Scandinavian decor – cool and trendy

French interiors are crazy about Scandinavian decor. His philosophy? A careful blend of sobriety and design. This flagship decoration, which is increasingly invading the catalogs of major French home brands, comes from a lifestyle very specific to the European Far North. In these countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark), the weather often rhymes with cold and darkness which justifies the need to make your home a cozy little cocoon, ideal for forgetting the external torments. Discover the essential characteristics of this trendy and warm style… Natural wood, soft materials, clean shapes, subdued light and omnipresent white – discover these elements in the photos below!

Scandinavian decor – the flagship style


A Scandinavian decor with a bohemian touch


Scandinavian decor – clean lines and light


Natural and soft materials are typical for Scandinavian decor


White is everywhere


Wood reigns in Scandinavian decor

deco-scandinavian-sofas scandinavian-deco-white-chair scandinavian-deco-chair-paintings Scandinavian-warm-and-light-decor Scandinavian-warm-and-style Scandinavian-warmth deco-scandinavian-fireplace deco-scandinavian-stars deco-scandinavian-inspiring deco-scandinavian-loft scandinavian-home decor scandinavian-floor-wood deco-scandinavian-wooden-floor scandinavian-deco-coffee-table scandinavian-deco-shaggy-rugs

We hope you liked our proposals for Scandinavian decor and that you have found inspiring ideas for your interior.