The khaki green color: the favorite ally to refresh and soothe your decor

Colors are a powerful tool for changing the mood, whatever the style and the desired result. By getting to know their psychology and their meanings, one can play endlessly with combinations and small elements to achieve a mood to one’s liking. So if you are looking for ideas on how to transform the space in your home, today we have a fantastic ally for you, especially the color khaki green. Focus on its features, the most successful ways of incorporating it into a home, and the most inspiring examples of impeccable decor revolving around this versatile shade..

Add a relaxing, modern and warm drop to your decor using the khaki green color

interior decoration khaki green paint charcoal gray bed linen white and black photography

Khaki green color – what shade is it ?

The word khaki was originally used to denote an earthy shade, very close to sandy beige. Later, we begin to associate him with military uniforms. Today, khaki green refers to one or more hues of green, varying from a yellowish-brown undertone to a more pronounced green tint like olive green. Either way, its natural appearance and its power to blend easily with the rest of the colors makes it the perfect ally to create a soothing and balanced decor at home. This is why khaki is now becoming a popular color for interior design..

Adopt this natural color available in different shades

trendy decoration colors shade of green wall paint khaki wood furniture dining room nature

Why succumb to the khaki green trend ?

In recent times, the connection with nature is not only becoming very noticeable but it is also turning into a vital necessity for every human being who seeks balance and peace in his life. Thus, the magical and restaurant powers of the wild world are tempting more and more followers. So, we enthusiastically set out to transform our home into a shelter conducive to calm, recalling nature and the essential. For this purpose in particular, we embrace earthy tones, green in particular. The latter is presented as a connector between the environment and our home, giving it a warm and fulfilling note.

Create a bridge between nature and your home by opting for a green paint

color trend 2021 dining room decoration green wall lamp matte black lamp

How to integrate khaki green into your home ?

When it comes to a trendy color, there are two ways to go for it at home. The first alternative is to opt for a total transformation, for example in a mural version. The second variation is to do it in a more subtle way. On this point, we have the possibility to install a thematic piece of furniture or to play with some intriguing accessories (cushions, throws, rugs etc.).

Minimalist and clean design in this white living room with green accents

Blackened metal cabinet shelf braided storage baskets colors that go with khaki sofa

Colors that go with khaki

As suggested above, khaki green enchants us with its versatile look and ability to easily match most other colors. So, if you want to adopt it in your interior, almost every decision is flawless and it all depends on your personal taste. Here’s a quick rundown of the most popular options:

  • khaki with other earthy colors (beige, yellow, pastel orange, terracotta) – for a serene and natural atmosphere
  • with neutral tones (white, gray, black) – for a more elegant and modern look that breaks the monotony
  • in duet with pastel shades – ideal solution for a softer and more romantic atmosphere, excellent for decorating a female or children’s room
  • with metallic accents – fantastic option for a contemporary and luxurious decor with clean lines

One of the best advantages of khaki green is that it blends naturally with the rest of the colors.

khaki color interior design decoration home office green wall painting white ceiling

Trendy living room painting idea 2021

Painting is one of the most powerful elements and influences the feel in a space. In our case, khaki green is most often used to dress the walls of a modern, vintage or bohemian jungle style living room. This is a fantastic approach to bring a note of freshness to the living room while creating a comforting, even anti-stress atmosphere..

Soft and stylish atmosphere in this small living area with khaki walls

deco trend 2021 brown leather sofa raw wood table white and black barber carpet plants

Decorating a khaki bedroom

If you are planning a change in your private corner, adding a few accents in a khaki shade is a perfect idea for a sublime result. A green-colored mural will immediately boost the atmosphere by creating a feeling of closeness to nature. Khaki bed linen will blend beautifully with natural fiber accents and wood in a bohemian room. Another cool suggestion for a modern and stylish adult bedroom is the khaki green and gray combo..

Bohemian style bedroom with accents in yellow, khaki green and wood

khaki bedroom accents bed linen blanket tassels dark green floor lamp rattan wall hanging

Khaki kitchen design

To magnify the culinary space, khaki green comes to our aid. Refreshing old furniture with a coat of natural paint is a fantastic option for a chic and calming decor. In a kitchen with white walls and ceilings, with cabinets repainted in khaki, adding a few accents with a gold or matte black finish is a very successful decorating approach. The credenza and the marble worktop also combine very harmoniously with green nuances. To go even further, one can also opt for a renewal of the space using a khaki green paint. The latter will create a welcoming and stylish atmosphere, especially in combination with black or wood..

This is how to give a timeless look to your kitchen

khaki kitchen furniture cabinets brass handles u-shaped kitchen layout with wood and white island

Enhance the bathroom through khaki tiles

The drive towards a calm, natural decor conducive to relaxation also applies to the bathroom. Here, we focus on a Zen atmosphere. For such a result, nothing more suitable than opting for a simple and minimalist design, with furniture with geometric and regular lines. Khaki tiles are a great variation to give the space a fresh and calming look. Adding a few green plants is a key tip in interior design.

Zen-inspired bathroom design with khaki walls

modern bathroom decoration jungle style green color interior design khaki tiles green plants

Scandinavian bedroom decoration with khaki shade walls

colors that go with khaki white ceiling bed linen charcoal gray green plant monstera

Refresh the kitchen decor by painting its cabinets in green

military color interior design u-shaped kitchen with island dark green cabinets

military color trendy interior design wall paint green color dark brown sofa

Dark green creates a contemporary and luxurious ambiance

color trend 2021 dark green wall paint green carpet coffee table double wood top

rustic desk decoration dark wood military color dark green wall painting white floor lamp

Cozy and chic living room with khaki green walls tending to gray

Cozy living room decoration dark green khaki wall paint beige fringed carpet table metal trays

bedroom decoration khaki paint green color beige leather armchair reading corner layout

Transform your private room into a calming jungle

bohemian jungle bedroom design modern style furniture wood color trend 2021

khaki bedroom decor bed linen accents pillowcase dark green blanket coffee cup cabinet bedside wood rattan

Set up your home office directly in the bedroom by painting the wall belonging to it in an interesting shade

khaki wall home office how to set up a telecommuting corner in your room green paint

khaki wall green plant effect painting turquoise vase art painting black frame green living room decor

wall paint dark green shade trend deco 2021 gray carpet corner sofa plant monstera

Balanced transition to the outdoors with this trendy mural

dining area furniture wood table chairs khaki kitchen wall paint black wall light

development under the eaves gold lighting coffee table wood ottoman carpet stripes white and black khaki color

empty frame wood decoration above bed khaki green color green plant jungle bedroom

Khaki green color sofa living room wood photo frame wood shelf frame wall open storage

khaki kitchen decoration dining area dining room round table white and black brown chairs

green bedroom decoration trendy paint 2021 floral pattern armchair

khaki color furniture interior design wallpaper landscape cushions ethnic patterns multicolored

In a total look version or small accents, khaki green really changes the atmosphere in space

khaki color wall painting throw geometric patterns bed linen dark green color

khaki wall paint exposed beams ceiling led lighting spotlight hanging egg chair

deco trend 2021 green plant plaid fringe pastel pink green sofa marble covering

sofa coral color painting living room trend 2021 green shade green plant wall art

What color to paint the walls in his hallway? Here is a fantastic clue

khaki wall carpet black geometric patterns white fringes green paint hallway decoration

khaki tiles bathroom decoration furniture under sink wood shower faucet brass

khaki bedroom wall painting photography white and black black frame wood bedside cabinet

military color decoration kitchen layout u-shaped khaki green furniture golden handles

paint color living room trend 2021 wood ceiling covering black lamp wall black frames

What if we combined several shades of green in its interior? ?

paint color for living room trend 2021 gray carpet white coffee table floor lamp green sofa

color trend 2021 interior decoration design bathroom layout in length

white bedroom decoration wood furniture bed frame wood color khaki green vase green

Bathroom decoration khaki tiles rectangular mirror brass frame marble countertop

living room decoration green plant coffee table metal color painting living room trend 2021

modern bathroom design jungle style khaki tiles metro stainless steel faucet green plant

green shade wall paint turquoise sofa powder pink armchair military color interior

white living room gray and black floor lamp colors that match the khaki white carpet dark green sofa