Pine cones for Christmas decoration – 58 ideas in photos

Did you know that you can do fantastic things with a material that nature offers you in abundance during this season? The cones are the “fruits” of the pines that can be found everywhere – not only in the forests but also in the gardens or in the park near you. It is not at all difficult to get hold of them and they are truly a source of creative inspiration for anyone who likes to turn simple objects into artistic creations. Think you couldn’t decorate yourself and never tried to do something like this? If you want to create a playful decoration and have fun during the holidays, have the patience to read this article. We give you here several illustrations, tutorials and some useful videos to awaken your artistic spirit and make you want to make your own pine cone decoration for the holidays!

Create a festive and magical atmosphere for Christmas with a pine cone decoration

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You have all seen little things made from the fruit of the pines – animals, snowmen, decorations made with colored apples or in their natural colors. In this article we show you that the only limit in the realization of these decorative objects is your imagination. It’s simple – take a pine cone and use it as the basis of your little project. By just adding a few small paper or textile details to it, you can create a super cute toy – an owl, hedgehog, dwarf, angel, and many other adorable items. Buy some modeling felt in the colors you like and design your Christmas toys and your unique creative decor.

Bring a personal note to the decoration of the tree through DIY pine cone creations

DIY Christmas tree ornament model, pine cone bird figurine idea with white felt wings

It’s the coldest season of the year and we all crave warm moments! We can create them with brightly colored decoration and by offering our loved ones and friends thematic objects that we made with our own hands. It is a wonderful gift that each of us can give and give to ourselves. And speaking of gifts, the creations in cones are a great idea that will delight all fans of unconventional art and DIY little surprises. If you are looking for interesting ideas on the theme of Christmas trees, also see our article on the driftwood tree .

Make small animal figurines using the children

easy fall winter manual activity idea, Christmas crafts for little ones, DIY pine cone owl with wings and felt head

Tutorial 1 / Make a pine cone garland

Materials :

  • a support in the form of a circle
  • brown acrylic paint
  • cones
  • ribbon (to hang the garland)
  • hot glue gun
  • mini pom poms

Production :

  1. If you are using a bright or lighter colored medium, start the project by painting the medium brown (the color of pine cones). Let dry well.
  2. Tie the ribbon to the stand (so you can hang it up once the crown is ready).
  3. Now we start to glue the pine cones on the hoop. Start with the larger ones and then use the smaller ones to fill in the gaps.
  4. To decorate your crown, you can glue mini pompoms or pearls. That’s it !

tutorial by: makeanddocrew

Instructions how to make a Christmas wreath from pine cones

steps to make a pine cone Christmas wreath, easy DIY Christmas pine cone idea

Tutorial 2 / Turn the pine cones into mini fir trees

Materials :

  • cones
  • green spray paint
  • green glitter
  • air dry clay
  • colorful beads
  • silver or gold wooden stars
  • glue gun

Production :

  1. The first step is to paint the pine cones green. For a more glamorous effect, you can add a touch of green glitter. Let dry well.
  2. Take a clay ball and roll it between the palms of your hands. Flatten slightly on a support to form the trunk of the tree. Place your little tree on the clay.
  3. Decorate the trees with colored beads and put a star at the top of each tree.

Dress up the pine cones as fantastic mini trees

DIY example of easy kindergarten Christmas, mini pine cone model painted in green and decorated with beads

Tutorial 3 / Create your own tree ornaments

Materials :

  • cones
  • Mod Podge glue
  • hooks or ribbon
  • golden glitter
  • bowl
  • brush

Production :

  1. Clean the pine cones. Place them on a baking sheet and put them in the oven at 100 ° C for 1 hour. Stay nearby and watch the pine cones as they are a bit flammable.
  2. Take a pine cone and cover it with glue.
  3. Sprinkle the apple with golden glitter.
  4. Add a hook or tie a ribbon.

easy tutorial: thesprucecrafts

Easy and quick tutorial to make your own Christmas tree ornaments in golden pine cone version

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Cocooning atmosphere and hot drink mug for Santa Claus 

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DIY Christmas wreath made of dried pine cones and painted in silver for a snowy look

easy DIY Christmas wreath template, DIY white painted pine cone Christmas wreath

Warm and inviting Christmas decoration for the space above the fireplace

DIY Christmas decorations, easy pine cone decoration idea, example of how to decorate a fireplace for Christmas

Snowy trees in candle version

diy christmas tree models, decoration with christmas pine cone, diy pine cone candle holder colored in white

DIY Christmas table decoration with turntable: pine cones, cinnamon sticks and orange slices 

easy to make deco pinecone idea, turntable model decorated with fruits and dried pine cones

example of a homemade Christmas centerpiece, make a decoration for Christmas with pine cones and tree ornaments

Fill a big glass jar with pine cones to make it a super cool decorative object

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Handmade fir ornament made of pine cones and velvet ribbon

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Coconize each room in your home with a Christmas decoration of pine cones, warm plaids and cushions

cocooning decoration for Christmas with plaids and pine cones, example of how to decorate a teenager's room for Christmas

DIY snow globe, easy DIY Christmas idea, easy Christmas decorations, plastic terrarium container filled with pine cones

DIY white pine cone wreath with ribbon and yellow leaves for a stylish front door decoration

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Fantastic example of a Christmas centerpiece made from pine cones, branches and wood 

DIY pine cone decoration, how to set up your Christmas table, handmade decorative object with wooden planks and pine cones

create a cozy atmosphere for Christmas with cookies and a cup of hot chocolate, homemade hot chocolate decoration idea

Make a pretty window decoration with personalized flower pots in a festive spirit

how to personalize a flower pot for Christmas, easy DIY Christmas idea, diy terracotta pot decorated with ribbon

handmade christmas tree ornament pattern, diy angel shaped pine cone tree ornament with crown

Mini pine cone on a cotton covered cardboard box trunk

easy DIY Christmas idea, handmade mini Christmas tree model in green painted pine cone decorated with light garland

how to recycle old glass jars, example how to personalize a spice jar with pine cone, easy pine cone decoration idea

Another easy tutorial for making gorgeous Christmas tree ornaments

easy DIY tutorial, DIY snow globe with pine cone, handmade object idea in pine cone Christmas decoration

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Elegant table or fireplace decoration with DIY trees, candles and green branches

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Enhance the space in front of the fireplace with a cocooning decor: woven basket filled with fir branches and pine cones

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Heart-shaped wreath with a small bright house for a welcoming front door decoration

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Here’s how to transform spice jars into the winter spirit

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Mini-trees decorated with glittering stars and colorful bead garlands

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DIY hanging pine cones and leaves dry

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Add a natural note to your bedroom decor using a bowl filled with pine cones

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Handmade Christmas tree ornament with elegant design

how to make your own fir tree ornaments, pine cone christmas ornament template with white ribbon

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Super cute hedgehog figures to make with the little ones

DIY kindergarten pine cone idea, make pine cone animal figurines, pine cone hedgehog model

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Make easy Christmas tree ornaments or garlands using pine cones

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Awesome Christmas wreath template 

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Simple Christmas decoration in a minimalist spirit with natural objects

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This is how to decorate the teenager’s room for Christmas

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DIY kindergarten pine cone, Christmas wreath making idea with dried fruits and pine cones

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Metallic effect paint for a glamorous pine cone look

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Fruity figurine in pine cone painted in red with green leaf in felted paper

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Simple and elegant Christmas table decoration idea 

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Make a fairy snow globe with pine cone and glitter

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DIY pine cone owl with wiggly eyes

DIY bread apple owl with cotton body, DIY kindergarten Christmas idea, pine cone owl figurine

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Example of pine cone

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Decorate the front door in a fun way

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Children can also make their own tree ornaments

DIY pine cone Christmas creation, DIY kindergarten pine cone idea, handmade deer tree ornament

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Handmade Christmas trees with pine cones and ribbons 

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Pine cones are a material with which you can create many unique decorations

pine cones-idea-original-gift-hedgehogs-DIY-to-do-it-yourself

Imagine these pine cone candle holders on your Christmas table – it will be a wonderful decoration in the spirit of the holidays

pine-cones-candle holders-diy-made-with-unexpected-materials

Owls are trendy designs in decor – why not make a cool cone and felt friend


An easy-to-make fox with readily available materials


Little Christmas dwarfs with big hats 


Turkeys to make with your children 

pine cones-making-roosters-to-offer-as-a-christmas-gift

Hedgehogs in cones are easy to make and they are super fun. See how to do them in the following video 

pine cones-make-hedgehogs-all-alone-children's-gifts

A pine cone elf – invite the magic of Christmas to your home by creating original toys 

pine cones-make-cone-stuff-and-decorate-your-christmas-table

How to make Christmas trees? Here is a great idea!

pine cones-making-christmas-trees-with-cones

A Christmas tree quickly made with few materials 

If you have collected enough pine cones you can make this cute snowflake in no time 

pine cones-snowflakes-diy-to-do-with-your-hands

Dip the pine cone in colored wax and you will get this nice effect 

pine cones-christmas-gifts-diy-what-to-do-for-christmas

pine cones-gift-ideas-diy-to-offer-decorative-pine-cones

The little elves – adorable characters that are always part of the Christmas decoration 

pine cones-little-snowmen-in-pine-fruit-deco-diy-de-noel

Angels in joyful colors


A super easy little idea to achieve that will have a big effect






This is a really great idea and very simple – you can make it with all kinds of felt or with cotton 



These hedgehogs are so friendly and you can do them on a fir tree in the garden 


Yellow chicks made with cones










Rudolph’s head made with felt pompoms in different colors





You can find these snowflakes on


pine cone-sparrow-cone-and-felt-handcraft

A bear that can be purchased from


pine cone-foxes-in-pine-fruit-creations-diy



pine cone-making-extraordinary-things-out-of-pine-cones

Original garland and an easy idea to make – snowy pine cones for unforgettable parties! You just need an artificial snow bomb, the white spray

pine cones-make-a-cone-garland-for-christmas

pine cone-owl-with-felt-and-cone-for-hanging-on-the-Christmas-tree




Two little elves who have sweet dreams

pine cones-pine-cones-transformed-into-dwarfs


pine cones-creative-decorations-for-christmas


pine cones-snowflake-with-pine-cone

It is almost due to the magic of successfully creating the illusion with so few materials



pine cones-what-to-do-with-pine-cones

pine cones-mice-in-pine-cones-deco-handcraft-christmas