Try easy quilling – an activity in 83 fun photos

The quilling technique is truly magnificent. It consists in the folding of strips of colored paper which makes it possible to obtain various creations. The possibilities are truly endless – from simple models to the most sophisticated designs, the choice is yours. Easy quilling is an original idea for a hobby with your children. They will be delighted with the technique and the possibility of creating such varied designs with their own hands. Amazing figures can be created! When you have seen some models made by professionals, you will be convinced that quilling is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and that it can surprise you every time. Some designers create abstract paintings and realistic landscapes of different sizes with the quilling technique.

If you want to try the easy quilling technique, you should know that this activity requires good concentration and good hand coordination. It guarantees you a pleasant escape from your daily life. The tricks you choose to create will depend on the time and effort you are prepared to devote to this manual activity. If the project is complicated and the figures are very detailed, you can spend days and weeks folding the paper and bringing your final artwork to life. But there are variations that you can do with the kids in no time – they’ll be happy that you have fun together. The technique consists of rolling up and pressing narrow strips of paper, using a special instrument, so as to form figures that are more original than each other. With the quilling you can make greeting cards, 3D figures, photo frames, accessories and eccentric decorations.

Here are some suggested uses for quilling creations – for birthday cards and other special events, for party and wedding decorations, wall decorations, bookmarks, jewelry. Basic figures are easy to create. These are the ellipse and the teardrop made from the spool. To make a roll or spool you just need to wind a strip with the instrument and to make a teardrop or ellipse – you need to tighten the circle at the corner or in the middle. The other figures – the square, the rectangle, the star, the heart and the triangle can be created on the basis of these figures. In some quilling kits you will find a tool with the help of which you can easily create basic shapes. All you need to do is make small figures and stitch them together using a little glue to form the big picture. Compared to other types of art, quilling is easy to learn. The easiest models consist of elements that require very little modeling after winding the tape. It will take very little experience to reduce each design to its primary elements..

Try easy quilling and you will be delighted with the shapes the paper takes

make quilling flowers, roll up strips with quilling tool, color petals

The petal is one of the primary shapes on which the technique is based.

different flower designs, three multicolored flowers, easy designs with paper

How to make an easy 3D flower:


  • a quilling instrument
  • glue
  • quilling paper.

How to do:

  1. Take a piece of the pink tape and roll it up.
  2. Loosen a little and glue at the end of the roller to fix.
  3. Make two more spools of the same size – one in pink and the other in lilac.
  4. Pinch the ends of the coils with your fingers to receive shapes that mimic petals.
  5. Now you can group two of these petals in the same color or add a third petal in contrasting color in the middle to get a flower in pink and purple.
  6. Glue the three parts of the petal well and cut a large enough piece of the green strip.
  7. Now wrap the petal with the green strip and glue it. Create four more identical petals.
  8. Assemble all the elements with glue.
  9. Make another coil for the center of the flower and glue it to the center of the created figure.
  10. To get a nice 3D effect, you can squeeze the spool in the middle for a few seconds. The paper elements of the petals will stand out slightly.

Make this beautiful flower with the easy quilling technique

easy paper folding, flower in yellow and blue, 3d center, flowers with rolled paper

How to get this pretty flower in yellow and green – it’s very easy!

  1. Take two 30cm pieces of the yellow strip and one 30cm piece of the green strip. Glue the green piece in the middle of the two yellow strips and roll them up with the quilling tool.
  2. Loosen the roller a little to achieve the desired size.
  3. Glue the end of the paper to fix the shape.
  4. Pinch the corners of the petal with your fingers to form the shape reminiscent of an eye.
  5. Repeat this five times.
  6. Wrap a 90 cm yellow strip with the instrument and glue its end.
  7. You can squeeze the last roll to create a 3D spiral or vortex.
  8. Now assemble the parts of the flower and glue them together to create the design shown.

Easy quilling – make this gorgeous necklace or other such accessory

to make a flower necklace, the steps to follow, pretty flower design of handmade collir


  • 5 mm quilling paper tape
  • 3mm quilling paper tape
  • a silver chain
  • acrylic beads
  • scissors
  • a quilling tool
  • a chain clasp
  • jump rings
  • glue.


  1. Using the instrument, roll up 12 pieces of the yellow quilling paper to make the two yellow flowers.
  2. Squeeze the rollers a little to form tears.
  3. Create two more rolls with the white paper.
  4. Assemble the yellow petals around the white centers using glue.
  5. Create the petals for the orange and red flowers, assemble and glue, but this time with an acrylic bead center.
  6. Make the leaves, rolling up pieces of green paper, and giving them the shape of drops.
  7. If you wish, you can make leaves in another color and also make some small white flowers, to enrich the design of your necklace..
  8. Adjust and glue the flowers and leaves as shown in the photo, creating an arched shape.
  9. Tie two rings to the chain and tie them with the leaves on both sides.
  10. Put on a clasp and voila! Your flowered necklace is all ready!

A special greeting card or a decorative panel – you can decide how to use this floral paper

sophisticated colorful flower design, ornate design greeting card

To get the perfect symmetry shown in this photo, you need to use bands of the same size and master the technique well.

quilling flower, an orange sunflower with green leaves and green stem

Borrow one of the ideas we show you and create your own original design

quilling flower, yellow sunflower with bees flying around, easy shapes

Quilling jewelry is a way to express your individuality and creativity

necklaces and earrings created with quilling, two round and colored pendants

There is no object or image that cannot be created with the quilling

easy paper folding, bicycle made of paper, super artistic and colorful creative design

The possible design variations for a quilling flower are practically endless.

original paper folding, pink daffodil with original petals on a greeting card

This design looks complicated, but it is based on a repetition of basic shapes

yellow flower made of folded paper, handmade diy projects, sophisticated flower design

Here is a very sophisticated autumn leaf

leaf in autumn colors in quilling paper, art with folded paper

You are hungry? Unfortunately, this savory little cake is made of paper!

quilling paper cake in a mold, create original shapes

cake in a pan, folded yellow paper, original DIY creations

a round paper sign, very nice design, flowers and flying butterfly

The basic shapes are shown in this video

make shapes from rolls of paper in different colors

how to create quilling flowers with paper, multicolored petals

easy quilling owl, yellow feet and beak, big round eyes, blue head

a diy pinguin in quilling colors, strips of paper rolled up and forming a figure

A pretty pendant made of quilling paper

flower pendant with petals in brown and orange, DIY jewelry to make at home

a purple wing with paper, folding shapes with paper rolls

paper angels, what to do with paper, easy designs with young and green paper

colorful filigree butterfly, easy to make on your own, learn to make quilling

The lovers tree

tree in easy watermarks, pink leaves and a cradle with two lovers

easy quilling earrings, different designs of paper earrings

Turn a simple flavored candle into an object of art

quilling candle holder, quilling candle holder in colorful lilac and purple filigree

red butterfly, bouquet of realistic yellow sunflowers and a red butterfly

three yellow sunflowers with brown centers and green leaves

a bouquet of colorful tulips and a red butterfly, handmade spring decoration

easy paper folding, photo frame in shapes of many colors, easy project

Pretty cards for a wedding invitation or other event special

learn how to make quilling for greeting cards, invitations, birthdays and more

easy to make desgin, white flowers with green leaves with a big red heart

a pink heart decorated and touching script, create cards and quilling decorations

floral bouquet, a heart and two birds, pink greeting card with paper decoration

an original candle holder, folded paper table decoration, handcraft decoration

A colorful and colorful rooster for the most patient of you

multicolored rooster in paper rolled up by the quilling technique, create paper animals

white flower with green leaves, what to do with quilling

A pretty floral arrangement in green and orange

original paper folding, flowers in orange and green, artistic design in cheerful colors

bird in yellow and lilac, paper flowers in spring colors on a handmade card

pink, red and blue flowers, quilling model to make yourself, three pretty flowers

quilling tassel model, two tassels made with paper easy paper folding

Colorful mandalas, glued on clay plates

paper mandalas concentric circles in many different colors

learn easy quilling, original figures in folded paper, compose figures

sunflower with four petals, ideas for greeting card, what an easy quilling pattern

three red flowers assembled in a bouquet, what to do with folding paper easy flower, a card for mother's day, yellow design on a red background

3d snowflake with paper, diy christmas decoration, learn quilling easy

Want to try a different decor for Christmas? Easy quilling is your option 

make quilling, snowflake in blue and white, handmade Christmas decoration

beginner quilling, fantastic christmas toys made from quilling paper

a do-it-yourself card, owl on a tree branch, several flowers around

different fun and easy owl designs created with the quilling technique,

multicolored swan and green sprigs, artistic panel to do yourself, creative hobbies

A colorful flowery panel

learn to make quilling, framed artistic panel, several flowers and floral patterns in quilling paper

pink flowers folded from quilling paper, cute quilling design

 super creative watermelon napkin holder, party and wedding decor

original paper folding, multicolored butterfly in the colors of the rainbow

colorful paper butterflies, original paper folding and art to create at home

pink and blue snowflake model quilling, golden chain, handmade jewelry

Santa Claus cut out of cardboard, with easy quilling elements

quilling Santa Claus model, DIY Christmas decoration, Christmas tree, creative hobbies

flower with five red petals and a leaf made of several elements

bouquet flower arrangement in lilac and blue, pretty design of paper flowers

keychain and easy paper folding, beginner quilling, red heart design

paper hearts and flowers, multi-colored designs created by crafts

DIY earrings

pink earrings, fold paper and receive original shapes

easy to make red flowers quilling pattern, artistic creations

pink mandala, flower in pink petals, candle holder or table or wall decoration

easy-to-make pink butterfly pendant, handmade necklace, design with several folded elements

Easy-to-make frogs

easy paper folding, three green paper frogs sitting on their leaves

Christmas decoration in quilling paper, deer, sock, snowflake, angel and lollipop

easy candle holder with red elements, flat candle

re-create a folded paper candle holder, sophisticated design, table decoration in red and white

teddy bear head keychain, pretty do-it-yourself works of art, colorful designs

A gourmet pendant design

watermelon resin made of paper, creative decoration handmade with paper

basic shapes snowflakes in white paper assembled as a Christmas decoration

hearts and flowers in decorative paper, handmade decoration in folding paper

earrings in several colors, multicolored elipse pendants

flower decoration roses created by an easy technique, 3d artistic painting

Pineapples made with quilling squares

beginner quilling technique, fruits created with folding paper  mandala in overlapping petals, symmetrical flower in several colors

create artistic figures with paper, colorful fish design rich in shapes and colors

pink tutu dress, easy paper folding, creative folding paper designs

elephant head quilling, elements arranged to receive a stunning design

realistic sunflower, gorgeous large quilling paper flower design

original montgolifière in folded paper, several rolls of paper and a small house

pink candle holder and a white candle, decoration created with basic quilling shapes