What to do with corks – unusual ideas and several DIY projects in photos

Today we will answer the question: “What to do with corks? With lots of pictures and tutorials. Cork stoppers are a natural material that you can use to make lots of interesting DIY items. Cork is derived from the peeling of the cork oak tree, it is elastic, pleasant to the touch, it is water repellent and is primarily used in the wine industry to make high quality corks. If you are a wine fan and you like fun activities, but don’t know what to do with cork stoppers, stay with us to learn “do it yourself” techniques that will give you a lot of joy. And even if you don’t have a collection of corks, you can solve this little problem with a few visits to the store or restaurant..

The first proposal is this sculpture of a giraffe in corks. To achieve it you will need:

  • metal hangers
  • paper
  • hot glue
  • corks
  • Scotch
  1. We start by sculpting the metal hangers so that they take the desired shape of the body, neck and feet.
  2. Then we must wrap the structure with paper and tape
  3. We start to cover the giraffe with the corks using the hot glue and carefully cleaning the remains of the glue.

What to do with corks – an impressive giraffe sculpture

what to do with corks, create a giraffe with paper and twisted thread

What to do with corks – if you don’t mind projects that take a little longer, try making this great giraffe

cork stopper decoration, spectacular giraffe sculpture made with paper and corks

Cork cup mat:

  • at least 25 corks
  • a hot glue gun
  • thin cork logs
  • a pocket knife
  • a cutting board
  • sandpaper
  1. Start by cutting the corks in half
  2. Then glue the corks to each other and onto the cork log using hot glue
  3. Remove unnecessary sides of the caps with the sandpaper.

With this easy technique you can make several decorations and everyday objects.

What to do with corks – mug mats are a practical gift, always useful

cork stopper decoration, mug mat to make with cork log and stoppers

If your base is square or rectangular, you won’t even need the sandpaper

what to do with original square caps, trivets and natural design

Always choose a sharp knife

cork stopper, corks cut in half and made into different DIY items

If you want, try an even easier design – glue the caps to each other and secure them with tape or scotch tape.

A cup mat in caps, put together with duct tape or scotch tape

To create this pretty decoration – a letter made of corks, you will need:

  • a bunch of different sized corks. If you want to enrich your collection, ask the restaurant staff, hopefully they may be able to help you.
  • an uncolored wooden letter or symbol
  • hot glue
  1. The right foundation is of utmost importance: you have to glue the caps on first, but don’t just do it anyhow. You have to find the best place for each stopper. Work by grouping and regrouping them beforehand, before proceeding with the gluing
  2. Continue to glue, making sure you like the result step by step, each time before gluing a new group of corks
  3. Quite often the stoppers will protrude from the edges of your letter or you will have a small empty spot left inside, but that’s okay. At the end of your work these problems will not attract attention
  4. You can finally personalize your letter, by coloring certain caps or by writing a text on them.

Decorative letter covered with corks

DIY with cork stopper, letter s covered with DIY corks

It will take time to find the right location for each stopper

DIY with cork stopper, making decorative letter from corks

We present to you the easiest variant for a cork stoppers bath mat:


  • a picture frame
  • 200 or more corks depending on the frame size


  • a pocket knife
  • hot glue

Depending on the size of your photo frame you can store the caps vertically or horizontally and secure them with a glue gun. If your frame is not very deep or for more stability, you can cut the caps in half lengthwise and glue them with the flat part towards the frame. It is recommended that you hold the corks in boiling water for about ten minutes to prevent them from crumbling when you cut them..

How to make cork stamps:

You will need:

  • corks – use the spongier ones since the harder ones will crumble during cutting
  • a sharpie marker – with a small or large diameter depending on the design of the stamps you want to create
  • a sharp knife
  1. Start by drawing the figure on one side of the cap
  2. Hollow out the contours of the shape, without sliding the knife, but gradually drilling around the drawing
  3. After you have hollowed out the outlines of the figure, you need to cut out the sides around it. Do this very slowly, to avoid crumbling. Warning: do not cut under the face, go around it, directing the knife forwards and backwards, then remove the superfluous elements
  4. You can now try out your stamps by dipping them in ink. The shapes will not be ideal because of the texture of the cork and that is precisely what makes its charm!

Nice stamps carved on the cork

cork stopper, DIY prints made with cork stoppers dipped in ink

You can create any shape and have fun with it on a white sheet

cork stopper decoration, heart and arrow prints made with cork stoppers

To make this crown of corks you must have:

  • a polystyrene crown
  • toothpicks
  • corks
  • pliers
  1. Holding the toothpicks with the tweezers, prick the caps by dipping about 0.6 cm into them. It will be easier if you twist the cap around the toothpick
  2. Fill in the inside side and then the outside side of the circle and be careful. The crown must remain flat
  3. Once you have finished both sides, start covering the middle part with plugs.
  4. Cover well and hide every white space. In order not to spoil the design with the white styrofoam, paint the crown before starting

An easy-to-make decorative wreath 

decoration corks large crown easy to make

Cork earrings:

  • corks
  • silicone stamps
  • eyelet thread
  • sandpaper
  • metallic threads for earrings
  • acrylic paints
  • a knife
  • permanent ink
  1. Use the sharp knife to cut the corks into slices – a width of 6mm will be good
  2. Smooth the surface of the logs with the sandpaper
  3. Clean with a damp cloth
  4. Dip the stamp in permanent ink and stamp both sides of the logs
  5. Cut off the end of the eyelet at an angle. Be careful – it should be short enough that it does not pierce the other side. Secure and hook the metal wire to the eyelet
  6. Finally, you can color.

Earrings with log pendants

cork stopper, make cork stopper earrings, colorful log pendants

cork stopper decoration, cork log pendant earrings with stamp

cork stopper, necklace with stamped and colored logs, DIY jewelry to make alone

DIY with cork stopper, oak cork logs, diy necklace

what to do with corks, diy candle holder and lilac ribbon, white candle

What to do with corks? Frames for your photos, for example!

what to do with corks, photo frame in used corks, recycling of objects

What to do with corks? Here is the answer: you can do whatever your imagination suggests! Go to the end of the page to see all the ideas we have found for you!

what to do with corks, DIY decoration with corks, small cones and fir branches

what to do with corks, original jewelry made with stones and corks

Small flowerpots made with corks!

what to do with corks, small flower pots hollowed out with a pocket knife

DIY with cork stopper, drawings on cork stoppers, DIY decoration

DIY with cork stopper, decorative panel with cork stoppers

DIY with cork stopper, mini cork flower pots and pencil holder

craft with cork stopper, cork logs for mugs for hosts at a party

DIY cork stopper, mug-or-bottle-mat-with-stoppers-and-tape

DIY with cork stopper, easy square design diy trivet, kitchen accessories

An original table decoration

cork stopper decoration, centerpiece with colored caps on the sides

cork stopper decoration, original blue painted keyring

cork stopper decoration, DIY keyring with colored caps on the sides

cork stopper, sea anchor, sculpture made with cork stoppers

cork stopper, polysryene ball and cork stoppers transformed into decorations

cork stopper, mushrooms made with stoppers and fabric

cork stopper, cork stoppers carved and made into cute cat

What to do with corks? Little snowmen! 

cork decoration, original diy pendants, cork snowman  cork decoration, DIY flower to make with cork stoppers

cork stopper decoration, christmas decoration with owls diy in cork and felt  Decorative balls made with polystyrene and toothpicks

decorative cork stopper, decorative polystyrene balls and cork stoppers

cork decoration, Christmas toy Christmas tree hanging on the tree

cork decoration, DIY wine holder-wine-bottle

cork decoration, cork planter with greasy plates

cork decoration, DIY Christmas tree with a star

cork stopper decoration, DIY cork mat with halved corks

cork stopper, centerpiece decoration in corks and grapes  cork stopper, prints made with corks dipped in lilac ink  cork stopper, snowflake in corks, DIY wall decor  cork stopper, sculpture with a heart, nose and eyes pendant

cork, flowerpot caps with magnets on the back and with succulents

cork stopper, basket packed in cork stoppers, handcraft objects

Funny stamps

cork stopper, sympathetic prints with carved figures

cork stopper, decorative tree made with glued corks and foam

cork stopper, decorative cat easy to make with simple materials, wine stoppers, pipe cleaner

Cork stopper, thematic art table with corks placed horizontally and vertically

Cork stopper, cork stoppers hollowed out and dipped in permanent ink

DIY with cork stopper, yellow pan and green beans, kitchen accessories

DIY with cork stopper, cork log pendant made from a cork

Friendly animals made just with a few small caps

DIY with cork stopper, cork dog DIY with lilac ribbon

DIY with cork stopper, friendly dog ​​with red heart nose  DIY with cork stopper, original wreath with used wine stoppers

DIY with cork stopper, easy deer with two wine bottle corks  DIY with cork stopper, decorative balls to make yourself

DIY with cork, ballerina doll with pink tutu

DIY with cork, snowflake hanging on the wall

cork stopper decoration, a mare in cork stoppers      cork stopper decoration, cup mat with stoppers placed vertically

what to do with corks, pretty earrings with decorative stones

what to do with corks, stoppers placed vertically forming candlesticks what to do with corks, cork cat sculptures

what to do with corks, giant decorative letter

A birdhouse that blends in perfectly with the landscape

what to do with corks, DIY birdhouse

what to do with corks, pencil holder in corks

what to do with corks, table mats, cookies and leaf-shaped trays

what to do with corks, owl art, decorative animals

What to do with corks? Very nice flower pots!

decoration with corks for green plants what to do with corks

what to do with corks, DIY vases with cork design