The best tips and ideas for the perfect attic layout

With the gradual drop in temperatures, in the month of November, we officially forget about the care of the outdoor space and we turn our eyes to optimizing the interior. The exotic vacation season is over. Now we roll up our sleeves to take care of our household. In this sense, many of us are starting to look for practical ways to rearrange our homes to suit the needs of the whole family. Whether it’s a future project or a primary task, planning an attic layout can be a great idea for those who are short on space in their home. Yep… it’s not child’s play, not at all. But if you are ready to indulge in this adventure, know that the effort is worth it. In addition, we are here to give you some key hints and tips for completing the project successfully. Let’s go?

Fantastic and rational idea: use the last square meter of your home by opting for an attic layout

attic insulation, renewal of the attic with installation of wooden floors and white paint, living room furniture with a modern and simple design

Quite frankly, building a whole new universe from scratch (or almost) is no easy task. Therefore, we must first objectively judge the situation to know what to expect and to avoid unpleasant surprises. It’s a bit of a cliché to tell yourself that it all depends on your goals and how much space you have. It is still a necessary and inevitable evil. To transform the attic into a living room, the key points to which attention must be paid are: access to space, insulation of the interior / exterior roof, sources of lighting and heating, floor repair etc. Do you feel a little lost? Don’t panic, this is completely normal. And, since we know what is the thought that preoccupies your mind … Here is good news: yes, it is possible to calculate the price of an attic arrangement.

Providing the necessary work and approximate costs allows us to carry out our project without stress

Deco bedroom under the slope, white and cozy living room under the eaves with white walls, cocooning atmosphere with carpet and soft cushions

Like everything in life, attic design also has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest assets of the space is that it stands out for a truly unique and more intimate look thanks to its shape and the raw materials used in its construction. So, converting the attic could be a great idea if you are looking to add character and personal taste to your home. However, depending on the size and height of the space, it may be necessary to think about additional work such as installing roof windows; the choice of light paint to visually enlarge the room; more functional solutions in terms of furniture, or even the use of walls and partitions to separate the different areas.

The search for practical and functional solutions is the keystone in this adventure

attic layout, reconstruction of the attic with white painted wooden floor and ceiling, open space in the white living room

After successfully completing the mission of reconstruction and renewal of the attic, there is only one challenge left – bringing the space to life. And, if you think it’s an easy task, wait until you see the many alternatives to attic decor! First of all, you have to think about the type of the room. Choose from many options – bedroom (for your teenage child or for your guests), additional bathroom, children’s playroom, cinema room, home office area, cocooning rest area and plenty of ‘others. Then, we decide what style of decoration to integrate. Among the most preferred variants we see the modern, rustic and industrial trends. You can of course experiment by combining more than one style.

Layout of attics in a minimalist and cocooning spirit

attic layout, master bedroom deco, attic room with light wood floor and roof windows, double bed with beige blanket and brown cushions

Exploiting attic space is both an adventure that requires resources, time and patience, but also a winning solution, especially if you plan to sell your home one day. The presence of an additional space, of a renewed corner will undoubtedly increase your chances in the market. But if the conversion of the attic is rather a much awaited and moving experience for you, so much the better! There is nothing to hesitate, now is the time to make your dream piece. In case you’re at a loss for ideas on how to revive the space, check out the latest interior design trends in this article..

Winning solution whose results prove that our efforts are rewarded

roof insulation, bohemian chic decor in an attic living room with white crochet plaid and soft cushions