The anduze vase – a classic decoration for the beautiful garden of your dreams

The anduze vase is a handcrafted object that we know well in France. She wears a recognizable traditional style. Whether it is a modern vase or a classic Anduze vase, it is a great pleasure to have it. The anduze vase which has been known since the seventeenth century has earned its solid reputation. The oldest pottery located in Anduze which still manufactures these vases was created in 1951. To this day, there are still some potteries which produce and export Anduze vases and offer a rich range of traditional and renewed models. Many foreign potteries deal with an imitation of the anduze vase without admitting it, but it is still one of the ways of popularizing these pretty artisanal creations. 

The anduze vase is pretty and decorates the gardens with special beauty

vase-d 'anduze-decorative-vases-like-flower-pots

The classic anduze vase gives an irreplaceable style to your exteriors

vase-d 'anduze-like-flower-pot

A raw anduze vase

honey-colored anduze-vase

Anduze vases are superb as flower pots


The large size makes these vases a remarkable decoration 

vase-d 'anduze-colored-vases

We are transported to a past time


A beauty that is not pretentious but distinguished


Pretty shiny jars 

vase-d 'anduze-an-exhibition

A very stylish gray vase


Two vases like flowerpots

vase-d 'anduze-two-vases

The anduze vase was first created to keep fruit, or it was a start out of necessity. Like many other icons of human and world culture, it was conceived as a useful object, which over time transformed into an object of art. Specific decorations reminiscent of garlands are mandatory for the classic Anduze vase. But there are already very different vessels, colored or with an original decoration which are also inspired by this respected tradition..


vase-d 'anduze-un-jardin

vase-d 'anduze-as-decoration

vase-d 'anduze-two-green-vases


vase-d 'anduze-rouge

vase-d 'anduze-des-vases-moderne

vase-d 'anduze-rose

vase-d 'anduze-des-pots

vase-d 'anduze-grande-classiaque



modern-decorated anduze-vase

red-decorated anduze-vase

vase-d 'anduze-en-rouge-et-vert



The anduze vase is a cultural heritage of special value which continues to adorn gardens and to delight modern man.