The headboard decoration in several brilliant DIY ideas that you can make by yourself

Since the bedroom is our personal corner, we are always looking for a way to make it personal. A stroke of paint on the walls, decorative frames, designer bedside lamp or why not a new one headboard decor. Even a tiny accent could change everything. Today, we are going to present you several original ways to customize the surroundings of your bed to guarantee you balmy nights.

In recent years, we can clearly notice a certain break with the traditional headboard, replaced by false alternatives. And the good news is that a lot of these could be self-made. A popular way to create the illusion of a headboard is to repaint the wall behind the bed with paint or decorate it with wallpaper. And then there are also the headboards made from recycled materials such as those made from pallets, window shutters or old recycled doors. But still, you could make a super original headboard out of everyday items. Below you will find plenty of such examples – a book headboard, floral headboard or frames … stay with us to find several lovely examples..

Scandinavian headboard decoration idea with graphic art pieces

example of a scandinavian headboard, gray and light pink bed linen, black and white carpet, black and white frame decoration on a white wall

A false headboard in painting 

Materials needed:

  • masking tape
  • acrylic paint (in a color you like)
  • brush

Step by step realization:

The first thing you need to do in order to achieve this pretty illusory headboard is choose a paint color. In this specific case, we opted for a color contrasting with the rest of the decor, with the aim of creating an eye-catcher accent and creating a focal point. The forest green shade is a very trendy shade that will add interest to all white walls in your bedroom..

But now … how to do it? First, draw a rectangle just behind your bed using strips of masking tape. The size of this rectangle is up to you, but note that the pillows and cushions will hide part of it. Then, apply a coat of primer which will guarantee you a more united look and a more successful end result. Let it dry, apply the green paint and let it dry again. Finally, remove the masking tapes and step back to admire the beautiful result. It’s all easy, no?

Headboard decoration in forest green paint for an original touch

imitation headboard decoration with square green paint behind the bed, orange and blue bed linen, easy DIY

A headboard decorated with an adhesive vinyl 

Materials needed:

  • a decorative adhesive roll (gold color or other)
  • spatula
  • cutter

Step by step realization:

Your first task here is to isolate a rectangle in the adhesive roll that matches the dimensions of your headboard. However, be sure to leave a few more centimeters on each side. Then, start to peel off and gradually apply the adhesive paper, making sure to push out any air bubbles, preferably with a spatula. Then turn the headboard upside down and carefully trim the excess paper. Here you are, you could finally complete the decor with some tropical pink and green accents for an atmosphere that invites you to dream.

How to make a headboard decoration in gold-colored adhesive with a glamorous effect

headboard decoration example decorated with a gold decorative adhesive, white and pink bed linen, exotic pattern bed cover

An original headboard made from recycled window shutters

Materials needed:

  • recycled window shutters
  • coat hook
  • brush
  • Sandpaper
  • hammer
  • drill
  • screwdriver
  • small blackboards

Step by step realization:

The first thing to do here of course is to get yourself those old window shutters that you first need to clean with a sponge and soapy water, then polish with sandpaper. Then you have two options… either leave the shutters as is or you need to repaint their surface in whatever paint color you like. This is the last way we proceeded to make the concrete DIY. Lastly, install the hooks behind and fix on the wall against the bed. For an even more original rendering, you can also think of installing small slate boards, like the ones you see in the photo below. And here is the beautiful result …

How to make your headboard decoration using recycled window shutters

make a headboard out of wooden shutters repainted with blue paint behind a bed with gray and white bed linen

A pretty floral headboard to make yourself in the blink of an eye

Materials needed:

  • 6 bouquets of flowers each consisting of a dozen flowers
  • hot glue gun
  • fishing line
  • small nails or pins
  • cable cutter

Step by step realization:

Apply glue to the end of the stem of one flower and then place it in the center of the petal of the next flower. Continue in this way until you get a row of 8, 9 flowers. Depending on what result you would like to achieve, the number of flowers may vary. In the specific case, we decided on 7 rows of flowers. In order to hang the composition on the wall, make a loop in the fishing line, which you must tie around the petal at the top. Then, drive 7 nails at the top of the wall, near the ceiling and attach the flower arrangement to them. To make it more secure, you could even consider securing the floral rows at the bottom, using duct tape..

Example of an original headboard made of artificial flowers that you can easily make by yourself

original example how to make a floral headboard from artificial flowers glued together, white bed linen

Tips for making your wallpaper headboard

And the pallet headboard… how to do it? Here is a video that will help you

Headboard idea in painting accompanied by some exotic decorative accessories

headboard decoration in forest green paint, decorative pillows, black and white bed linen, hats, vase and plants decoration on a white nightstand

Polystyrene decorations for your original headboard

how to make an original polystyrene headboard, colorful figurines, colorful cushions, white bed linen

How to make a pallet wood headboard? This is an interesting idea

pallet headboard idea to make yourself, with decorations, white bed linen with cushions and colorful bed cover

A chunky-knit plaid headboard to create a focal point in this sleek bedroom

original headboard in mesh fabric, beige and white bed linen, green plants framing a cocooning bed

Slate board headboard to note down and never forget your leitmotiv

designer headboard in slate paint to write on it, yellow, white and gray bed linen, wooden bedside table

Super pretty wallpaper headboard model to complete the decor in this cocooning room 

blue and beige wallpaper headboard idea on a blue wall, pink and white bed linen, wooden nightstand, white lamp

How to make a super artistic colorful decorative canvas headboard

colorful canvas headboard decor, white parquet white bed linen, artistic scandinavian style bedroom decor

design headboard in painted geometric patterns and frames with colorful animal drawing, colorful decorative cushions

Idea to make a headboard in open books that perfectly complement this pallet headboard model

original headboard in open books on white walls, gray and white bed linen, pallet bed with built-in book storage, gray carpet, white walls

original pallet headboard with integrated lights, white and beige bed linen, LED heart, cocooning bedroom decor

Scandinavian headboard model in photo frames and black and white drawing, blue bed linen, brown parquet

DIY headboard tutorial using a little paint and washi tape

original geometric headboard in triangles on a rectangle yellow paint behind the bed, quick and easy DIY

Rattan headboard ideas decoration behind the bed oriental style, white bed linen black and white wallpaper

A wooden headboard decorated with a tropical palm motif

Plywood headboard decorated with green palm leaves, gray bed linen, wooden bedside table decorated with white paint

how to make a plywood headboard with wooden shelves, white bed linen, light parquet, headboard decoration accessories and personal belongings

vintage golden frames with fabric, white bed linen decorated with small flowers on a white wall, wood nightstand

make a wooden headboard from light wood planks, pink and blue bed linen, white dream catcher and white carpet

Original headboard in old recycled doors in a chic country decor bedroom

recycled wood doors raw look with white bed linen and gray plaid, bouquet of white flowers, elegant chandelier, country chic style

headboard decoration in green, white, black feathers on white threads, cushions in green, gray and pink, white bed linen

how to make a wooden headboard, raw wood planks, blue bed linen, drawings on a white wall

headboard idea with old barn doors, white bed linen, elegant baroque chandelier, light parquet, chic country furniture

white bed linen decorated with pompoms and original headboard in abstract art decorative painting behind the bed

seaside landscape photo frame headboard model with white and gray bed linen, brick wall behind the bed, industrial style deco

how to make a headboard, original in old photos and posters, light garland, oriental style blue bed linen

make original headboard in colored planks, white bed linen with decorative cushions and white nightstand

Enchas an example of a wallpaper headboard added to personalize the decor in this cozy bedroom

DIY pink adhesive vinyl headboard with geometric patterns, white bed linen, colorful cushions Scandinavian white nightstand, colorful ball garland

make a blue patina wooden headboard, slate paint to write with chalk, white bed linen, vintage bedroom furniture

idea how to make a wooden headboard, cut wood mdf panel, wooden bedside table, black and white bed linen

example of a do-it-yourself headboard, yellow frames with pink letters, white bed linen, beige and mauve cushions

Perfect idea to make an oriental headboard in your room 1001 nights

off-white bed linen, black wall decorated with wooden logs, gray parquet, beige ottomans, white and gray vase, oriental headboard bedroom decor

oriental cardboard headboard idea decorated with colorful floral patterns, orange, yellow and blue bed linen in an oriental decorative garden

make a dark brown plank wood headboard with the word love written in white, graphic black and white bed linen, brown wood nightstands

DIY headboard, wooden shelf with decorative frame, green plant and vases, white bed linen with light pink cushion

original rusty panel headboard, black and white bed linen, vintage chic style bedroom decor

Imitation original headboard in gray stencil to do yourself

gray lace stencil pattern design headboard, gray and white bed linen, recycled original nightstand

make a wooden headboard, brown planks decorated with white starfish, white bed linen

example of a colorful fabric headboard, dark gray green wall, beige and white bed linen and blue decorative pillows, green plant

brown kraft paper pennants garland on a gray wall and gray bed linen, original bedroom decorating ideas

white recycled white window shutters, white bed linen with pink decorative pillows, vintage nightstand

An oriental decorative canvas in a cocooning room that makes you dream

orange fabric headboard with aztec patterns, white and beige set linen, wooden log bedside table, cocooning bedroom decor

example of a scandinavian headboard on a wooden tray, gray mattress, white plaid, gray and white cushions, black and white photo decoration and nightstand shelf in a scandinavian bedroom

diy wooden oar headboard, blue and white decorative pillows, light blue paint wall, nightstand with vintage accessories

oriental headboard in transparent white curtains, hanging macrame flower pots, black, gray and white bed linen, decorative candles and black and white photo wall

slate wall paint as a designer headboard, black and white bed linen, wooden stepladder bedside table

wooden horse to decorate a padded headboard, red and white bed linen, vintage nightstand, white paneled walls

how to make headboard out of wooden planks, white bed linen, colorful carpet and bouquet of flowers in a vase

original headboard in black geometric patterns, blue bed linen, decorative pillows, worn gray parquet, vintage nightstand

The Scandinavian headboard decoration in all its splendor – graphic art that perfectly combines the neutral decor

make scandinavian headboard with graphic black and white photos, gray and white bed linen, bedside table with wheels, white ottoman

blue and white striped design headboard, white bed linen and flower bed cover in an open bedroom

Make a headboard with fringed pompoms to invite joy into the bedroom

original headboard idea in wood furniture, bed mattress on a wooden tray, gray floor with original white fireplace

wooden plank headboard with integrated lights, red bed linen, original decorative cushions

how to make a wooden headboard vintage planks, bed linen gis and white, white shelf overloaded with decorations, bedside table in wooden crate

how to make a headboard in recycled blue wooden doors, blue and white bed linen on a wooden bed, colorful oriental rug, chic vintage bedroom decor

bleached wood pallet headboard, garland decoration, end of bed in wooden chest, wooden floor, wall with wall niches

black and white wallpaper headboard model, colored bed linen, metallic white headboard, scandinavian bedside table, frame with original woman drawing, scandinavian style deco

Decorative driftwood headboard and lace dreamcatchers – a bohemian chic accent in the bedroom

original headboard in lace dreamcatcher in a drum hanging from a driftwood branch

Nordic bedroom decor with Scandinavian headboard from black and white photos, white bench, gray, beige and white bed linen, Scandinavian decor accessories, black Nordic chair

deco headboard frame decorated with crossed threads with small colorful landscape cards, white bed linen and beige decorative cushions

wooden headboard panel with photo frames and drawings around, white bed linen and navy blue bed cover

design headboard in wood half repainted in pink mdf color, original bed linen, cocooning scandinavian bedroom decor