Dining room

Designer dining room – a variety of styles

We know, especially through the science of Feng Shui, that the layout of a room is more important than we think. Indeed, whether it is colors, arrangement or materials, the variety of elements directly or indirectly influences the prevailing atmosphere and consequently our perception and our feelings. For a bedroom, for example, we see that certain colors tend to facilitate sleep and that the presence in a living room of natural materials such as wood is also good for relaxation. Like the kitchen, the designer dining room requires special attention, because the senses in relation to appetite are particularly on the lookout, especially at mealtimes.

Design dining room in art deco style mixing shapes and materials

Design dining room in art deco style with designer furniture round table in raw wood and modern white plastic chairs

Studies have indeed demonstrated the relationship between colors and perception of the environment, the latter playing an influencing role on the links between sight, smell and taste. The choice of the decoration of the dining room will therefore not be reduced to an aesthetic sense, but also to the way of enjoying the meals served there, which seems important in a room dedicated to that..

Designer dining room with dark shades and luxurious lines

Luxury dining room in modern art style with designer black table and gold chandelier in charcoal gray decoration

The art deco style, very vintage and kitschy connotations, continues to inspire designers, often linked to an outline of brilliance and excess.

Designer dining room furniture with vintage accents

designer dining room with retro style designer furniture with round glass table and green and gold velvet armchairs

Art deco design dining room with golden table and velvet seats with retro touches

complete modern dining room with retro style decor with round gold table and green velvet armchairs on wooden parquet

Bright dining room with large fine oval wooden table, leather chairs and designer chandelier

photo Scandinavian oval retro style wooden dining table with vintage brown armchairs on carpet and designer blown glass chandelier

Scandinavian-style dining room with white walls, with wooden furniture on natural carpet

modern dining room with simple scandinavian white walls design with wooden table and chairs on large white and blue wool rug

Rustic-style dining area with wooden furniture and natural touches

white dining room rustic decoration style with vintage white wooden table and retro decorative objects

Large white dining room with golden table and chairs

transparent black designer glass dining table and gold metal chairs with white walls on wooden floor

As with most rooms in the accommodation, the Scandinavian style is of course very present in today’s dining rooms..

Scandinavian living room with wooden furniture and minimalist decor surrounded by white walls

Scandinavian dining table in simple design room with white walls on parquet floor and white plastic wooden chairs

Kitchen open to spacious dining room in Scandinavian design

modern scandinavian style white dining room furniture with light parquet and designer kitchen wooden table and chairs

Scandinavian design with a retro touch for this dining room with taupe gray walls

Scandinavian style dining room with designer wooden table and chairs and taupe gray walls

Designer dining room with wooden furniture

dining room with modern decoration and designer wooden furniture with black wall and suspended lighting

Scandinavian style modern wood dining room

Scandinavian design dining room cabinet with original wood and plastic furniture retro fabric armchairs and white and black wall

Modern dining room set on carved parquet floor

white modern full dining room on carved parquet floor with designer white table and chairs

Bright and spacious living room. Golden deer head for the design touch

living-dining room set with designer decor and black exposed beams with wooden ceiling in gold deer head

Dining room in traditional Japanese design

Japanese complete dining room with black square coffee table and linen curtains

Kitchen open to dining room with parquet floor. Minimalist decoration idea

complete designer dining room with open kitchen and gray island on wooden floor with retro chairs and white walls

Designer dining table and white chairs

modern dining room cabinet with white designer table and chairs on dark wooden floor and red wall

Modern white lacquered kitchen with island and dining table

modern dining room with designer white and green open kitchen and contemporary wooden chairs

Bright dining room with wooden furniture

modern rustic style dining set with wooden and rattan furniture with bay window

Contemporary dining room mixing wood and white

contemporary scandinavian white dining room with furniture and wooden floors

Dining room with colorful decoration

modern dining room with personalized decoration with fabric bench, red chairs and skateboards

Living room with Scandinavian notes with pastel green walls

modern living dining room with art deco decoration with pastel light green walls and gold design table and chandeliers

Dining room with black walls and designer wooden furniture

contemporary scandinavian style dining room with black walls and rustic style wooden design furniture

retro style dining room furniture with white carved ceiling and white velvet armchairs

luxury modern dining set with black and gold decor on black and gray carpet

Retro style for these wooden dining room furniture

retro style dining room decor with vintage wooden furniture and gray wall

Set of designer furniture in open kitchen

designer dining room furniture with blue leather armchairs and round table and designer chandelier

large dining room with retro 60s style wooden chest of drawers and crystal chandelier

White and brown dining room with hanging designer lanterns and large table with a marbled finish

white and brown kitchen dining room set with marble type table and hanging lanterns

Small designer dining set

Scandinavian dining room furniture with designer white table and chairs and white walls

luxury dining room with round table and beige leather chairs and gray walls

modern complete dining room with large rectangle wood table and hanging lighting

Scandinavian chairs and dining table in glass and wood design and suspended lighting and white walls

glass dining table and red and black chairs on white tiled floor

Art deco style living room

Dining room decor with white deer antlers, retro oval wooden table and vintage black plastic chairs

white and charcoal gray dining room with high ceiling and suspended lighting and large black rectangle table

large rectangular wooden dining table in white room and designer pendant lighting

kitsch decoration for dining room with pink table and pink chairs and gold blackboard

Scandinavian living room with wooden dining table on colored carpet and white walls

Scandinavian dining table with retro brown leather chairs in white room on black white carpet

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