Wooden candlestick for the decoration of your interior

the wooden candlestick is a decorative element that makes your home much prettier and more welcoming. It gives you the feeling of much needed indoor warmth during long winter evenings and attributes individual style to each home or room. Sitting on the table for our lunch, we need comfort and a good mood. the wooden candlestick can be the last important element for your solemn atmosphere when you welcome friends or just for your pretty evenings that you spend at home. You have the free choice. There are plenty of variations of wooden candelabra for the different occasions you will have. Natural materials always emit a pleasant warmth and fill spaces with special charm.

A wooden candlestick made of wood and iron.


The wooden candlestick for three candles can be quite simple.


 The lantern-type wooden candlestick is practical and movable!


 The animal motifs are very original for the candelabra: They do not meet often!


An original wooden candlestick as a fan.


 Massive candelabra for five candles.


Red candlestick with white candles, very suitable for Christmas party!


Chandelier-type ceiling light with electric glow.


The beauty of these candelabras will bewitch you! When you see candles and candlesticks you think of the holidays and it is very pleasant: Christmas, Easter or family birthdays are always looked forward to but don’t forget to celebrate everyday life too. a wooden candlestick is perfect for your good mood: It turns the table, wall or ceiling into a bright and special place.

Four wooden candlesticks.


Original candlestick in red wood.


Black candlestick on the sand.


 the wooden candlestick decorate your home and beautify your family evenings.