combination is highly recommended for the office, whether at home or in a commercial space. The gray that provides the solid base for the bright, bright yellow. Both increase awareness and improve intuition, paving the way for intellectual curiosity, originality and the genius of an open mind. Whatever it is, it is not mandatory to have both colors in the interior, you can choose the one you prefer and go better with the rest of your design.

Fashionable colors and trends in home decoration

pantone color code for the year 2021 and trends in home decoration

An example of the transition between the flagship colors of different years

different furniture in the colors of the year by pantone a gray sofa and cushion and paintings with yellow elements

The cohesion between yellow, gray and classic blue

deco trend 2021 with a gray sofa and cushions in bright yellow and French blue

Pantone 2021 color and fashion trends

A few words about the importance of color in fashion. Indeed, the history of fashion is that of color. More than any other factor, color gives a garment (and the person wearing it) both visual and emotional impact. A woman walking towards you in a red dress tells a very different story than the same woman dressed in blue. Yet the twin stories of fashion and color are rarely woven together. Everyone knows that color trends are a big part of fashion, but their importance goes far beyond the “must-have” color of the season. Traced and studied over time, fascinating patterns and repetitions emerge. The fleeting nature of color is a testament to the ephemeral of existence. So, we agree that by wearing a concrete color, we convey our message. If you want to pass the Pantone message for this year, we advise you, for example, to opt for an ultimate gray as the base color and yellow accessories – a scarf, a handbag or shoes, which will bring brightness to your look. With its energetic presence, the marriage of ultimate gray and bright yellow is a great combination for sportswear. The high visibility contrast of the two colors reinforces its appeal to outerwear. A mix of warm and cool tones, combining ultimate gray and bright yellow in hair or nails makes a dramatic statement

The key colors of 20201 in eye makeup mode

pantone 2021 color of the year and trends in makeup

Yellow fashion accessories – a mandatory element for the year 2021

leonie hanne: fashion photo session in paris

The colors of the year and their association with sportswear

the pantone colors of the year and their adaptation in sportswear

Pantone 2021 and other colors

It is useful to know with which other colors one can combine the Pantone 2021 color. Another thing that the specialists of the Institute assure twice a year, it is their palette which includes the color of the year and the others with which it combines. This is a very useful practice for all creators in different areas of design. For example, during the coming spring and summer seasons, it is very likely to see bright yellow combined with a French blue, mint color or raspberry sorbet. As for the classic basic colors, of which the ultimate gray is one, you can also find inkwell or buttercream. We present to you in our gallery the best combinations and many ways to adopt the colors of the year in your daily life.

Pantone’s palette for spring and summer next year

color 2021 the pantone palette for spring and summer shades

color combination of pink flowers with yellow and white undertones

If yellow paint looks risky, try adding yellow cushions

a wooden desk with trendy color 2021 paint white chair with a jauen seat

a living room with a gray sofa and a yellow duvet of the paintings on the walls color trend deco 2021

An example of adopting one of two colors in interior design

a living room with large windows, a turquoise carpet and a gray corner sofa in the deco trend color 2021

a desk with yellow elements a clock on the wall and a suitcase on the floor trendy color 2021

The yellow sheets look like bright rays of the sun

a living room with a fireplace table with four chairs and yellow curtains color trend deco 2021

Glam up a bohemian cotton dress with velvet accessories

a woman dressed in a long yellow dress with a handbag drowned in front of a cultural building

a woman dressed in a gray sports suit and a yellow coat and brown cap

Combine a yellow voluminous blouse with black leather pants

street style paris fashion week womenswear fall / winter 2020/2021: day eight

color code pantone a woman in a gray suit and yellow pumps with sunglasses in front of a car

Or a trendy blazer with classic jeans

a woman wearing jeans and white shirt with red shoes and a yellow blazer

a woman holding a bouquet of orange flowers wearing a yellow dress at a gray background

color trend 2021 paint in bright yellow in the dining room with white furniture and brown tiles

yellow sandals on a gray fabric the colors of the year 2021

the colors of the year of the pantone institute with a woman with yellow and gray arms raised

yellow sneakers and color combination cork insoles

pantone color code stairs in a building

color trend 2021 a girl with braids and a yellow sweater

A cloudy cushion whose gray color matches any other color

a living room with a beige leather sofa and a 2021 deco trendy marble coffee table

a woman dressed in a gray dress with polka dots and a yellow pantone 2021 satchel

flying solo

a long manicure in gray and yellow with trendy color decorations 2021

kylie jenner with black gloves and trendy yellow eyeshadow in makeup

website main hold

a woman in the street with a yellow blouse and short pants the colors in fashion

deco trend 2021 a minimalistic dining room with yellow fabric chairs and a marble floor

a bed with a gray fabric table and a black bedside quilts in trendy deco color 2021

pantone 2021 color trend kitchen in white with counter and bar chairs in bright yellow

pantone color of the year 2021 a kitchen with gray walls and cupboards a red chair and yellow details

lifestyle shot summer blush

a woman dressed in a black top with a yellow and white striped mask paielletes color code pantone

collina strada

a girl in nature dressed in black pants and a blouse yellow color trend 2021 color pantone 2021