Top 9 ideas for an original and functional decoration under the stairs

Often forgotten, the space under the stairs indeed has great potential. With a little imagination and creativity, you can truly transform this untapped corner into a star accent in your interior. Or even more – use it to afford a few extra square meters for practical use! Do you fall among the lucky ones who have such a little treasure at home and want to give it the attention it deserves? In this article, we will present our top 9 of the coolest ideas for a decorative under stairs, aesthetic or functional..

Mini zen garden style under staircase decoration

There is nothing more relaxing and stressful than a nature walk. This is why we often try to feel the connection with the green universe even while remaining within the framework of our home. To do this, there are a bunch of decorating tips, easy and impressive. Still, if you don’t have a large enough outside corner or even one is missing altogether, don’t worry. Since you can transform the space under the stairs into a mini Zen garden! Minimalism and Japanese design predominate in contemporary interiors. So, with just a few typical elements for these trends, one can afford a soothing resting place. A layer of white pebbles, some green plants and a Buddha statue / fountain. This is all you need to bring a calming, refreshing and natural note to your interior.

Bring a soothing and natural touch to your home by installing a mini Zen garden below the stairs

interior zen garden decoration arrangement under stairs without risers white pebbles buddha statue

Install your teleworking area / office under the stairs

The peculiar situation in which we are already living for more than a year, has caused quite a few people to search for creative ideas for setting up a home office. The location of such a corner is still a big challenge for some owners. Do you have a staircase at home and have not yet exploited its potential? Here is a great opportunity to fill this gap. Indeed, setting up a telecommuting corner here would be a perfect solution, regardless of the size of the available space. For some, a compact desk and a chair will be completely sufficient. In other cases, if the terrain allows it, we can add a few hanging shelves to take advantage of an extra piece of storage.

Set up your home office in an untapped area

how to arrange an office under stairs ethnic chandelier chair cushion faux fur white desk

Idea of ​​arrangement under open staircase way of resting area for adults

Another fairly simple and original way to take advantage of the available space is to make it a small resting place. Let’s take as an inspiration, the idea in the following photo. Here, the partial wall covering in light wood planks creates a warm and welcoming rendering. Adding a bench cover to the cabinet, initially used as a sort of storage, cleverly allows the area to be dedicated to those little coffee or rest breaks. And to cocoon the atmosphere even more, it’s easy to add some decorative pillows and wall art in the same style as the rest of the interior..

Create a little cocooning nest for little moments of rest

interior design wooden and black staircase arrangement under quarter-turn staircase wall covering wood panels

Have your dreamed reading corner by opting for a bookcase under the stairs

Do you love books and enjoy spending a few minutes in complete relaxation every day with a book and a mug of hot drink in your hand? So here is another fantastic proposition to give you the reading corner of your dreams. Lack of space often pushes us to make sacrifices when it comes to setting up a place exclusively for our hobbies. Nevertheless, sometimes the solution is right in front of our eyes, or in this case – under our stairs. Instead of leaving the wall empty under the steps, we install a suitable piece of furniture like this custom bookcase. Then you can add a reading chair and voila, voila. !

A dream library under the slope

bookcase under the stairs decoration anthracite gray open storage unit parquet flooring

Create a play or rest area for the children

Sometimes it can be difficult to devote an entire room to children’s games. However, if you already have a closet crammed with sundries under the stairs, you can easily fix this. How? ‘Or’ What ? By making this little extra space a cozy and fun playroom. Also, since in most cases it is a small area, the task would be relatively simple and less expensive. Start by refreshing the walls with a paint, if necessary. Then add some soft cushions on the floor, themed posters on the walls, and toys. You can also install a comfortable armchair, a small shelf or any other piece of furniture.

Offer the little ones an improvised and fun playroom

interior transformation white staircase closet under the stairs deco playroom cushions

Build a doghouse for your pet

Just like people, our little pets also love having their own corner of refuge. So if you haven’t found a good place to put your dog / cat’s bed yet, guess what? Yes exactly ! You can do this under your stairs. This way, not only will you be able to make the most of that unused nook, but your furry friend will rejoice in a spotless cocooning nest. Our clue for this project? Start by making sure the space is well constructed and insulated. On the decorative side, if you want the your pet’s house look authentic, you can opt for wallpaper or brick-look wall panels for the facade.

Niche in seal for pets

dark and white wooden staircase interior design of a dog house interior facade bricks wooden armchair under the stairs

Enjoy a wine cellar under the stairs

In search of the best solutions to give a second life to the untapped space under the stairs, we come across a rather tempting option. This includes building a wine cellar there. An idea that is both practical and aesthetic. On the one hand, you can easily choose an intriguing design for this type of arrangement and thus make it an impressive decorative accent. In addition, if the land is sufficient, you can add a table with two leather armchairs to enjoy a tasting corner, for example. However, before starting such a project, it will be necessary to check whether the conditions of the chosen space are suitable for the storage of the bottles..

Display your collection of favorite wines in an unexpected corner

interior design vintage cabinet wood storage under stairs green plants interior wine bottles

What if we could install our kitchen under the stairs ?

Installing a kitchen corner directly under the stairs is an innovative approach to interior design. It is indeed an ideal space saving solution, but also a superb variant for open spaces. So, for example, if you live in a two-storey apartment and you don’t have enough space, putting the kitchen in that forgotten corner is the way to go. Depending on the space available, you can play with the layout and storage. We can talk about a mini linear kitchen or a spacious kitchen with a central island. It all depends on the peculiarities of the terrain.

Use the space to create a compact and functional kitchen

kitchen under stairs decoration u-shaped kitchen furniture in pastel green splashback white tiles

Enjoy an additional storage area thanks to the wardrobe under the stairs

Leaving aside the aesthetic and fun options for the ingenious arrangement of this corner, one of the most practical ways to exploit the space would be the construction of some sort of closet. For this purpose, the installation of storage units with sliding doors is undoubtedly the most functional alternative.

Make the forgotten space under the stairs a practical storage space

under the slope wardrobe interior decoration laminate flooring cupboard sliding door

Here is another idea how to use this angle to arrange your favorite decorative objects.

storage unit under slope cabinet under measure shelving under open staircase white stools

Or take advantage of additional storage space

layout under the stairs cupboard optimization of corridor space dark laminate flooring

Home office corner decorated in a minimalist spirit, very adorable

desk under stairs design minimalist style light wood desk hanging shelf white wood vase roses

modern style office desk design white painted corner desk wood white chair

Gallery of impressive paintings

interior decoration of entrance hall with white staircase

Cozy corners, ideal for young and old

led spotlight lighting idea under the stairs cupboard nest reading corner decorative cushions toys

shelf under stairs decoration reading corner storage cabinet white wood shelf beige cushion

installation of furniture under stairs dark wood bench light gray cover decorative cushions dark wood table

office desk under stairs light wood minimalist style white vase decoration matt white desk lamp

Aesthetic and elegant design with clean lines

cabinet under stairs decoration bench ivory velvet rectangular mirror white and gold lamp

wooden floor covering under the stairs cupboard cocooning niche reading corner cushions

Play corner to envy 

round rug white wood shelf arrangement under open staircase gray cushions toys play corner hallway

home office corner in hallway white shelf under stairs integrated desk anthracite gray worktop

minimalist decoration wall of frames storage cabinet under stairs white and black carpet

under stairs wardrobe decoration under slope storage cabinet shoe cabinet entry door

cocooning under staircase decoration storage unit with seats cover decorative cushions lighting

interior design kitchen under stairs cladding worktop wooden furniture open cupboard storage

striped pattern armchair white and wood cabinet under stairs light gray paint parquet flooring

open storage unit white shelf shelf under stairs book collection basket braided hat

cabinet under the stairs bench seat storage drawers yellow cover decorative cushions in beige

woven basket storage table coffee metal cabinet under stairs beige lamp wall art paintings frames

wardrobe under the stairs optimization of storage space under the sloping cabinet sliding clothes closet

Bohemian chic decor under the stairs for a touch of character and originality upon entering

bohemian style green plants storage under the slope ikea staircase steps wood white terracotta pots

rustic interior style furniture under stairs wooden parquet flooring exposed wooden beams

arrangement under the stairs dog bed kennel pet interior woven basket

Staircase Under Staircase Hanging Shelf White Wood Fluffy Carpet White Wall Posters Frames

A cleverly arranged bar under the stairs

arrangement under stairs without risers green plant bar chair wall niche wall mirror

decorative cushions under quarter-turn staircase beige seat cover brown armchair

kitchen under the stairs storage unit wine bottle design black staircase iron elegant decor

No more searching for space for your book collection

library decoration under stairs storage under slope book collection dark wood shelves

bookcase under the stairs wooden bench golden cushions rose gold vase light wood shelf red carpet

white office desk design under stairs white chair storage chair wooden vase

industrial loft design minimalist style layout under open staircase office desk ottoman

Another model of green garden to adopt at home

zen fountain planter pot wood garden arrangement under open staircase green plants lighting

dog house construction layout under stairs interior design open design

colorful wallpaper yellow playroom decoration under staircase decorative cushions

blue paint arrangement under open staircase gray fringe carpet wood and iron staircase white lamp

A space with two separate uses: office area and niche in cachet for the little ones

small office area under the stairs white cabinet furniture drawers blue chair niche staircase

wall covering wood panels arrangement under open staircase cocooning reading corner wall niche